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HEAR THIS: Stylo G “Move Back”

HEAR THIS: Stylo G "Move Back"

Live Inna London But Original Yardman

Stylo knows a few things about original dons in the game having soaked up plenty of firsthand experience  from his dad Poison Chang. He knows what it takes to stand amongst the best in the biz and on his new tune ”Move Back” he pays respect to some to the pioneers in the  game. Stylo himself has become somewhat of a pioneer fusing the original dancehall sounds with the sounds of the London underground and now stands at the forefront of the UK dancehall scene, I guess they don’t call him the lyrical badman for nothing. As always Stylo’s put has stammed his signature style on the tune which is catchy as hell. “Come trouble yourself with the London don,” he chats—and for those who are gonna be in the vicinity, tonight Stylo will be unleashing his swag  at  at Rodigan’s Ram Jam Xmas party —which is sure to be, well, rammmm jammmed! Don’t be surprised if this Stylo selection finds its way to the top playlist of your holiday party too! Audio After The Jump…

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Reasoning with Stylo G, Part 3: “It’s Good To Be A Risk-Taker”

How Stylo Created His Own Sound, And Where He’s Taking His Movement Next

Reshma B and Stylo G conclude their epic 3-part interview at the offices of 3Beat Records in West London with a discussion of what it takes to make it as a UK dancehall artist. “When it’s not made in Jamaica you don’t get the love fully,” Stylo admits. Still he found a way to turn the challenge to his advantage by tapping into the UK underground and sticking to his own unique sound. (Purchase his latest release, “Soundbwoy” here.) “You can’t be shy,” Stylo explains. “It’s good to be a risk-taker.” Although some of his forward-thinking movements have been ahead of the curve, Style has always been a leader rather than a follower. He’s always had the utmost confidence in his vision, and in the team around him. He speaks on the importance of linking with like-minded producers like Adde Instrumentals—who produced his hit “Summer Is Back“—So Shifty—the beatmakers who supplied the riddim for “Press Up,” Stylo’s tribute to his father Poison Chang—and Dre Skull—the Brooklyn-based producer who checked him during the last Notting Hill Carnival to create a banger that will soon be setting the streets on fire. With Stylo it’s all about next-level movements—find out what territories he’ll be conquering next. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Reasoning With Stylo G Part 1: “I’m Diving In It”

Reasoning With Stylo G Part 1: "I'm Diving In It"

Reshma B Rolls to West London to Chop It Up With The “Soundbwoy” Killa

The man who brought us “Call Mi A Yardie” is back with a new label deal at 3Beat Records and a hot new tune called “Soundbwoy.” The ReggaeGirlAboutTown links up with Stylo in West London to talk about Stylo’s next-level movements, his upcoming dancehall EP, and why he’s now “diving in it.” Video After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Stylo G “Soundbwoy” Original Version + Di Genius Remix

HEAR THIS: Stylo G "Soundbwoy" Original Version + Di Genius Remix

Smell Something Burning? Must Be Them Speaker Boxes

“Tell them to pick up the pace—we a run the place” are the opening lines to Stylo G’s new single, and he ain’t wrong. Without a doubt, Stylo’s stuff has continued to escalate to the next level —I’m sure he’s keeping his competition on constant tiptoes. From “Call Mi a Yardie” to “Dash Out” to “Press Up” this dancehall South Londoner ain’t half bad yunno! On a serious note Stylo’s catalogue is shaping up to be a very good variety of very good music—which, frankly, is what it’s all about—but we’re not mad at the swag that comes with itThe new track is his first release on the 3Beat Records/Universal label, same team behind the recent success of such artists as Skepta, Sway & Duck Sauce. The original mix was produced by the Dutch crew Diztortion, and as an extra treat Stylo teamed up with Di Genius for a yardstyle remix. I gotta feeling things in Stylo’s world right now ain’t half bad either… Audio After the Jump…

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