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Anthony Cruz Mourns His Daughter After Violent Tragedy

Anthony Cruz Mourns His Daughter After Violent Tragedy

Singer Anthony Cruz mourns his only daughter’s untimely death

Like most 15 years old girls, Shanice Cruz was dreaming about her future, excelling in school, enjoying life, friendship and love. However her  life was cut short due to senseless violence and this has been a disheartening tragedy for her father, reggae singer, Anthony Cruz and the reggae community at large.  More After The Jump…

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WATCH THIS: Anthony Cruz “Where Would I Be” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Anthony Cruz "Where Would I Be" Official Music Video

Giving Thanks For Guidance and Protection

Anthony Cruz is one of those under-the-radar reggae singers whose understated excellence deserves more praise than it receives. We first noticed him when he was rolling with the 5th Element crew alongside Richie Spice and Chuck Fender (aka “The Poor People Defender). Although he can finesse a lover’s rock tune more sweetly than most, Cruz has always been at his best singing reality tunes. “Place Too Bloody” his combination with Buju Banton, and the Beres Hammond produced “Dem Block Di Road” on Harmony House’s “Feel Good” riddim are two outstanding examples. Yesterday Cruz released a new video on his official website revealing that his clean-cut look has been replaced with a ragga-ragga Rastafari image. In the song, produced by the legendary Bobby Digital, Cruz gives thanks for live, health, and strength—acknowledging that even when he feels he’s in “Cruz control” there is a higher power calling the shots. Dropping so soon after Jamaica’s close call with Hurricane Matthew, the message is as timely as the song is strong.  Audio After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Anthony Cruz “Beat It Pon Dem”

Brand New Tune To Buss… Dungload The New Album Cruz Control

Full time now Anthony Cruz fe get him full ratings. The man sing some bad bad tune over the years, and him nah nitch. Read more »

WATCH THIS: Anthony Cruz “Back Downtown”

Them Say State Of Emergency, But That Can’t Stop The Hustling

Last time we bucked up Anthony Cruz he was at Kingston’s Carib Theater taking in the premier of Storm Saulter’s crucial new film Better Mus Come. (More about the film tomorrow!) Now the singer’s about to have reggae lovers under Cruz Control once again with his tough new tune “Back Downtown.” Read more »