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HEAR THIS: Popcaan “Nah Idle”

HEAR THIS: Popcaan "Nah Idle"

“If you never listen Popcaan song, mek sure you listen to dah one yah”

What a year Andrae Hugh Sutherland has had! Hits pon toppa hits in the dancehall. High-profile collabs. Shelling stages and killing sounds around the world. Smoking the highest and relishing close encounters with “some real star gyal.” In his latest tune, produced by Mini for E5 Records and distributed by the mighty 21st Hapilos, Poppy shares the secret of his success, and it’s pretty simple—but easier said than done. It all comes down to work. Hard work. That’s how you live the dream. That’s how you take care of your family. That’s how you climb up the ladder from asking your bredrens to give away promo CDs, to getting your songs played for free (while other artists have to shell out payola.) Mind you, it won’t help cure other peoples’ badmind or grudgefulness. “Artist ah cuss true the world prefer me,” Popcaan observes on the tune. But by avoiding idleness, you can climb the ladder too—thus avoiding the ill effects of badmind. “Wash out unno heart, unno heart too nasty,” Popcaan sings. “We nuh beg people, so no bwoy can style me.”  When Popcaan speaks of “Idle,” he’s not talking about American Idol, or worshipping false idols. He’s speaking of laziness, slothfulness, lack of initiative, purpose, or forward motion. Think of a car in neutral, revving the engine and getting nowhere fast.  Audio After The Jump… Read more »

RIDDIM UP: The “Different Eyes” Juggling

RIDDIM UP: The "Different Eyes" Juggling

A Warm & Easy Reality Set Featuring Jahmiel, Vershon, Sizzla & Delly Ranx

Over the past half century or so Jamaican music has evolved through so many different styles and sounds that it can sometimes be hard to discern the various strands of musical DNA. From mento and calypso to jazz and bluebeat on through ska, rocksteady, reggae and dancehall, the musical morphology continues to this day. Boomshots’ Riddim Up series digs deep into certain outstanding riddims, seeking to identify the unique qualities that make them certified Boomshots. We kick off today with “Different Eyes,” a new juggling from Pure Music Productions, distributed by the mighty 21st Hapilos Digital, which hit iTunes today. The understated, slow-burning instrumental is a prime example of the sonic changes within modern dancehall.  Because none of the usual hallmarks of vintage reggae or dancehall are present—from the drum pattern to the familar “skank” guitar or piano—we have to hear the Different Eyes with different ears. Even the bassline is subtle, overpowered by a mournful, hypnotic guitar figure and a few gentle rimshots. The minimalist riddim sets a mood that inspires all the vocalists to hold a similar vibe. Each tune on the riddim complements the ones that come before and after it, and the whole becomes one unified statement that’s greater than the sum of its parts.  Audio & Track-By-Track Review After The Jump… Read more »

The Biggest Riddims of 2015

The Biggest Riddims of 2015

Who Run The Place? Johnny Wonder, CEO of 21st Hapilos, Counts Down The Year’s Top Juggling

When pressed to identify his most influential rhythm track or “riddim” of all time, the late Clement S. “Coxsone” Dodd chose the “Real Rock.” And Downbeat ought to know, half a century ago his house band, Sound Dimension, laid down an instrumental track that provided the blueprint for countless reggae classics, as well as hits by international artists from The Clash to Boogie Down Productions. Such is the power of a great riddim. Fast forward to 30 years ago, when King Jammy’$ first released the mighty “Sleng Teng,” ushering in dancehall’s digital era. Such is the power of a great riddim. So where does reggae and dancehall music go from here? Few people are better qualified to predict the music’s future than Johnny Wonder, CEO of 21st Hapilos Digital, the leading digital distributor of new reggae and dancehall music. As the man who breaks most big riddims first, Johnny Wonder’s  ranking is based strictly on sales—never payola or political influence. So if you want to know who ran the place in 2015, look no further. Audio & Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Denyque “Smile For The World” (Raise Your Hand For The Deejay)

HEAR THIS: Denyque "Smile For The World" (Raise Your Hand For The Deejay)

Johnny Wonder Breaks Down The Making of Another 21st Hapilos Production.

New Single by Denyque. Adde Made the Riddim and I produced the song. Had Dreday mix it. He did a damn good job, LOL. My Songwriter Dice wrote the song. Also have a nice Jah Vinci on the same Riddim. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Flexx Calls For Truce Between Bounty Killa And Mavado

HEAR THIS: Flexx Calls For Truce Between Bounty Killa And Mavado

Former Alliance member Flexx wants peace for Dancehall giants Mavado and Bounty Killa

There is trouble on the Gullyside as Jamaican artists Bounty Killa and Mavado—a former members of the Alliance—have launched into a lyrical battle over a range of past differences. Mavado’s longtime bredren Flexx went on to leave Alliance and signed to Hapilos 21, while Mavado has been spending time in America after signing to DJ Khaled’s record label We The Best. Bounty Killa has released several diss tracks striking out against Mavado—the latest of which, “Kill and Destroy” on the red-hot “Good Book” riddim, is a direct reponse to Mavado’s track on the same riddim—and despite reports that the Gully God has put the lyrical battle behind him, the We The Best artist continues to release music that sounds like it subliminally targets the Alliance team. Bounty Killa was booed off stage in Jamaica for speaking negative words about Mavado and members of his Gully Squad crew  and now Mavado’s new track “Do Wah Yuh Waan ” is rumored to be a direct launch at The Five Star General Bounty Killer.  Dancehall has a long history of clash and rivalry, but nobody wants to see things get out of hand. To prevent a never-ending battle that could lead to someone getting hurt, Flexx has broken the silence and spoken out against the rivalry.  Audio after the Jump  

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WATCH THIS: Spragga Benz “SWA (Sleep With Angels)” Official Video

New Visuals Livicated To Friends Far And Near Who Can’t Be Here

As soon as 21st Hapilos dropped the SWA riddim, we could tell  it was a special project. But the feeling really hit home today with the release of Spragga’s music video for the title track on the riddim, which is filled with memories and snapshots of loved ones who have passed away. Don’t wait to tell your loved ones how you feel—tomorrow might be too late. Video After The Jump…
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HEAR THIS: I Octane “Do Road Rough”

When Octane’s In The Mood To Floss, Clear The Road

Markus Records’ latest release finds I-Octane in a flossing mood—and you know what that means: “whole heap ah catty and those stuff.” It’s a rough old life, poppin’ bottles of Ciroc with pretty gal from Canada etc. etc. No wonder dem never happy like Octane. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Don’t Sleep On The Brand New “SWA (Sleep With Angels)” Riddim

Spragga Benz, Tarrus Riley, I-Octane Featured On The Brand New Juggling From 21st Hapilos

Johnny Wonder and our peoples at 21st Hapilos just dropped their own production today, and it’s full of #CertifiedBoomshots. The riddim is called SWA (Sleep With Angels) and it’s anchored by Spragga Benz, who once did a tune by the same name in honor of his dearly departed son Carlyle. Spragga’s come back with a brand new song for the SWA juggling, but the meds is just as deep. I-Octane also chips in with a conscious tune. Tarrus “Singy Singy” Riley delivers a song about standing—rather than falling—in love. There’s nuff more artists on the riddim, but you can preview a few of our favorites after the jump. Read more »


21st Hapilos Distribution Presents A New Dancehall Reggae Compilation

The new Dancehall Reggae compilation CERTIFIED BOOMSHOTS Vol. 1 has now hit iTunes. Distributed by 21st Hapilos and fully endorsed by Boomshots magazine, Certified Boomshots is evolving the genre and changing the game. Read more »

HEAR THIS: Buju Banton “Set Up The Mic”

World Premiere of The Debut Single From Certified Boomshots Vol. 1

Recorded three years ago on the “Rapid Burst” riddim for Young Blood Records, “Set Up The Mic” started out as an on-the-spot freestyle while Buju Banton waited for the engineer to fix the levels at the start of a studio session. The engineer happened to press record, and the sounds captured that day were refreshingly raw, a glimpse of the champion DJ spitting lyrics off the head as if he were toasting around a sound system—a rare treat for Buju fans who have been missing the voice of the Gargamel. Read more »