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HEAR THIS: Fadda Fox ft. Runtown “All Day All Night”

HEAR THIS: Fadda Fox ft. Runtown "All Day All Night"

From Lagos to Bridgetown Comes A Cross-Cultural Collab For Cropover

These are exciting times for open-minded music lovers, as genre distinctions break down and the unifying forces of tempo and technology work their magic around the globe. No matter what name you choose to call them, certain songs have the power to move the crowd. Whether you’re in Africa, the Caribbean, or someplace else, the elements of a big tune remain consistent: combine a lively drumbeat, a supple bass line, spicy lyrics and a sweet melody and watch the people react. “My team and I are on a musical mission,” says soca artist Nicholas “Fadda Fox” Sealy. “It is our aim to showcase Bajan talent internationally, collaborating with other artists being one of many strategies to execute our goals.” During a recent tour of Canada, the man known for running the streets of Bridgetown, Barbados with tunes like “Ducking” was sharing breakfast with Nigerian-born Afrobeat star Douglas “Runtown” Jack Agu. The conversation turned to collaboration, and within days they’d come up with a soca-meets-Afrobeat anthem for Crop Over 2016. With writing by Jovan James, Runtown and Fadda Fox, and production by Darien Bailey and Hector Cesar for Decibel Productions. You may call it what you wish, we simply call it a Certified Boomshot. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

Rihanna Hits Up Cropover in Barbados

Rihanna Hits Up Cropover in Barbados

Rihanna Joins in Cropover Festivities & Becomes the Main Attraction

Cropover has been taking place in Barbados since 1688 and since then it has become quite the exciting celebration. And even more alluring when Rihanna became a regular attendee of the festival. Last year, Rihanna turned heads with her racy dance moves and all red and gold outfit but this year she took a sexy but more classy approach. The singer attended Cropover in a bejeweled bikini with a feathered headdress, fishnets and some high tops Adidas. Though, the outfit only covered the necessary parts of her body, Rihanna looked refreshingly, beautiful with her new haircut and genuine smile. Check out the photos of Rihanna at Cropover in the photo gallery.

HEAR THIS: Alison Hinds “Born Wit It”

Shake What Your Mama Gave Youalison


Bajan soca queen Alison Hinds unleashes another hit guaranteed to mash up this Crop Over season. Alison tells the ladies big and small be proud of you shape because it’s yours and you were “born wit it.” Tune After The Jump… Read more »