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Flashback Friday: Red Rose For Gregory

Flashback Friday: Red Rose For Gregory

The Unexpected Gift 

On December 6, 2008,  I arrived at the Hammerstein Ballroom and met  a  large crowd, which gathered together  on a snowy night, for the  Jamrock Magazine, 4th Annual Vintage Fest, promoted by David “Squeeze” Annakie. Unfortunately, the line to purchase tickets  at the door was so long that security announced, “No one else can come in, ”  after a threshold point. A photographer standing next to me said follow me.  As we walked towards a back entrance, she  said “Who do you want to meet, I know everyone.” My first time being back stage at a concert definitely came as a surprise and  I was introduced to several  living legends, including, Frankie Paul,  Sugar Minott,  Brigadier Jerry, Carlton Livingston, Nadine Sutherland and Coco Tea. More After The Jump…

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Top 10 Nelson Mandela Reggae Selections

Top 10 Nelson Mandela Reggae Selections

Singers and Players of Instruments Pay Tribute to the Late Great South African Hero

Despite his advanced age, the news of Nelson Mandela’s passing came as a terrible shock today. Perhaps that is because the South African leader had become a living icon of human rights and endurance in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. The thought that he might be a mortal man hardly crossed our minds. Long before he became the subhject of major motion pictures, Mandela’s name had become a one-word prayer, a mantra to give strength to those engaged in the universal struggle. And if there’s one genre of music that has consistently kept Mandela’s name in heavy rotation, that would have to be reggae. From the UK to Africa to Jamrock, reggae singers and players of instruments have been beating the drums of freedom for the late great Nelson Mandela. And so on this sad day we present some of the best, in a spirit of honor and respect in all aspect. Ten Crucial Selections After The Jump… Read more »

Sturgav Hi Fi and Volcano Hi Power at the 02 Academy

Sturgav Hi Fi and Volcano Hi Power at the 02 Academy

Two Big Sounds Rock Brixton Easter Weekend

When you’re talking about classical roots rock rub-a-dub sound systems, there are no more celebrated names in the dancehall of fame than King SturGav Hi Fi and Volcano High Power. Sturgav was established by Daddy U Roy, the legendary DJ who made his name on King Tubby’s Home Town Hi-Fi but went on to create a sound system of his own to provide a means for younger aspiring talents to develop their microphone skills.

Volcano was founded by the late great Henry “Junjo” Lawes, one of the most renowned producers of the 1970s and 1980s. His music formed a bridge between the roots reggae of Studio One and Joe Gibbs and the dancehall era. Immortal selections like Cocoa Tea’s “Sonia” and Yellowman’s “Zunguzunguzeng” made the Volcano label a trusted brand for any selector looking to pick up a certified boomshot to drop in the dance.

Bank holiday weekend saw Bagga John Productions pull it all out of the bag as they brought these two legendary sounds to the O2 Academy Brixton. But it wasn’t enough just to bring the champion sounds to the stage—they also brought some serious talent to rock the mic live and direct. Singers like Cocoa Tea, Frankie Paul and Little John joined forces with DJs like Yellowman, Brigadier Jerry, General Trees, and Little Twitch. And of course Daddy U Roy himself worked the stage making this session a night of sweet nostalgia for longtime dancehall fans. The venue was heaving, the crowd excited, emotional and thirsty.

The girls went wild when Little Twitch gyrated to “No Licky Licky” and they mobbed Cocoa Tea when he reached out to touch the crowd. Some tears were also shed during his version of “Jamaica Farewell.” And when Yellowman came on it was a #f*ckingproblem!! He lapped the stage with jumps and sprints; his trainers hardly touched the floor. One other small problem—although Cocoa Tea sang brilliantly, he stormed off the stage in frustration with the mix he received from selector Danny Dread. #SelectorDontF*ckAroundAndMashUpTheDance. However the music went on and everybody went home with their fill of sweet rub-a-dub vibes. You know what they say—there’s no business like dancehall business. Video After The Jump…

Miss Lily’s Variety Celebrates First Anniversary

Miss Lily's Variety Celebrates First Anniversary

Let’s Look Back At Some of the Most Memorable Radio Lily Moments So Far

They’ve been Playing the Peoples’ Music Night and Day for 364 days already. Tomorrow hits the first year milestone in a big way with the legendary Johnny Osbourne live and direct and other special guests passing through. Make sure to catch The Best of Strictly Boomshots 2012 Saturday at 7pm. But for now, here are some of our favorite RadioLily moments so far. Audio After The Jump….

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Brigadier Jerry Pon Radio Lily

The Original Dancehall General Passes Through Radio Lily To Nice Up The Strictly Boomshots Show

Brigadier Jerry has more lyrics in his big toe than most DJs have in their whole catalog. This living legend of dancehall culture blessed Miss Lily’s last night with an hour-long reasoning and lyrics session. But if you missed last night’s show, fret not thyself—you can check out a small taste after the jump. Photos and video by the man called Gizmo. Read more »

Brigadier Jerry Live & Direct

On This Monday’s Strictly Boomshots Show, Welcomes The Original Dancehall General

This past Monday Romain Virgo niced up the Strictly Boomshots show with some sweet vocals and slick selecting skills. Virgo was a hard act to follow, but we found somebody who’s up to the challenge. And so this coming Monday we’re taking it back to the foundation as we welcome the original dancehall General, Brigadier Jerry. When you talk about the greatest, most influential DJs in dancehall culture, Briggy’s name has to appear right up near the top of the list. And for all the great records he’s made, Briggy is at his best when he’s flinging down lyrics live & direct. There’s no telling exactly what will happen this Monday, but it’s sure to be crucial. Read more »

Giving Thanks & Praises Itinually

It’s Not About Turkey & Gravy, Seen? Rasta Attitude Is Gratitude…


As the one Rebel Tony put it: “Ungrateful worser than Obeah. Nuff ungratefulites bout yah… Pretend as if them no memba, gwan like them have amnesia.” Don’t let it happen to you. Here’s 21 ways to remember. Run tune! Audio After the Jump… Read more »