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HEAR THIS: Mad Professor “Medusa’s Tail”

HEAR THIS: Mad Professor “Medusa's Tail”

Ariwa Posse Announces “The Roots of Dubstep Tour”

The legendary UK dub producer will be setting off to the other side of the Atlantic for a tour of the U.S. kicking off this coming Monday in Burlington Vermont. Setting up his Ariwa Sounds studio at home in 1979, the youth born Neil Fraser had an early fascination with electronics that has kept everyone fascinated with him ever since. He started in the game at a time when the UK lovers rock scene was at its peak with artists like Deborahe Glasgow (the sultry female voice heard on Shabba Ranks‘ “Champion Lover“), Kofi of Brown Sugar, and Sandra Cross. Using his innovative did numerous classic records with British microphone chanters like Macka B and Pato Banton. Not long after the Mad Professor teamed up with the Mad Genius Lee “Scratch” Perry and between the two madmen came some of sub’s most legendary works in the form of Mystic Warrior, Dub Take The Voodoo Out Of Reggae, and Fire In Dub. He remixed Massive Attack‘s second album Protection to create the sonic masterwork No Protection. Those who need to catch up on his work should check out A Rough Guide to Ariwa available via the proudly independent label’s official site. This compilation of dub tracks includes “Medusa’s Tail,” first released on Mad Professor’s 1986 album Schizophrenic. Audio & Tour Dates After The Jump…  Read more »

DOWNLOAD: Splurt Zillionz “Global Bass Kulcha” Mixtape

The Maddest Reggae, Dancehall, Dubstep, Jungle, Moombahton, Trap Mashup

According to his official website, Splurt Zillionz is “a respected scenester, recording artist, music producer, Youtube channel host, marketing/tech guru, and influential tastemaker.” He’s also a certified gadget addict and dancehall aficionado. More recently he added the title “Director of Alternative Internet Outreach for Major Lazer” to his resume. But as you’re about to hear, he knows how to hook up a wicked mixtape too. Check out Splurt’s uniquely outernational take on what he calls Global Bass Kulcha. Audio & Download Link After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Major Lazer ft. Johnny Osbourne & Flux Pavillion “Jah No Partial”

Ooh What A La La—Flux Pavillion In Yuh Area

Major Lazer signed up UK dubstep demigod Flux Pavillion—the same dude who was sampled on Watch The Throne—to hook up the earthshaking basslines on the latest Major Lazer release. This tune was inspired by a classic Johnny Osbourne selection. Now we get to hear the fullness. Judge it without partiality.

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HEAR THIS: Inner Circle ft. Touter “Drum Song”

Keyboard Master Touter Harvey Drops A Dubstep Update of The Jackie Mittoo Classic “Drum Song”

“Reggae influence a lot of music,” says Bernard “Touter” Harvey, and he should know. He’s played on classic cuts by Bob Marley and Inner Circle, among others. “Look at it this way, reggae have many babies. A man say in Jamaica you have the roots. Every tree have to have roots and it have to have branches. And from branches, sometimes you get seeds. Sometimes even the root push out another plant or a baby plant.” One of the  new musical babies would be dubstep. “Where we used to have dub, now we have drum and bass and dubstep.” The good people at Dubshot Records have teamed with Inner Circle to produce Dub Planet X, a tribute to Jackie Mittoo, reworking some of his classic compositions inna “Steppin Dub” stylee. Audio after the jump.
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Rusko Asks “Are You A Dubstep Skanker?”

Download The Latest Track From Mad Decent’s Dubstep Dada & Maybe Land A Spot In His Video

Rusko’s new album Songs is mashing up the dubstep world, and now he’s giving fans a chance to embarrass themselves land a spot in his video. Here’s the 411:

“We’ve all seen that “move” before, but what exactly is it? You’re at a dubstep show and take a look around to see one guy flailing his arms recklessly through the air, another person headbanging so hard they could break a 2×4, and then of course…the open armed wing flap. RUSKO is giving everyone the chance to embrace their inner Skanker and let their own interpretation of that feeling when you hear dubstep be shown to the world.”

Check out a helpful video demonstration featuring A-trak and Diplo after the jump.
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WATCH THIS: Ms. Dynamite “Neva Soft” Video

Brit Beauty Bombs The Bass Cause The Riddim Never Let Her Down

Ms. Dynamite has been bad from ever since she linked with Sticky to make the UK garage classic “Booo!” After her criminally slept-on Stateside debut A Little Deeper, she took a minute to do the whole mom thing and raise her son. But when she popped up on Katy B’s recent club banger “Lights On” it was obvious that motherhood hasn’t slowed Ms. D down one bit. Excuse while she gets into your brain one more time. Read more »

HEAR THIS: Mavado “Delilah” (Diplo Remix)

Crispy New Dubstep Version Of The Starbwoy’s Outernational Boomshot

Diplo refixes the latest big tune from the Gully Gaad. Dubstep posse stand up. Read more »