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Reasoning with Sizzla: “You Must Recognize Rasta, Else A Lightning and Thunder”

Reasoning with Sizzla: "You Must Recognize Rasta, Else A Lightning and Thunder"

After Closing Rebel Salute 2015, Kalonji Speaks On Truths and Rights

Say what you like about Sizzla Kalonji, but the man nah tek back no chat. After a fiery early morning performance to cap the second day of Rebel Salute 2015, the sweat-drenched dancehall legend took time out for a brief but extremely intense interview with the Reggae Girl About Town. The two spoke about Rebel Salute’s theme, the “preservation of reggae” with Sizzla asserting that countries like England and France are “trying to take reggae from black people with pen and paper and contracts.” They also spoke on the movement to legalize ganja. “Ganja free down here man,” Sizzla scoffed. “But them wan’ make money offa the ganja. And enough people them prosecute for the ganja. So the Rastaman plan to slap them some judgment. Rastaman been agitating for marijuana as a medicinal purpose and a holy sacrament and Babylon no wan’ do that. But now they want to legalize it to sell. So now the judgment is on. You must recognize Rasta, else a lightning and thunder.” The very next week Jamaica’s parliament tabled a bill to decriminalize ganja after 68 years of prohibition, with special provisions to allow Rastfarians to cultivate their own herbs in designated areas. Coincidence? The proposed law would also clear the way for a legal medical marijuana industry, so it looks like Sizzla is right on both counts. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Lee “Scratch” Perry Wants You To Stop Smoking Ganja

Lee "Scratch" Perry Wants You To Stop Smoking Ganja

The Reggae Pioneer Tells The Fader About New Music, Old Studios, and Negative Influence

Lee “Scratch” Perry, who crafted sounds for Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and countless others while releasing genre-formative albums of his own, is relaxing in a grand old English guest house in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. He has just gotten through performing at the Lakefest Music Festival and is wearing a full red suit covered with dollar, pound, and Euro signs written in Magic Marker; his baseball cap is adorned with metallic badges, a large circular mirror, and a pinecone-shaped chunk of crystal perched on the brim. When he speaks, his words, like his clothes and his tunes, are freewheeling, arcane, and ceaseless. From a small settee, he holds forth on a wide range of subjects, including his new signee, Iguana, his return-to-form new album Back on the Controls, which he recorded in a replica of his legendary Black Ark recording studio, and why he feels guilty about the marijuana culture his art helped to spread to the masses. Video After The Jump…

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Reasoning with Lee “Scratch” Perry, The 2nd Chapter: “Too Much Weed, So I Get Crazy”

Reasoning with Lee "Scratch" Perry, The 2nd Chapter: "Too Much Weed, So I Get Crazy"

Scratch Shares His Thoughts on Sex, Ganja, and the Illuminati

When we last caught up with the Upsetter, he was sharing his thoughts on music—both his latest releases, and his seminal early recordings at the Black Ark. Of course, Scratch being Scratch, the conversation also veered into related topics such as Duppies, the true racial identity of God, and his everlasting battle with the Devil. Just hours before the man called by many names (including, notably, Pipecock Jaxon) take the stage at Brooklyn Bowl with Subatomic Sound System as part of the annual Dub Champions Festival, we proudly present the second installment of Reshma B‘s exclusive interview—in which the living legend/mad genius talks about what sort of girl he does not want to see in his bed—and names one in particular who would make him “vomit.” Scratch also admits that he was once addcited to marijuana, a fate that he hopes his fans will avoid. In fact, he says too music music and/or fire and/or weed in his head made him crazy. “They want to find out whether it’s me singing or the ganja singing,” he says. “It’s better when me sing. If the ganja can sing, it ah go take you to a height that you can’t come back.” The ReggaeGirlAboutTown even convinces Scratch to remove his remarkable hat and show her what’s inside. So fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a wild ride. Videos After The Jump… Read more »

Sean Paul Says No To Smoking Weed… But He Loves His Ganja Tea

Sean Paul Says No To Smoking Weed... But He Loves His Ganja Tea

Just Gimme The Trees And Mek We Drink It Up

Dutty Paul dropped by the Juan Epstein podcast last week and chopped it up with Rosenberg and Cipher Sounds. Among the topics he touched on was the healing of the nation, aka marijuana.  This may come as a surprise to Sean Paul fans, but the artist who sang “Just gimme the light and pass the dro” no longer blazes weed. Yep, you heard it right. Not that he’s given up the wisdom weed. These days Sean boils up and sips a cup of ganja tea. The Breakfast of Champions! Video After The Jump…

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Anthony B’s Attorney Issues Statement on Ganja Bust

The Artist Maintains His Innocence And Plans to “Vigorously Fight”
Anthony B-BOOMOn January 27th, the Dancehall artist, Anthony B, was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. The artist was on a tour and while traveling through Georgia, the artist’s tour bus was stopped and searched by police who found marijuana, leading to the arrest of Anthony B and others on the bus. Since then, many have been questioning what will happen with Anthony B since Georgia has extremely strict laws when it comes to drug possession. Anthony B’s attorney Mark Douglas Esq. has released a statement yesterday responding to the arrest and how his client plans to fight the charges against him. Read The Full Statement After The Jump…
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Anthony B Arrested in Georgia on Ganja Charges

The Artist Faces Tough State Laws

Last Sunday January 27, dancehall star Anthony B, born Keith Anthony Blair, was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. More Details After The Jump…  Read more »

Why Gyptian Says Don’t Legalize Ganja

Why Gyptian Says Don't Legalize Ganja

“It Won’t Be Any Fun,” The Reggae Star Reasons, Plus “People Will Smoke Coke Harder”

Ever since voters in Colorado and Washington State voted to leglalize marijuana in those two states, ganja fans have been celebrating. Well, most of them. One noted herb booster isn’t so sure the new laws are a good thing. We spoke with Gyptian, who has a few concerns that might surprise you. Interview After The Jump… Read more »

Top 10 Ganja Legalization Tunes

Legalize It And I Will Advertise It

Why is Peter Tosh smiling? The ongoing struggle to repeal the prohibition of marijuana has inspired countless great records—and earlier this month it inspired a historic moment at the ballot box. Starting December 6 in the state of Washington and January 1 in Colorado, the dream of legal ganja will become a reality. Many questions remain: Will California be the next American state to free up the herbs? Will the Federal government sit back and let west coasters puff in peace? Will Jamaica ever embrace its number-one cash crop? While we ponder those issues, let’s take a look back at some of the greatest reggae songs ever sung in defense of ganja decriminalization. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

Kartel’s Attorney Speaks On Jailbreak Hoax

Werlboss’s Lawyer Calls The Stories “An Attempt To Prejudice The Case”

Christian Tavares-Finson is a busy man. He’s the attorney who’s defending dancehall star Adidja Palmer aka Vybz Kartel aka The Werlboss, who has been charged with two murders, weapons violations, and ganja possession. But in this exclusive Boomshots interview, he took time out to dispel some misinformation that’s been flying around the internet today. As the old saying goes, a lie can run halfway round the world before the truth gets its Clarks on… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Leftside “Roll Up” (Weed Mix)

Brand New Remix Video From Leftside The Dancehall Wiz

Wiz Khalifa’s smash hit single “Roll Up” was a sureshot single aimed straight at Wiz’s female fanbase. The fact that the title offered a subliminal ganja reference a la D’Angelo’s “Brown Sugar” was simply a bonus. But Leftside’s new remix leaves little to the imagination… Read more »

Ziggy Marley Presents “Marijuana Man”

Graphic Novel Drops Just In Time For 4/20; A Higher Form Of Superhero

All original herbalists, today’s your day. Not just because April 20th is all about the worldwide weed, but because Ziggy Marley’s first ever graphic novel, Marijuana Man, is now in stores. When we heard that Ziggy created a comic book about a superhero from another planet who comes to save the world through the power of marijuana, we had to ask: “Were you smoking something when you thought of this?” Read more »

HEAR THIS: Collie Buddz featuring Sean Paul “I’m On My Way Back Home”

Herbalist Anthem On The Big Bad Lyfe Turn Riddim

Lionface, the legendary selector for the musical killing machine known as King Addies sound, is also an accomplished producer, and Face is goin’ hard with his latest juggling, the Lyfe Turn Riddim. The lineup already includes Luciano, Gyptian, Nitty Kutchie, Anthony Cruz, and Lutan Fyah. But now in comes the herbalists’ anthem Sean Paul alongside Collie Buddz. Bermuda meets JA in a kouchie pipe conference. Can’t say you no want it! Read more »