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WATCH THIS: RDX “Broad Out” Video

Did The Daggering Duo Really Shoot A Music Video With An iPhone?

The dancehall duo who brought you daggering anthems like “Bend Over” and “Daggering” are breaking new ground with their latest video. But don’t worry, they haven’t abandoned the winning formula of high-energy riddims, simple melodic hooks, and  hot girls skinning out in outrageous poses. If fact the “broads” in this video are busting crazier moves than ever. But what’s really different about the “Broad Out” video is that they shot the whole thing on an iPhone. Or at least that’s what they claim in the intro to the video. But they still need to explain who shot the shots of them shooting with the blasted iPhone. Oh well, the video still ah shot. (And make sure to watch for the “Too Hot For TV” teaser at the end) Video After The Jump…
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Reasoning With Lady Saw, Raw & Uncut

Muma Saw Talks Nicki, RiRi, Foxy… And Doing Things “Her Way”

Born in the powerful parish of St. Mary, Marion Hall burst on the Jamaican sound system scene in the early 90s, changing the dancehall game forever with her blend of razor-sharp skills and shameless bedroom bravado. Long before Nicki and RiRi first stepped on a stage, Muma Saw was putting it down raw and uncut. Read more »

Mutabaruka Distressed Over Daggerin’

Dub poet sez: “Some wild beast animal ting ah gwan inna Jamaica.”

“This no civilized Rasta,” says the bare-footed dub poet famous for classics like Outcry and Dis Poem. Read more »

Ladies Night: Lady G & Macka Diamond Speak Out

“I think the dance was getting too vulgar” —Lady G

“I don’t have anything against da daggering” —Macka Diamond

Last Saturday night in Richmond, Virginia, two dancehall starlets blessed the stage of Caribbean Mingles when Natural High Promotions brought Lady G and Macka Diamond live and direct from Kingston, Jamaica.  Read more »

Daddy U-Roy Burns Out “Stupid” Selectors

The man called Ewart Beckford, O.D. a.k.a. Daddy U-Roy raised the art of toasting to new heights. He didn’t just spit a few phrases here and there, he rode the riddim from the starting gate to the last furlong. Read more »

NOW HEAR THIS: Good Girl Gone Bad

Tarrus Riley featuring Konshens “Good Girl Gone Bad”

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Don’t Ramp With Kartel

Daggering” is more than the latest yardie slang for sex, it’s a ritualized theater of the absurd that’s taken the dancehall by storm with acrobatic, thigh-bruising dance moves and a slew of songs cashing in on the controversial trend. It’s not like this machete/manhood metaphor is anything new. Nobody flipped out over Lady Saw’s “Stab Up The Meat” did they? Okay, maybe a few people did, but somehow the whole thing seems more appropriate when the young lady asks to be daggered.

Nevertheless, Jamaica’s Broadcasting Commission has ordered the island’s radio, TV, and cable operators to delete all “Dagggering” songs and videos from their playlists or face “strong disciplinary action.”

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