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Machel Montano Rules Carnival With
“Waiting on the Stage”—Is He Leading Soca Down The Road To EDM?

Machel Montano Rules Carnival With "Waiting on the Stage"—Is He Leading Soca Down The Road To EDM?

Trinidad & Tobago’s “Minister of Road” Takes Third Consecutive Road March Title

Trinidadian soca superstar Machel Montano has won his third consecutive road march title. Since 1932, the Trinidad Carnival Committtee has awarded the prize to the  musical composition played most often at the “judging points” along the parade route throughout Port of Spain during the big carnival celebration. This is the eighth win of Montano’s career. Not since Tambu hit the trifecta in 1988, 89, and 1990 has one artist dominated the competition three years in a row. The winning tune, “Waiting on the Stage,” was produced by Trini production squad Badjohn Republic. But with its strong EDM influence, it almost sounds like it could be a Major Lazer record.  Check out the tune and judge for yourself. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Jillionaire’s Top Ten Tunes Of Carnival 2014

Jillionaire's Top Ten Tunes Of Carnival 2014

Trini Chris Lists The Ten Best For This Carnival Season

Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival has been over for about two weeks now and even still those who attended are going through some withdrawals (that the Carnival Tabanca Bunji was speaking about). Since no one has invented a time machine as yet, or the government is being sneaky as usual, we figured the next best thing is compile the ten biggest tunes from this years Carnival season. Compiled by Major Lazer’s own Jillionaire, click through to see the Top Ten Tunes Of Carnival 2014  After The Jump…  Read more »

HEAR THIS: Chyn. Wonder Presents: Soca Warm Up Mix 2014

HEAR THIS: Chyn. Wonder Presents: Soca Warm Up Mix 2014

All Of Carnival 2014’s Soca Tunes In On Big Mix

London born, Brooklyn raised, Trinidad & Tobago adopted Chynee Wonder throws together a superb mix of Carnival 2014 hits. Everything from Machel Montano, Bunji Garlin and others you may have missed are all here and available for download. You may not be in Trinidad right now, but you can at least pretend. Mix After The Jump… Read more »

50 Tips Everyone Should Know For Carnival

50 Tips Everyone Should Know For Carnival

Tips To Make Sure You Have A Safe And Enjoyable Carnival Experience

It’s less than one week to the greatest show on Earth, Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2014. Veteran masqueraders are already descending upon the twin island republic this week along with a slew of Carnival virgins who really don’t know what they’re in for. The good folks over at compiled a solid list for the first timers and a few pointers for the more seasoned.  Everything from what to wear, what to eat and even how to party is all covered in these helpful tips. Check Them Out After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Nadia Batson “Aggresive”

HEAR THIS: Nadia Batson "Aggresive"

Some Men Say They Love Aggressive Women

Having one the Top 10 Tunes For Carnival 2013 with the female anthem “Manager,” Nadia Batson returns with another hit guaranteed to have ladies more forward than usual. The aptly titled “Aggressive,” produced by hit makers Precision Productions is a sure fire bubbling tune and serves as a warning to all the man dem. Think you can handle it? Tune After The Jump… Read more »

Jillionaire’s Top Ten Tunes Of Carnival 2013

DJ Yoga Pants List His Favorite Soca Songs Of This Yearjill


1/3 of Major Lazer, Trinidadian native Jillionaire knows a thing or two about Soca music. He has blessed us today with a list of the Top Ten ( in no particular order) Tunes Of Carnival 2013, songs that have been rocking all the fetes of this Carnival season. All the usual suspects are there along with a couple newcomers which rounds out this solid list. Lets not waste anymore time, Check The List After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Jillionaire’s “Fog Up D Place” Carnival 2013 Mix

Jillionaire Compiles All Your Groovy Soca Tunes In One Nice Mixjill 

The good folks over at LargeUp teamed up with Jillionaire (of Major Lazer and Corner Bar fame) on their first installment of their mixtape series entitled “Fog Up D Place.” The mix features all of this Carnival season’s Groovy Soca songs with a few exclusive remix thrown in between. Stream Or Download Now After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Parade Of Bands 2013 Live Stream

For Those Of Us Who Couldn’t Be Therecarnival


So you were unable to make it to Trinidad & Tobago Carnival this year? And seeing all you friends posts on Facebook and Instagram isn’t helping either, well allow us to further rub some salt in your wounds. We know what you’re missing and you know as well, but let us remind you anyways with a Live Stream of the parade of bands. Scantily clad bodies, drinks, good music and vibes, well if that isn’t your thing then don’t Click The Link After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Machel Montano “The Fog” (Road Mix)

Machel And Precision Get Us Ready For The Roadfog


We are less than one week away from the “greatest show on earth” Trinidad & Tobago Carnival, and if you are like the few who won’t be attending the festivities this year allow us to rub some salt in your wounds. Machel and Precision Productions unload their Road Mix for the ever popular “Fog.” The infectious drums paired with Machel’s hypnotizing lyrics will have you gyrating in your seat in no time.   Audio After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Skinny Fabulous & Machel Montano “Monstrosity”

Skinny Fabulous & Machel Montano Unleash Madness With Their New Tune “Monstrosity

We are barely into the 2013 Carnival season, but so far it’s shaping up to be one to remember. We’ve already heard what Bunji had to offer with his appropriately titled “Differentology” (currently ripping up the airwaves) now Skinny Fabulous throws himself into the fray. Enlisting Soca heavyweight Machel Montano, Skinny’s “Monstrosity” track grips hold and pretty soon you’ll jumping up and down, or as Machel put it, getting “mad and crazy.” If this doesn’t get you excited for Carnival I don’t know what will – Take a listen after the jump. Read more »

Gallery: Ajamu Photographs The West Indian Day Parade

Brooklyn We Go Hard

From Port of Spain in Trinidad to Notting Hill in London, Carnival is a worldwide phenomenon. We all need a time and place to get on bad, right? Of course every city has their own unique way of wilding out—but you already know nobody goes harder than Brooklyn USA. You’ve got zombies and stilt walkers and bugged out Brooklynites and hot girls in their barely theres as Grand Marshalls Harry Belafonte and Machel Montano rub shoulders with Andrew Cuomo and police commissioner Ray Kelly. Unfortunately this year’s event was marred by violence—with two people stabbed to death and two others wounded by gunfire. Despite those tragedies, the rest of us had a great time. Marlon “Ajamu” Myrie has been shooting (with a camera) on Eastern Parkway for years, and he’s not only got an artist’s eye, he’s got a special gift for charming the ladies, as you’ll notice in this massive 2012 gallery. Photo Gallery after the jump.

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HEAR THIS: Major Lazer Presents Carnival 2012 Mix Hosted By Walshy Fire

Just in Time For Notting Hill Carnival Major Lazer Blends Dancehall, Soca And Pop Into One Amazing Mix
When it comes to Caribbean music Major Lazer’s mixes are second to none. They superbly blend Dancehall into Soca with a splash of pop (check there No Doubt Remix) with some original production in between. The mix is hosted by none other than Black Chiney’s Walshy Fire who displays his prodigious selector prowess as he takes you on a ride through all the islands. Read more »