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A Politics Time Playlist

Election Or Not, We Don’t Have To Fire Shot

Today Jamaica will go to the polls for the first general election since the siege of Tivoli Gardens and the Dudus extradition raised troubling questions about who really runs things. But if you listen to reggae music, you already know… Read more »

Tivoli Gardens Massacre Was Caught On Tape

Official Documents Reveal U.S. Spy Plane Was “Filming Continuously”

An article in The New Yorker magazine titled “A Massacre In Jamaica,” states that an American spy plane monitored the incursion into Tivoli Gardens on May 24, 2010—a failed attempt to capture Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke, the Tivoli don facing drug and weapons charges in the U.S. At least 74 people were killed during the joint police/military operation. Read more »

HEAR THIS: Pusha T “Dearly Beloved”

Rap Star Sends Special Request To Dudus & The Whole Shower Posse

Pusha T flips Jay-Z’s “Where I’m From” beat to big up Prezi. As the G.O.O.D. man said, “Rap ain’t been this hard since ‘Hit Em Up.'” Run that…

Edward Seaga Speaks On Jamaica’s Crisis

Half the story has never been told…

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