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PREMIERE: Ricky Blaze Presents The “Boom Riddim”

PREMIERE: Ricky Blaze Presents The "Boom Riddim"

Featuring Mr. Easy, Mr. Lexx, Cecile, and Majah Hype as “Mitzy”

Everything about Ricky Blaze’s brand-new Boom Riddim, which Boomshots proudly premieres today, screams classic dancehall. Just take a look at the artwork. If you don’t know why the yellow coloring is lighter at the corners of the square then you don’t know much about true dancehall culture. When you carry mad disco 12-inches inside your crate, and spend years flipping through them in the heat of the dance, sometimes the corners will get a little bit worn. As a matter of fact, that worn look is actually a badge of respect. Just as long as the disc inside stays nice and crispy, you’re good. Speaking of which, let’s get to the music itself, which is reminiscent of the late 80s early 90s that used to rock BK’s Biltmore Ballroom, fresh from yard. Ricky Blaze cooked up this particular digital riddim in his East Flatbish basement studio—the same humble soundlab that birthed timeless sounds like Gyptian’s “Hold Yuh,” Kartel’s “Touch a Button Nuh” and Ding Dong’s “Badman Forward”—and he knew just the right artists to voice for this particular mood and feel. So he reached out to veterans like Mr. Easy “Like Sunday Morning” himself as well as Mr. Lexx aka Lexxus and dancehall’s original Bad Gyal, Cecile. There’s also a next bad gyal in the juggling—she goes by the name of Mitzy. You’re just going to have to listen with your own ears to see what she’s dealing with.  No more long talking, time to let Mr. Blaze Blaze it up.   Audio After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Cecile “Upgrade”

Yummy Mummy Hots Up The Corner Shop Riddim

There’s plenty of fish in the sea—and according to Cecile there are some better ones. Apparently! Looks like the Yummy Mummy is back to her bad gyal self. This tune on finds her on the prowl for a man who “want the key to her likkle padlock.” She’s not just hotting up 21st Hapilos’ crucial Corner Shop riddim, she’s causing a four-alarm fire. Cecile’s advice to the guys is straight up: “No need to stay if you aint getting enough.” The facts, as she lays them out, are this: it’s a 10 to 1 girl-to-man ratio. So there’s no need to go to jail for a girl when another one is just round the corner right? Not sure if this is a tune for the boys or the girls but it’s definitely a reminder for both sides: Guys ‘if it nah work so jus move on then’,  girls don’t sleep on your duties because if your man come across a girl like Cecile he might just ‘Upgrade’! Audio After The Jump… Read more »

Christopher Martin Live Pon Radio Lily

The Singer Stops By NYC’s #1 Chill Spot And Nices Up The Strictly Boomshots Show

Christopher Martin has a lot to celebrate. His “Chill Spot” video is chilling in the top spot on the Hype TV countdown. He and Ce’Cile have a beautiful healthy two-month-old daughter. And he’s performing a rare acoustic set tonight in Brooklyn. Just before he headed to rehearsal he took time out to nice up the Strictly Boomshots show. During the interview he spoke on his latest releases, the joys of fatherhood, and how his relationship with Ce’Cile blossomed. Video After The Jump…
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HEAR THIS: Ce’Cile “Put It Deh”

The Yummy Mummy Is Back on the Badgyal Flex With Added Oomfff

It’s been great to hear Ce’Cile show off her singing voice in recent times. Her track “When Love Is Right” proves that even Badgyals can get swept off their feet. But I’m not madd at hearing more of Ce’Cile’s signature stuff. “Weh dem a say? Weh dem a say?”   Read more »

WATCH THIS: Mr. Vegas & Friends “Sweet Jamaica” All-Star Remix Video

Who Say Jamaica Sweet? Mr. Vegas, Shaggy, Josey Wales, U Roy, Barrington Levy, Cocoa Tea, Christopher Martin, Freddie McGregor, Leroy Sibbles, Marcia Griffiths, Ce’Cecile, Singing Melody, Tony Curtis, Beenie Man, and T.O.K. That’s Who.

Of all the tunes released in honor of Jamaica’s Golden Anniversary, the people’s choice appears to be “Sweet Jamaica” by Mr. Vegas featuring Shaggy and Josey Wales. Never one to bite his tongue, Mr. Vegas vigorously defended his own tune when another song—”On A Mission,” produced by Shaggy no less—was designated the official theme of Jamaica’s independence celebration. As if the original version wasn’t sweet enough, Vegas just dropped the maddest remix of “Sweet Jamaica” with another Jay Will video to match. When Vegas calls this an “All-Star” remix he isn’t kidding—we’re talking DJs from Daddy U-Roy to Beenie Man, singers from Leroy Sibbles to Cocoa Tea to Marcia Griffiths to Barrington Levy—and many many more. With all this talent on one track, this selection simply cannot be denied. #CertifiedBoomshot. Memo to the tourist board—maybe it’s time for a new theme song.

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The Top 20 Lady Saw Songs

All Hail The Queen

Photographs by William Richards

Happy (belated) Birthday Dancehall Queen. You’ve heard the phrase “Bad Bitches Bomb First”? Well I fink it was originated by this Lady here. Over the years Marion Hall, aka Lady Saw, has taken the reggae industry by storm, blazing a trail for females in a field that’s supposedly dominated by the boys. Despite being a “lady,” her chat has been tough enough to compete with—and in many cases, excel—her male counterparts. Of course she’s created her fair share of controversy along the way—revolutionaries always do. Read more »

WATCH THIS: Cecile “Bad Gyal Medley” Video

The Original Bad Gyal Chucks The Deuces, Then Savors The Sensation of Making Her Ex Get Vex

Remember that tune where Beres sings “I used to take you for granted… you were the last thing in my life. Presently you’re the most wanted, at the top of my iine.”??? Well Cecile sure does. Her “Bad Gyal Medley” flips the scenario from a ladies’ point of view time and time again. Oh, and she’s not trying to hear that “Falling in love all over again” stuff. Read more »

HEAR THIS: Bounty Killa Ft Cecile “Ride”

The 5 Star General Bucks Up The Bad Gyal 

The Warlord and the Bad Gyal connect on Cashflow’s hot new “Backway” riddim. Can you handle the ride?
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WATCH THIS: Wyre feat Ce’Cile “She Say Dat” Remix

Bad Gyal Ce’Cile Links w Kenyan Artist, Shoots Video In Man Tief Mode

Some people talk about “2 Di World” but Ce’Cile really takes it there. “De ting a get crazy inna Kenya,” she told me backstage at Reggae Sumfest in MoBay… Read more »

Reggae Sumfest 2011: Dancehall Night

Words And Images From The Greatest Reggae Show On Earth, Night #1
Dateline: Montego Bay, Jamaica. Whether your musical taste runs
more to Bunny Wailer, Mavado or Nicki Minaj—the 19th annual staging of
the Greatest Reggae Show on Earth had a little bit of something for
everybody. As usual, the festivities kicked off on Thursday with
Dancehall Night, and all the hottest artists on the streets of
Kingston were in attendance… Read more »