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Red Bull Music Academy Takes Over NYC

Red Bull Music Academy Takes Over NYC

Some of music’s greatest minds in one of the world’s greatest cities

The Red Bull Music Academy pitched up to NYC this year for their annual musical extravaganza. If you’re not familiar with the RBMA then it’s one event to note for the diary. Practically each year since 2002 they have set up shop all over the world for one month to provide a handful of fortunate students who applied for the program to learn the ins and outs of the music biz. Cities so far have ranged from Capetown-South Africa to Spain’s Madrid.

Trust and believe that the energy drink giants (who in 2011 sold 4.6 billion cans of Red Bull) nah cut corners at all! Everyone in NYC knew the team had arrived. Taking over coolest spots in NYC for their events, advertising their entire 31-day schedule in the New York subway (and on giant walls in Williamsburg), not to mention supplying a stand of in-house newspapers filled with quality stories by some of the best journo’s in town, printed fresh to pick up every morning.

So of course we went down to see wha gwan… Full Report Plus Videos After The Jump… Read more »

Reasoning With Chronixx, Part 5: The Artist’s Responsibility

Who’s On Chronixx’s Collabo Wish List? Some of the Names Might Suprise You

Chronixx believes musicians carry a serious responsibility both to their fans and to their own music and culture. In this fifth and final edition of his candid conversations with Boomshots, he talks about the responsibility of reggae musicians, and names some artists he’d like to collaborate with—and let’s just say some of the names are pretty unexpected. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Reasoning with Chronixx, Part 4: “The Internet Was My Only Tool”

How Chronixx Built A New Roots Reggae Movement
ChronixxBOOMSHOTSIn one of Chronixx’s many recent hit songs, “Beat and a Mic,” he talks about the basic building blocks he needs to make music. But making music is one thing, building a movement like the young roots reggae star has built over the past year is something else again. In the latest edition of our series of interviews, Chronixx explains how he leveraged the worldwide web and social media to spread his music and message without spending a whole heap a dunsa on marketing. Aspiring artists take note. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Reasoning with Chronixx, Part 3: “Kanye West Is My Role Model”

Chronixx Is Not a One-Dimensional Artist, As You Can Hear In His Eclectic Productions 
Chronixx is not just a singer and songwriter; he’s also a producer. In fact his breakthrough hit “Behind Curtain” was self-produced. In this third edition of his candid conversations with Boomshots, he talks about his electic approach to reggae production and why he draws inspiration from Yeezus. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Reasoning with Chronixx, Part 2: “Making Meaningful Music”

Chronixx Says He’ll Never Resort To Gimmicks In Order To Get A “Buss” 
In his tune “Odd Ras” Rising reggae star Chronixx, pokes fun at artists who would seemingly do anything to “Buss.” In this second of five candid conversations with Boomshots, Chronixx lists the things he would never do to hype up his career. He also speaks his mind on the state of reggae music. “It’s a shame that Bob Marley and Peter Tosh and Dennis Brown are still the greatest names in reggae,” he says. “After so many years we should have more youths to stand up beside them.”  Video After The Jump… Read more »

Bunji Garlin & Fay-Ann Lyons Mash Up Tobago

Bunji Garlin & Fay-Ann Lyons Mash Up Tobago

The Royal Couple of Soca Reign At Tobago Jazz Experience

When Trini superstars Bunji Garlin and Fay Ann Lyons got married back in 2009, they became the Royal Couple of Soca—Trinidad & Tobago’s answer to Jay & Beyonce. Bunji got his start as a ragga soca artist and has emerged as a consistent hitmaker, having won Trinidad’s soca monarch title on numerous occasions. Fay-Ann is the daughter of calypso monarch Super Blue and her mom is an artist who goes by the name Lady Gypsy. Let’s just say they’ve both got showbiz in their blood. Like Jay & B, they each have their own thing going on and they know how to support each other and make the family business even stronger. Just wait till their daughter Syri gets in the mix! Interview coming soon, but for now behold Bunji & Fay-Ann in action as they tear up World Music Night at the Tobago Jazz Experience.  Video After The Jump… Read more »

Collie Buddz Speaks on “Light It Up” Tour, New Album

Mr. Buddz Lets Us Know The Real Deal Behind His New Single “Payback’s A B**tch”

Collie Buddz has been chillaxin’ for a minute but he’s ready to rise again. His recent release “Payback’s A B**ch” is just the first warning shot of a full clip of new tunes he’s preparing to let off later this year. And tonight his “Light It Up” tour kicked off at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. (along with Cris Cab and the New Kingston Band). They’ll soon touch the stage at SOBs NYC April 18. We caught up with the Bermuda Bad Bwoy to see what he’s been up to since the last time he came around. Interview After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Stacious “Grooving”

The Gangstress Gets Her Groove On
It feels like a minute since we heard something from Stacious, but whenever she drops something u know it’s gonna be worth a listen. And when the song starts with a line like “Me too hot, round and fat—every man just a beg to whine on dat,” you’ve got to let the whole song roll! Then comes “grooving all night next to you I bubble up me body if you whan me to” and it sounds like she’s been practicing her singing voice! Stacious is good and bad (very good) all wrapped up in one one this track from SoUnique records. So if you’re looking for a song to play in the bedroom that’s sexy but not too harsh then light the candles, turn down the lights, and get your “Grooving” on! Last time Stacious spoke with Boomshots, she said she had some new heat coming for 2013! Now we know just what she meant. Audio After The Jump…
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Reasoning with Protoje “After the Itch Comes the Affair”

Reshma B Interviews Diggy About His New Album “The 8 Year Affair”
Just after his performance on Reggae Sumfest 2012, Protoje took time out to reason with Reshma B for Boomshots TV. Click above to hear this rising reggae star tell the ReggaeGirlAboutTown about the meaning behind his mixtape The 7 Year Itch (inspired by the 1955 Marilyn Monroe movie of the same name) and the inevitable followup, his debut album The 8 Year Affair. Video After The Jump…

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WATCH THIS: Reasoning with Jo Mersa “How You Bad So”?

WATCH THIS: Reasoning with Jo Mersa "How You Bad So"?

When You’re Bob Marley’s Grandson, Making Music Is a Family Affair

Joe Mersa is the eldest son of Stephen Marley, the nephew of Jr. Gong, and a fresh recruit to the Ghetto Youths family. Last week he dropped his tasty single “Comfortable,” and the ladies are loving it. That’s why we’re expecting more great things from this young rebel. Here he chops it up with the ReggaeGirlAboutTown about getting into the biz, the Melody Makers, and his love for reggae and dancehall music. He even gets Reshma B to kick a freestyle—how she “bad so.” Video After The Jump…
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HEAR THIS: Denyque “Make Me Believe You”

If You Can’t Tell The Truth, Could You At Least Do A Better Job Lying?

It’s been a minute since we heard something new from Denyque Dontrae, a.k.a. Supergirl. She first caught our attention a couple of years ago with her Jeremy Harding–produced single “Hooked On Me,” a tragically slept-on pop masterpiece. Now the brainy beauty is back with a Stephen McGregor jam that looks at affairs of the heart with a very unromantic eye. In this song she’s way past expecting this man to tell the truth, but she wouldn’t mind if he a bit more effort into his lies and alibis. Love is not a game—if ya don’t know, you might be getting played.  Audio After The Jump…
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WATCH THIS: Chronixx Interview “Life Is A Bigger Stage”

Young Warrior Shocks Out On Sting For The First Time, Maintains Steady Meddy

Over the past few months, 20-year-old Jamar McNaughton, better known to reggae fans as Chronixx has emerged as the hottest new artist in Jamaica. Songs like “Behind Curtain” and “Warrior” are enjoying heavy rotation on reggae shows all around the world, and his “Start A Fiyah” mixtape with Walshy Fire of Major Lazer is closing in on 100,000 downloads. This smart, humble singjay—who works closely with his best friend Teflon on Zinc Fence Records—is being hailed as a big hope for the genre, but he doesn’t seem to be feeling any pressure whatsoever. Shortly after his first-ever performance on Sting, where he mashed up the notoriously hard-to-please crowd, Chronixx sat down to reason with Reshma B, and he was just as cool as a cucumber. Video After The Jump…

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