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WATCH THIS: Di Genius & Chino “Family” Official Music Video PREMIERE

WATCH THIS: Di Genius & Chino "Family" Official Music Video PREMIERE

Musical Christmas Gift From The Big Ship Fam

Merry Christmas! If you’re truly blessed, right now you’re surrounded by loved ones on this special morning. Friends are friends, and sometimes they come and go—but family is forever. Jamaica’s Big Ship family is no exception. Growing up as the sons of reggae legend Freddie McGregor may have been the greatest gift Daniel and Stephen ever received. Maybe that’s why they’ve gifted the whole Boomshots massive with a musical gift to remind us what the holidays are all about: Di Genius & Chino alongside Di Captain himself with a musical thing called “Family.” Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Chino McGregor & Stephen McGregor “Zero Tolerance” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Chino McGregor & Stephen McGregor "Zero Tolerance" Official Music Video

Chino & Di Genius Stirring Up Some Revolutionary Sounds

Just because they haven’t been dominating the JA juggling like one time, don’t sleep on the Big Ship Crew. Di Genius has been keeping busy on the production tip, making hits with UK Afrobeat star Fuse ODG and earning a Grammy nomination for his work on Mali Music’s album. He and Supa Dups recently produced Michael Franti’s entire album—and he’s preparing his Labwork compilation featuring dancehall joints with artists like Konshens and Popcaan. Meanwhile the Captain himself, reggae legend Freddie McGregor, will be dropping an album of his own this year. To kick off what looks to be a big 2016, here’s the first cut off the G.M.T.A. project featuring McGregor brothers Chino and Stephen dropping revolutionary lyrics over a rub-a-dub riddim. Perfect soundtrack for troubled times. Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Chino “Nuh Trust Dem” Official Music Video PREMIERE

WATCH THIS: Chino "Nuh Trust Dem" Official Music Video PREMIERE

Michael “BiggzShip” Burbridge directs the gritty visuals for Chino’s tune on Rado’s hard-hitting First Capital Riddim. This one is aimed at the two-faced back-biting news-carrying smile-in-yuh-face dutty-heart people who so often surround us. Chino is wise enough to know that trust is a thing that must be earned, and once broken may never be returned. It’s a hard lesson that’s usually learned the hard way. Dig the image of the man lifting weights in the scrapyard, like he’s preparing for the battle of his life. Good over evil me say. Stick with this video until the end, and you can pree a preview of a next Chino tune called “Oh Jah” a JA Production that fits the overall theme. When everyone turns against you, who else can you trust but the Almighty? Boomshots is proud to premiere this official music video. Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Chino “Wet Weather Music”

HEAR THIS: Chino "Wet Weather Music"

Chino Nah Go Make The Girl Wait—Smooth & Sexy Sounds From The Big Ship Family

When Daniel & Stephen McGregor (aka Chino & Di Genius) get it poppin inside that Big Ship studio, you never know what the result will be. Sometimes it’s a Roots Sound, sometimes it’s hardcore dancehall. Today we get some breezy pop for the ladies. This is one of those sexy sticky hooks that will lodge in your brain after just one listen. In other words, when the rain starts to fall the ting tun up. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

Freddie McGregor & Chino Pon Radio Lily

Freddie McGregor & Chino Pon Radio Lily

The Big Ship Family Sails Through The Strictly Boomshots Show

Last week’s show was an epic two-parter. No sooner had Mr. Easy vacated RadioLily on his way to a Brooklyn studio session than we got word that the Big Ship crew was in town. Of course Di Captain and Chino had many moves to make, but they found time to drop anchor at Houston and Sullivan for some late night reasoning and a couple of freestyles too. Listen to Chino spitting hot fire over the Duck riddim, and listen to Freddie McGregor talking about the construction of Big Ship studio and what he learned from Bob Marley at Studio One.  Audio & Video After The Jump… Read more »

Chino & Di Genius “Roots Sound”

We Nah Trade Nothing for the Reggae Roots Rock
The Big Ship brothers are best known for blazing up dancehall tracks. Now they’ve come together to bless lovers of classical reggae with “Roots Sound,” a new song that pays tribute to the musical tradition that allowed their father Freddie McGregor to build up the studio they work in every day. Of course Chino and Di Genius gave the whole thing their own next-generation 2013 flair, all while tipping their hat to their father as well as classic tunes by Dennis Brown and Tony Rebel. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Chino “Sex Symbol” & “Argument (On Top Already)”

Big Ship’s New “Quack” Riddim Brings Back Classic Dancehall Vibes

The Big Ship family is definitely not ramping in 2013. Di Genius kicked off the new year by blasting hypocrites and parasites in the reggae industry with his track “Me Alone.” Now Chino’s followed up with two of his biggest baddest boasiest tunes ever. First up is “Sex Symbol,” which is all about how “the gal dem horny and thirsty” and “some bwoy ah carry feelings” because he’s got the ladies on lock from New York to London. But that’s just a warmup for Chino’s second tune on the “Quack” riddim—Big Ship’s hard-hitting re-lick of Jammy’s immortal 1987 “Duck” riddim. And Chino’s lyrics hit just as hard as the track: “Argument” is all about how Big Ship is “on top already” and how they “represent for Gregory, Sugar, Dennis Brown, Bob .” And just in case you feel Chino’s getting too hype; he’s one step ahead of you on that argument too: “We no frighten fi vanity,” he says at one point, “caw we have proper meddy.” Alright Chino, mek it go so then. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Chino “Touch Your Body”

Sounds Like The Big Ship Bigger Bredda Wants To Ruff It Up

The last tune we heard from Chino was some lovey-dovey stuff, but enough of all that. This tune finds him feeling rude, telling the girls to “take the dancefloor and get naughty.” Girls from “all bout” are welcome—though Chino seems partial to the yardie gal dem—and he doesn’t care if she has a man. “Me ah no yuh man, but I can be one who turn your bow leg inna bandy.” Ah whoah. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Chino “High Grade” Video

Chino Sings The New Herbalist Anthem
Where there’s smoke there’s got to be fire, and Chino’s blazing this tune for all the real herbalists—something fresh from Gappy Ranks’ Hot Coffee Productions. Video after the jump.
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HEAR THIS: Chino “Rich 2Morro”

When The Big Ship Comes In, Everybody Wins

You already know Big Ship productions is a family thing. Chino and his brother Stephen McGregor have been holding each other down from birth. But on their latest tune “Rich 2Morro” Chino makes it clear that the when his ship comes in, he’s planning to share the love. Gotta love that.
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WATCH THIS: Knockings Riddim Medley Video

Knock Knock—Who’s There? Serani, Di Genius & Chino Connect

The video for Daseca’s Knockings riddim brings together Serani’s “Evil Heart” and Stephen McGregor and Chino doing “Lowe Wi.” As the Big Ship brothers say, “This bag ah loose man inna the link cyan work.” But the track sure does. Read more »

HEAR THIS: Chino “Seal The Link”

Smooth Sailing With The Big Ship Fam Inna Lovers Rock Style

“From Mawning” was just the beginning. Here comes something sweet off Pupa Chino’s forthcoming debut.

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