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WATCH THIS: Cham & O “Bend Down” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Cham & O "Bend Down" Official Music Video

The Dancehall Power Couple Never Take A Break

You already know when Cham & O drop a tune it’s going to be hot—and if O hasn’t got you singing the hook already, then it won’t be long. And just as their songs touch the road, those visuals are never far behind. “Bend Down” is the latest addition to the dancehall power couple’s catalogue. You may not have to stretch your imagination to figure out what it’s all about—the title is sort of self-explanatory—but it’s the swag  they  bring to the ting that keeps you coming back for more. Video After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Cham & O “Bend Down”

HEAR THIS: Cham & O "Bend Down"

Dancehall’s Hottest Husband & Wife Team Are At It Again…

What could be better than recording some of the sexiest tunes in dancehall rotation and then performing them with the same hot girl you share your bed with on a nightly basis? Well that’s the blessing bestowed upon Cham and his lovely wife Miss O. When they’re not making raising their youths, they’re making beautiful music together—literally. From “Backshot” to “Tun Up,” these two could teach a lot of married couples how to keep their relationship spicy. The next chapter of their instructional manual has just arrived in our inbox this morning courtesy of Coppershot Productions. No more long talking cause the title kinda says it all… Audio After The Jump… Read more »