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Reasoning with Jack Scorpio: “Good Music Come In Like The Bible”

Reasoning with Jack Scorpio: "Good Music Come In Like The Bible"

Heartical Words of Wisdom From the Founder of Black Scorpio Sound System And Record Label

Among the many icons, legends and superstars we were able to link up at Irie Jam’s recent 23 anniversary celebration concert was elder statesman Jack Scorpio of Black Scorpio sound. A giant in the industry and among men, this powerful pioneer has had his hands on the careers of a cornucopia of crème de la crème cultural current creators from Dennis Brown and Gregory Isaacs to Garnet Silk and Luciano to Beenie Man, Buju and Mega Banton to Capleton, Bounty Killer, Barrington Levy and Shabba Ranks of Jamaica’s Order of Distinction.  As a man who has launched legacies and banged out hits with the best of the best, Jack Scorpio knows a thing or two about the rules of engagement in the love and war of Dancehall and Roots and Culture Reggae. “My history too long fi talk,” said the tall man dressed in full white—but with a bit of perseverance, we convinced him to give it a try, and he took the time to share his insights with the BOOMSHOTS TV cameras.

Jack Scorpio doesn’t come out to events often, but he was pleased that he attended Irie Jam’s 23rd anniversary and had positive vibes to share, especially of rising sun, Jahmiel, who he wants to work with, and the things Jahmiel had to share in terms of critiques of the current Dancehall culture. Scorpio likened today’s Dancehall to destructive drug dealing and called for balance. “Good music come like the bible,” he says, and it’s time for artists, and the selectors who play the chunes, to take it to the next level and make immortal music. Turn on and tune in as Jack Scorpio reasons on Dancehall dimensions, trends on the changing winds, and why hit songs with stamina and staying power solidify like Holy Scripture. Videos After The Jump… Read more »

Special Request: Garnet Silk “Mama Africa” Live

Special Request: Garnet Silk "Mama Africa" Live

The Reggae ArchAngel’s First Number One

Garnet Silk was just 26 years old when he died in a tragic accident in December 1994—dashing into a burning building to save his mother. At that young age he had established himself as reggae’s leading roots and culture singer. Hard at work on a new album for the U.S. based label Big Beat/ Atlantic, Garnet was perfectly poised to carry on the work of such legendary figures as Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. Hard to believe the rail-thin Rasta youth with the majestic voice had started his path in the music business as a DJ named Bimbo, but Garnet soon linked with Tony Rebel (seen above with Garnet in this classic Brian Jahn photograph) and found his true calling: singing cultural reggae music in an era when dancehall had become the dominant musical force on the island.  Garnet’s first number one song, topping the charts in Jamaica and the UK, was a tune called “Hello Mama Africa.” Recorded for Richard Bell’s Star Trail label, this rousing tribute to the motherland was an utterly original tune, yet reminiscent of the similarly titled Peter Tosh album. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Reasoning with Tony Rebel before Rebel Salute: “I Rebel against things that are Wrong”

Reasoning with Tony Rebel before Rebel Salute: "I Rebel against things that are Wrong"

The Rebel With a Cause Looks Back Over 22 Years of Roots & Culture

No meat, no alcohol, but plenty vibes. No hip-hop, no EDM, but nuff niceness. No stampedes, no slackness, but total niceness. Over the past 22 years, Rebel Salute has stuck to a winning formula and evolved into the people’s choice as Jamaica’s top-ranking reggae festival. Last year the Rebel Salute stage transformed Bounty Killer into Rodney Price as he delivered one of the greatest performances of his career. This year the Boomshots crew dropped by Flames Productions HQ in Kingston, Jamaica to reason with Mr. Tony “Fresh Vegetable” Rebel who explained how a humble birthday celebration grew into a musical phenomenon—complete with its own foundation that awards scholarships to educate Jamaica’s youth. Check the reasoning as Rebel tells Reshma B about the roots of Rebel Salute, right down to the great food (and brain food) availabe at the show. And if you can’t make it there in person, Rebel breaks down the best way to enjoy the show from the comfort of your own yard… Video & Full Lineup After The Jump… Read more »

Reasoning with Buju Banton: “My Life is an Open Book”

Reasoning with Buju Banton: "My Life is an Open Book"

Celebrating The Gargamel’s EarthStrong with a Classic ’95 Boomshots Interview from the Til Shiloh Era

Forty one years ago today Mark Myrie was born in Kingston, Jamaica. By the time he was 19 he’d become the biggest dancehall star on the island with two smash albums—Stamina Daddy and Mr. Mention—under his belt. He soon signed to a major label and began to tour the world, a ghetto youth expanding his horizons in every imaginable way. And then in 1995—19 years ago this Friday July 18th—he released Til Shiloh, an album that marked a turning point in his career. With songs like “Untold Stories,” “Murderer,” and “Til I’m Laid To Rest” Buju announced a musical and spiritual rebirth, shaking off the bad boy pose that had stigmatized him in certain circles. Today Buju sits in federal prison, having become the target of a convicted coke dealer turned informant who ensnared him in an elaborate sting operation. The artist was convicted despite a highly problematic trial. We offer this interview (which first appeared in Ego Trip magazine) as a reminder of the artist that many know and love and a ray of hope for the future. If as he says his life is an open book, perhaps the final chapter has yet to be written.  Interview After The Jump… Read more »

Reasoning with Machel Montano “You’ve Got To Be Yourself”

Reasoning with Machel Montano "You've Got To Be Yourself"

After (Almost) 33 Years in The Game, The King of Soca Tells Reshma B How He Stays Fly

If you don’t know Machel Montano, you don’t know soca. He was nine years old the first time he represented Trinidad & Tobago at Madison Square Garden, and since that time he’s dominated the soca scene from year to year. (In 2014 Machel will celebrate both his 40th birthday and his 33rd year in showbiz—more on that magic numnber later.) When the King of Soca passed through NYC the other day, of course he took time out to link with the Boomshots posse. And just as soon as Machel Motano sat down with Reshma B, they came up with a brand new tune with a dance craze to match called “Mop Di Floor”—it was a rainy night, and RGAT had towels on her feet; long story. That’s what you call inspiration meets creative genius pon di spot. As the conversation continued, they spoke in depth about the development of the soca industry, Machel’s deep roots in NYC, and his forthcoming collaboration with Trinidad James. Machel spoke candidly about his his efforts to gain wider popularity by blending soca and reggae, but also cautioned that it’s important not to get caught up copying other people’s style. He recalled the days when Kes the Band was considered a rock act and Bunji Garlin was calling himself a dancehall artist. In the final analysis, Machel said the secret to soca’s growth was simply to keep making quality music for the whole world, but never forgetting that “you’ve got to be yourself.” Videos After The Jump… Read more »

Konshens Pays Respect To 47 Reggae Superstars Who Paved the Way

Konshens Pays Respect To 47 Reggae Superstars Who Paved the Way

Who And Who Rates As An Icon Inna The Business?

Remember when Shabba Ranks dropped that tune “Respect“? “Step by step you haffi climb the ladder / The elders you haffi show respect fah.” It’s plan to see that Konshens got the message. He may be on top of the game now, but he’s not one of those “likkle entertainers” who lose sight of the fact that their opportunities came from icons before him. The Dancehall artist recent single, “Icon,” on the Bad Bounce riddim, pays tribute to a long list of certified icons, all of whom helped “put the spotlight on we island” and established the worldwide success of Jamaican music.Audio & Photo Gallery After The Jump… Read more »

THROWBACK: Garnet Silk “Nothing Can Divide Us” Live

The Archangel Testifies To The Power of Love

From “Splashing Dashing” to “Mama Africa” to the “Lion Roars,” Garnet Silk blessed us with some amazing records during his brief, brilliant time on earth. The LPs and 45s trace the outlines of a stellar career, but if you never got the chance to experience Garnet live, then you’ll never fully overstand why so many people believed his voice would lead reggae to the promised land. Just check out this classic performance on Buju & Friends stage show, as Garnet sings about a love so powerful that nothing—and no one—can stand in its way. Anyone who’s ever been kept apart from the one they love by powers beyond their control will be sure to feel Garnet’s fire when he sings: “I was born to love you. And you were born to love me too. And I can’t deny it, for I love you more each minute.” One look at the ladies in the crowd and you can plainly see the’re feeling it too. Hard to believe it’s been so long since the archangel flew away home. Read more »

HEAR THIS: Queen Ifrica “Lioness On The Rise”

Queen Ifrica at Flames Yard Kingston, JA. Photography by Wayne Lawrence.

Born Ventrice Latora Morgan in Spanish Town, Jamaica, Queen Ifrica aka the Fyah Muma is the daughter of ska legend Derrick Morgan. She grew up in the Rastafarian community of Montego Bay, and burst onto the local music scene in 2007 with a humorous tune called “Below The Waist” that she followed up with a string of hits that established the DJ’s name as a force to be reckoned with. While putting the finishing touches on her long-awaited debut album, Ifrica recently released an EP called Road To Mobay, which includes a new song that might as well be her official anthem called “Lioness On The Rise.” As she says in the tune, “When the roll is call up / we’ll be standing tall up.” Run the track…

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After vibesing the new music, we linked Ifrica for some reasoning. Come in Fyah Muma…. Read more »