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Busy Signal In Beast Mode

Busy Signal In Beast Mode

Busy Signal’s “All In One,” stands as the only dancehall freestyle  fused over 12 classic hip hop beats. In this 2014 song, Busy chops it up vocally and lyrically over each beat, as if competiting for a black belt.   The song trending heavily on social media, a year later, really highlights Busy Signal’s talent. He adds, “Don’t try this at home or the studio or you will have to do it live too,” reminding the music community that each artist in the dancehall genre is an individual; no need for Stereo-Types. More After The Jump…

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WATCH THIS: Reasoning With Ed Sheeran

Reshma B Interviews The UK Phenom Who’s Redder Than Red
Ed Sheeran played a little gig today at Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Playing 300 gigs a year is nothing unusual for the 21-year-old singer-songwriter from Suffolk, England first whose single “The A-Team” lodged in the UK Top 10 for three months in 2011. His follow-up tune, “You Need Me I Don’t Need You” reached No. 3 on the British pop charts. Now signed to Atlantic, Sheeran has a dozen or so EPs under his belt, including Slumdon Bridge with Yelawolf, whose rapid-fire flow Ed likens to UK Grime artists. “I don’t think anyone has a specific sound anymore,” says Sheeran, whose music draws on a plethora of sounds and styles. He spent years gigging with his cousin’s reggae band Laid Blak, and often interpolates their ganja tune “Red” into his live set, as well as snatches of Damian Marley’s “Welcome To Jamrock” and 50 Cent’s “In Da Club.” Sheeran’s debut album, titled simply +, is already a hit in England, and will be released in America one week from today on June 12. After blazing a solo acoustic version of “You Need Me I Don’t Need You,” Ed sat down with the Reggae Girl About Town…
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Beres Hammond, Nicki Minaj & R.Kelly Must Bring Their A-Game To Reggae Sumfest 2011

International Soul And Hip Hop Stars Touch Down In MoBay July 22-23

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Mr. Cee Says Squash The Beef

A Hip Hop Legend says “Caribbean Music Can Be A Monster,” However…

I got a chance to reason with a Hip Hop Legend last Friday, the one and only Mr. Cee. Depending on the depth of your knowledge of hip hop culture, you may know Cee as Big Daddy Kane’s DJ, or as the man who recorded the demo tape that got Biggie Smalls his deal with Puff Daddy. Or you may just know him as the influential radio personality at New York’s #1 radio station, Hot 97 FM. Besides playing great hip hop and R&B, Cee has been influential in helping break many dancehall records on the international market. Hot 97 plays more reggae than most of the urban format stations in America. So I had to ask him the $64,000 question:

You were involved in hip hop before it was a major major money industry. Do you feel like reggae can ever reach that same level of prosperity internationally? It seems like it always stays in the grassroots and in the underground moreso than rap.

AND THIS IS WHAT HE SAID. I know that reggae probably can be just as lucrative or just as successful as hip hop is, or maybe even beyond. I know that it could. But the one thing that’s the biggest downfall for reggae right now…

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