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EXCLUSIVE: Busy Signal Addresses The Disruption of His U.S. Debut

EXCLUSIVE: Busy Signal Addresses The Disruption of His U.S. Debut

The Turf President’s Historic Set Got Cut Short at Groovin in the Park—We Spoke With Him Right Afterwards

Yesterday Busy Signal made history by performing his first ever show in the U.S.A. at this year’s Groovin In The Park festival. But re-writing history is not always an easy road—sometimes there are a few potholes along the way. On this day one of the most dreamed-about days of Busy’s life turned out to be a somewhat bittersweet reality. Bolting onto the stage Busy opened with his breakout track, “Step Out.” Bouncing around the stage like a ball of energy, he segued into “Nah Go Jail Again” before transitioning into a moment of thanksgiving as Buju Banton’s voice rang out in the park “Oh our Father, Who Art In Zion…” while Busy counted his blessings for being given the opportunity to perform for his American fans. “A foreign mi deh,” he said with pride. “Big foreign!” This was the moment he had been waiting for all his life—a moment that over 30,000 people spent their money to witness, some traveling in from all over the world. His fans wanted to witness the moment when Busy’s incredible journey—building his career for over 12 years, being released from prison, getting his visa back, getting an approved work permit—came to fulfillment. “You are looking at a walking miracle,” he told the audience, almost in disbelief. But just when it seemed things couldn’t get any better, they took a sudden turn for the worse.  Video and Full Story After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Busy Signal “Honor Roll”
(Quiet Storm Riddim)

HEAR THIS: Busy Signal "Honor Roll" (Quiet Storm Riddim)

The Turf Prez Pays His Respects to The Late Great Prodigy

“Turf President represent for the street,” says Busy at the top of his latest release, uploaded to his Soundcloud less than 24 hours ago. “All these hardcore niggas. Real niggas. Me ah no one a dem just-come boys deh. We no just talk this. We do this. Muthafucka we live this.” Then Busy proceeds to spit fire over Mobb Deep’s “Quiet Storm” beat, name-checking legendary dancehall artists from Baby Cham to Shabba to Bounty Killer and Capleton. This Sunday Busy will perform his first ever show in America at Groovin’ In The Park. It’s hard to imagine how he feels right now, but if this track is any indication of his mindstate at the moment this Sunday ah go maaaaadAudio After The Jump… Read more »

Seanizzle Realizes His Higher Purpose In Music

Seanizzle Realizes His Higher Purpose In Music

A Life Threatening Accident Causes Seanizzle to Produce Music With A Message

In the fall of 2016, Sean Reid, Seanizzle was basking in the glory of the “47 Floor” riddim, with it’s bosterous trumpet propagating over waves of jazz sounds.  Two months later, on November 27, 2016,  the producer experienced moments that changed his life forever. As Seanizzle recovered at Kingston Public Hospital, he felt thankful to be alive and had a greater appreciation for making music. We spoke with Seanizzle about his musical path and spiritual enlightenment. More After The Jump…

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Busy Signal “Fresh From Yaad” Album Review

Busy Signal "Fresh From Yaad" Album Review

The Newly Energized Entertainer Hints That A Busy Signal U.S. Tour Is In The Works

Reanno Gordon, Busy Signal continues to stand out as an artist in 2017. He stepped out onto the musical scene in 2002, modeling his career after international reggae icon, Bounty Killer.  Now he has an even clearer vision for his future with his new VISA status. In January, Busy Signal visited New York for a quick media run with  Ebro Darden, Laura Styles, Funk Masterflex,Bobby Konders and Jabba for Hot 97 FM and Reshma B for Boomshots TV (four-part interview at the end of article) to discuss his new EP, Fresh From Yaad.  Following this, Busy embarked on an European Tour and this week he revived up his fans in the U.S. with a tweet:  “Coming to a city near you. Wherever in world you are! ASAP- Turf President.” In light of the impending tour, this article will serve to give an in-depth review of the Fresh From Yaad EP. Album Review After The Jump

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Dameon Gayle: Behind The Lens

Dameon Gayle: Behind The Lens

Envisioning Music with Director (Warrior Films) and Producer (Warrior Musick Productions), Dameon Gayle

Dameon Gayle, is to reggae and dancehall what Hype Williams is to hip hop. He grew up in Waterhouse and learned to play drum, keyboard and bass guitar by ear, as a child. By 18, he began  hanging out with local musicians in his community including,  Bob Andy. This early introduction to music would shape his life and career. More After The Jump…

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Busy Signal Helicopters In For Malawi Show With Custom Chopper

Busy Signal Helicopters In For Malawi Show With Custom Chopper

Turf Prez Flying High In Africa

Busy Signal always gets made love in Africa, but yesterday’s concert in Malawi took the Turf Prez to another level—in his own personalized helicopter. The Jamaican reggae/dancehall star arrived in style for his Saturday night show at Civo stadium in Lilongwe thanks to Impact Events boss Lucius Banda, who called in a few favors with the Malawi Defense Force. The southeast African nation’s military forces kindly provided a personalized chopper for Busy—now that’s how you make an entrance!—and an extremely secure ride home after the show. “Safely escorted to hotel by the Army, no one can Harm Mi,” Busy posted on his IG, adding: “Oh, and and tell @reggaesumfest seh mi performed for 3 hours and 37 minutes with my personal Band. Thank you so much! GOD BLESS.” So the thing set. Check out the crowd reaction whenever Busy steps out the chopper or steps to the stage. Hot-head!  Videos After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Busy Signal “Colder”

HEAR THIS: Busy Signal "Colder"

The Turf Prez Touches Up A Classic King Jammy’s Riddim

Some things just can’t be improved upon, but that doesn’t mean they should be left alone. King Jammy’s 1987 “Score” Riddim is a perfect example, a track that defines digital lovers rock. There was something about Steely’s warm and easy computer bassline and those crstyal-clear twinkling high notes combined with Clevie’s tastefully understated drum programming. The riddim became an instant classic when it first appeared on Frankie Paul’s “I Know The Score” from FP’s crucial Original Sara album, with additional  versions by Sanchez and Thriller U available on 12-inch discomix. A quarter century later Busy Signal has brought the riddim forward with a brand new song entitled “Colder.” Utilizing Edi Fitzroy’s distinctive stammer-phrase on the hook, the Turf Prez sings for the girls,  evokes bygone dancehall days, and pays homage to the elders who paved the way. The only thing worth changing is the title, cause this tune is definitely #Hotted. “Fe real, fe real, fe real pull up that one from top.” Audio After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Ape Drums ft. Major Lazer & Busy Signal “The Way We Do This”

HEAR THIS: Ape Drums ft. Major Lazer & Busy Signal "The Way We Do This"

H-Town Riddim Master At Work

While Major Lazer might be the biggest names in EDM to flex dancehall riddims and vibes in their tracks, they’re far from the only ones. Houston, Texas’ Ape Drums has been at this for a bit, describing his sound as essentially taking his EDM projects and making them into bigger dancehall riddims. His experimental EDM/dancehall hybrid has been a hit, landing him on some of the hottest EDM labels out, including Skrillex’s OWSLA and Diplo’s Mad Decent imprints. For his latest, he links up with Diplo’s Major Lazer crew and the legendary Busy Signal for “The Way We Do This,” wisely flipping Tony Kelly’s Bookshelf Riddim (made famous by everyone from Sasha on “Dat Sexy Body” to Sean Paul with his classic “Deport Them”) and turning it into a banger that will light up any dance going down this summer.  Audio After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Busy Signal “We Get High” PREMIERE

HEAR THIS: Busy Signal "We Get High" PREMIERE

Blaze Up the Haze And Me Calm Fe Me Nerve

In comes a crucial herbalist anthem for 4/19 to tide you over until tomorrow. The 4/20 Riddim was produced by Dev Kutta of Livity Movements and DRWTHVN (a new recruit from Guyana) released on LMI Records, managed by the one Paul Parris. “This is our 3rd release for the year, Octane’s ‘Fallin’ EDM mix was first and we are part of the Noise Cans/Dim Mak remix pack for the “Bucka” record that came out last week.” Boomshots proudly premieres something new from the Turf Prez: The plump squelchy bass notes on this joint signal that we’re in for bare madness. Audio After The Jump…

“You know say me fly… me nah lie…” Blaze it…

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WATCH THIS: Unified Highway ft. Busy Signal “My Only” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Unified Highway ft. Busy Signal "My Only" Official Music Video

Cali Reggae Duo Taps The Turf Prez

Rebelution frontman, Eric Rachmany, and DJ/producer Amp Live are definitely on to something with their side project Unified Highway. Ever since Boomshots premiered their video for “My Space” in January the response to their genre-bending sonic alchemy has been overwhelming. “This album is actually pretty diverse,” Eric told us back then. “Every song is a little bit different from the other, so we are excited for people to hear the diversity.” His words are borne out by their latest video, the sun-and-bikini-bonanza called “My Only” featuring sixteen blazing bars from Busy Signal. “Honestly, I’m not saying this to brag or anything but I really feel like this project is groundbreaking. It’s different from anything I’ve ever heard or been a part of.” Leggo. Video After The Jump… Read more »

How Busy Signal “Everybody Move” Wound Up in That LG Smartphone Ad

How Busy Signal "Everybody Move" Wound Up in That LG Smartphone Ad

Chicago Ad Agency Energy BBDO Explains Why They Chose The Turf  Prez For Their Cool New Spot

Turn on any radio station in the world for thirty minutes right now and you’re guaranteed to hear tropical house dancehall tracks by Rihanna/Drake and Justin “Natty Dread” Bieber/Skrillex. But thankfully the current boom in Jamaican music is not completely bypassing Jamaican artists. “Everybody Move,” a track produced by DJ Karim and featuring vocals by dancehall star Busy Signal, provides the soundtrack of a new ad campaign for South Korean multinational conglomerate LG. The super-fly ad, which has over 2 million views on Youtube, also features the British actor Jason Statham in a mind-bending array of characters. But judging by the comments, most of the excitement centers around the futuristic music. “The feedback has been incredible,” says Daniel Kuypers, Director of Music for Energy BBDO, the Chicago-based ad agency responsible for the trend-setting spot. “From the moment we heard it we were like, ‘This song is really cool!'”  Video & Interview After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Busy Signal “Come Over (Missing You)” Acoustic Cover

WATCH THIS: Busy Signal "Come Over (Missing You)" Acoustic Cover

Great Songs Are Just Great Songs, No Matter Where You Come From

Busy Signal is not just the most versatile artist in dancehall today, he’s also a great songwriter. The Turf Prezident’s powerful pen game inspired this acoustic cover version, which we discovered last night on his Instagram. The singer’s name is Jayne. The guitarist is Ramiro Malagon. The backing vocals are provided by the producer of this track, a youth called Maroon Riddimz. According to his SoundCloud page, he’s based in Pembroke Pines, Florida and his parents are Jamaican. There’s a bottle of Appleton on the table and a black gold and green flag on the wall. Judging by the sounds, they are definitely feeling the vibes. Start your Valentine’s Day off with these sounds and hold a romantic medz. Video After The Jump… Read more »