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Collie Buddz Talks “Blue Dreamz” EP and Herbal Inspiration

Collie Buddz Talks "Blue Dreamz" EP and Herbal Inspiration

“When I’m home I really don’t smoke,” says Bermuda’s Biggest Dancehall Star

Collie Buddz rolled through NYC this Labor Day weekend to celebrate the release of his new EP Blue Dreamz. The Bermuda-born DJ said he recorded most of the new EP during a recent trip to Jamaica. The title track, produced by Johnny Wonder on his brand new “Ice Cold” riddim, refers to a popular strain of high-grade ganja that Collie discovered during a tour stop in Northern California. Although herb laws are reforming all over the world, Collie says that in his native Bermuda the wisdom weed is still far from legal. “When I’m home I really don’t smoke,” says the artist who first blew up off the ganja tune “Come Around.” The final track of the album is called “Prescription” and refers to a day when the healing of the nation will be available to all. Check out Collie Buddz reasoning with Reshma B about the new EP as well as some real talk about reggae and race and the inspiration behind his classic cut “Blind to You” (Haters).  Video After The Jump… Read more »

Troubling Questions Raised by the Riff Raff, Snoop & Collie Buddz Collab

Troubling Questions Raised by the Riff Raff, Snoop & Collie Buddz Collab

So… Another Rapper’s Dabbling in Dancehall?

This past Friday, you may have noticed all those hipster blogs breathlessly reporting that Riff Raff aka Jody Highroller had “gone reggae.” OK, fair enough—these “Yankee rappers dabbling in dancehall” posts are surefire crowd pleasers. Why should we even be surprised when a kid from Houston born Horst Christian Simco signs with Mad Decent and decides to switch up his bugged-out raw flow and try singing over a reggae beat? But can we honestly claim that the guy has “gone reggae.” I mean, what ever happened to Snoop Lion? When Big Homie first aappeared on the Strictly Boomshots show, he was all about that Rasta life. Now he turns up on a reggae track produced by The Cataracs (the duo who made “Like A G6”) rappin’ like Snoop Dogg? Riff Raff’s in Jody Highroller mode, Snoop’s in Dogg mode… Hold up—we’re getting confused. Wasn’t Snoop suposed to be Bob Marley reincarnated or something? Thank God Collie Buddz sounds like himself on this one.  Audio After the Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Collie Buddz “Light It Up” Official Video

WATCH THIS: Collie Buddz "Light It Up" Official Video

Collie Buddz blasted onto the scene with his hit single “Come Around,” and followed it up with another acclaimed hit “Mamacita.” Since then the Bermudian born singer has put out tunes, but none to the level of the previous two, none until now. Deviating from his usual route, Collie Buddz brings us “Light It Up,” his latest energy filled tune guaranteed to the have dancefloors worldwide shaking. With a newly signed label deal and a truckload of music on the way don’t be surprised if Collie Buddz becomes the next big thing. Watch out Pitbull – Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Snoop Lion “Reincarnated” Full Album Preview

The Lion’s Coming With That Heat
We’ve been hearing about this album that Snoop Lion has been working on with Major Lazer for months now, and today Reincarnated is finally here. Was it worth the hype? After hearing the full thing, we have to say yes. There are definitely some bangers on this album that real reggae fans need in their life. Standout tracks include “Fruit Juice” featuring Mr. Vegas, “Smoke The Weed” featuring Collie Buddz, and “Remedy” featuring Chris Brown and Busta Rhymes. Oh, and how could I forget “Boulevard” featuring Jahdan Blakkamore? But don’t take my word for it, check the full album preview and then go to iTunes, buy Reincarnated, and support reggae music. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

Collie Buddz “Lights It Up” in NYC

Collie Buddz "Lights It Up" in NYC

Collie Buddz Turnt it Up at SOBs!

It has been some time since Collie Buddz has graced NYC with his presence but his performance on April 18 was worth the wait. The Reggae/Dancehall artist hit the stage at SOBs as his second stop on the Light it Up Tour and brought in quite the diverse crowd. But it was all lighters up, love and respect for the music.

Brooklyn’s very own New Kingston Band, opened up the show and played some Reggae classics. With veteran session musician Courtney Panton on bass and his three sons, Suki, Slim, and Courtney Jr. holding down the rhythm section, this group has a sound that can’t be denied. Cris Cab followed with some of his hits off of his new mixtape, Red Road. New Kingston and Cris Cabhad the crowd jamming with their amazing performances. By the time it was Collie’s turn to come around, the crowd was fired up!

Taking the stage with a brand new rub-a-dub tune called “Nice Up Yourself,” Collie performed some of his classic hits, “Come Around,” “Just Let Me Know,” “Blind to You” “Mamacita” and a few of his recent singles, “Won’t Be Long,” and “Payback’s a Bitch.” He also performed a few exclusives off of his upcoming album: “Live Life” and “Light It Up,” which introduces a very new sound for Mr. Buddz.

Collie’s performance was lively, filled with energy and it had an everlasting vibe. His fans were filled with excitement when he hit the stage and they left with an experience that many don’t offer at their performances. Can’t wait for him to “Come Around” again. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Collie Buddz Speaks on “Light It Up” Tour, New Album

Mr. Buddz Lets Us Know The Real Deal Behind His New Single “Payback’s A B**tch”

Collie Buddz has been chillaxin’ for a minute but he’s ready to rise again. His recent release “Payback’s A B**ch” is just the first warning shot of a full clip of new tunes he’s preparing to let off later this year. And tonight his “Light It Up” tour kicked off at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. (along with Cris Cab and the New Kingston Band). They’ll soon touch the stage at SOBs NYC April 18. We caught up with the Bermuda Bad Bwoy to see what he’s been up to since the last time he came around. Interview After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Collie Buddz “Payback’s A B**ch”

HEAR THIS: Collie Buddz "Payback's A B**ch"

What Goes Around Comes Around

If you are experiencing some kind of payback then you probably screwed up somewhere down the line. But if you are paying back as Collie Budz’s ex you really dun f*cked up!

”It’s crazy the amount of girl rate me” — Excruciating

”All of your friends whan date me” – OUCH !!

Someone stop this boy! Have mercy!! Whoever this song has been written for can not be in a good way right now. Looks like even fit blokes get taken for a ride sometimes. Collie Buddz is going in on this track and it’s not a pretty situation on the receiving end. Sounds like ‘all the lies’ finally got to him. “Overnight when you go to sleep know that some other gal have me week…. and you know that you’re missing me.” Looks like it could be right on cue for ‘Baby Girl’ to take that looooooong holiday…. It’s time to fall off the radar and disappear for a little while. The message is clear: Don’t mess around on Buddz—he’s not just a pretty face AND payback sure sounds like a ‘b**ch’! Audio After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Collie Buddz “Ganja Pipe”

It’s All Good, It’s All Right—Burn It All Day, Burn It All Night

Singing about his favorite vegetation, Bermuda bad bwoy Collie Buddz flips the hook from Barrington Levy’s classic “Under Me Sensi” over an ill hip-hop groove courtesy of UK producer WizardBeats. The result is musical high grade. Audio after the jump.
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HEAR THIS: Collie Buddz featuring Sean Paul “I’m On My Way Back Home”

Herbalist Anthem On The Big Bad Lyfe Turn Riddim

Lionface, the legendary selector for the musical killing machine known as King Addies sound, is also an accomplished producer, and Face is goin’ hard with his latest juggling, the Lyfe Turn Riddim. The lineup already includes Luciano, Gyptian, Nitty Kutchie, Anthony Cruz, and Lutan Fyah. But now in comes the herbalists’ anthem Sean Paul alongside Collie Buddz. Bermuda meets JA in a kouchie pipe conference. Can’t say you no want it! Read more »

HEAR THIS: Dr. Dre feat. Collie Buddz, Snoop Dogg & Akon “Kush” (Refix)

Hold Up, Wait A Minute—Let Me Put Some Dancehall In It

Is this the same Dr. Dre from N.W.A who swore “I don’t smoke weed or sess” on “Express Yourself”?!! Cause ever since 1992 the man has been reppin that Chronic real hard. And if you thought Detox was about cleaning up his act, think again. Read more »