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WATCH THIS: Popcaan “Everything Nice” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Popcaan "Everything Nice" Official Music Video

Jah Cure, Gyptian, Mavado, and Ace Hood Join Papi As He Goes On A High-Grade Flight

Popcaan has been poppin’ for so long it’s hard to believe that The Raving King has yet to release a proper album, but that will change this May when his debut LP drops on Mixpak Records. Months ago we brought you the first single, “Everything Nice,” a somewhat sullen slow-burner produced by Dubbel Dutch, in which Papi contemplates mortality while sipping Henny and blazing high-grade. Now comes the music video, in which director Jay Will gets it poppin in a Hype Williams minimalist style. Iyah Cure, Gyppy, and the Gully Gaad (plus his rap bredren Ace Hood) pass through to show love. Video After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Popcaan “Everything Nice”

HEAR THIS: Popcaan "Everything Nice"

The First Single Off Papi’s Debut Album

Don’t be deceived by the title—everyTING is not as nice as it may appear at first glance. Sure Popcaan may be the raving king, but why does he rave? “Me nuh when me go inna the grave,” he sang on one of his best-known party tunes, “so right now me ravin.” On this Dubbel Dutch production, Popcaan peppers the airy, atmospheric track with pensive thoughts about the people who work hard, all who gone to the morgue, or wish R.I.P. to a loved one. “Put your cups dem high,” the Hotskull intones. It’s a celebration, bitches. Popcaan’s debut album is due out on Mixpak records early next year. The key concept? “Bittersweet blissfulness.” Get your mind right.  Audio After The Jump…

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