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WATCH THIS: Chronixx “Capture Land” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Chronixx "Capture Land" Official Music Video

Chronixx and Zinc Fence Redemption Take It Back To The Real Rock

One of the toughest tunes off Chronixx recent Dread & Terrible project is this relentless roots rockers reality cut illustrating the concept once expressed by the dub poet who once observed: “If I build a fence round a coconut tree, that would cause you to steal from me.” In Jamaica the phrase “Captcha Land” refers to a grey area of real estate, known in the US as “squatting.” Basically if a parcel of land—perhaps a less-than-prime-location—goes unused for some period of time, less fortunate persons may decide to “capture” it by moving in and erecting zinc fence dwellings and other improvised syructures. But as Chronixx points out in this tune-—with a brand new video dirextwd by Jerome D (a frequent TDE collaborator) and all courtesy of the good folks at LRG (aka Lifted Research Group) — the whole of Jamaica and America is captcha land too. It all depends on who’s doing the capturing. Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Chronixx Passes Through The Hot97 Morning Show

WATCH THIS: Chronixx Passes Through The Hot97 Morning Show

Dread & Terrible Tour Frontman Talks About The State Of Reggae Music

While in NYC doing promo for his Dread & Terrible EP and Tour, Chronixx swung by Hot97 studios and paid a visit to the morning show. Hosts Ebro and Cypha Sounds sat down with the rising reggae star and picked his brain on topics like the current state of reggae music and  its connection to Hip Hop. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Chronixx Was Not Beaten In Paris

Chronixx Was Not Beaten In Paris

Don’t Believe The Hype!

There were a series of reports from “reputable” media sources claiming that reggae star Chronixx was beaten by security guards at one of his shows in paris. Headlines like “Chronixx go farrin go hype pon some white security guards and get beaten to a pulp. Him tink say ah Kingston him de weh people frighten fi him?” were seen plastered above numerous blogs and news sites. Well, we at are here to tell our readers and Chronixx fans alike that what you’ve been reading and or hearing is just not true. Read more »

WATCH THIS: Chronixx “Dread & Terrible” VLOG 1

WATCH THIS: Chronixx "Dread & Terrible" VLOG 1

Chronixx And Crew Take Over Europe

Reggae sensation Chronixx just embarked on his “Dread & Terrible” Tour to promote his latest album of the same name. As a treat to the fans Chronixx and crew gives us a small look into life on the road. Joined by his band, Dre Island and songstress Khalessa, the “Dread & Terrible” tour doesn’t look so…..well, terrible. Video After The jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Chronixx “Rastaman Wheel Out” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Chronixx "Rastaman Wheel Out" Official Music Video

Here Comes More Trouble—New Visuals From The “Dread & Terrible” Project

“Is only a few foolish police officers would harass and charge a humble rasta man for carrying a personal stash of herb on his way. I say those days will soon be no more. incoming a ting call…RASTAMAN WHEEL OUT.” These brand new Chronixx visuals filmed & edited by Ras Kassa feel like an homage to the classic reggae film Rockers. Vintage-style track produced by Special Delivery Music. Video After the Jump… Read more »