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WATCH THIS: Tifa “Bak It Up” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Tifa "Bak It Up" Official Music Video

She Wine Sweet Like Moscato, Bubble Bubble Like a Champagne

The last time we caught up with Tifa back in January she warned us that 2014 was going to be a crazy year. You think she was jokin’? In the past six months the dancehall diva has signed a deal with Island King records, launched a fly official website, announced a brand-new line of signature headphones, and just yesterday she rolled through Hot 97 FM  in New York City where her latest single “Bak It Up” is getting nuff spins. You can catch her  interview with Ebro, the station’s PD, this morning. There’s even talk about booking her for Hot 97′s annual “On Da Reggae Tip” show this September. That’s a long ways away though. Next week it’s all about Reggae Sumfest. Yes, Tifa will be performing on the big stage on Dancehall Night (that’s this coming Thursday!) And you already know we’re gonna make sure to catch up with her down in MoBay. But right now let’s get into the official video for her latest banger. Apparently it’s all about the wine—and that’s why some man get tie like goat. Video After The Jump… Read more »


HEAR THIS: Denyque “Smile For The World” (Raise Your Hand For The Deejay)

HEAR THIS: Denyque "Smile For The World" (Raise Your Hand For The Deejay)

Johnny Wonder Breaks Down The Making of Another 21st Hapilos Production.

New Single by Denyque. Adde Made the Riddim and I produced the song. Had Dreday mix it. He did a damn good job, LOL. My Songwriter Dice wrote the song. Also have a nice Jah Vinci on the same Riddim. Audio After The Jump… Read more »


WATCH THIS: Jemere Morgan “International Love” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Jemere Morgan "International Love" Official Music Video

Dada’s Son Gives The Ladies Something Sweet Off His New Mixtape

Jemere Morgan is just like every teenage boy in that he loves to play basketball and Xbox, listens to music, go to the movies and hang out with his friends. However there is one aspect of his life that is not so typical and that is the fact that he was born into one of Reggae’s most influential musical family, Morgan Heritage, his Father, Gramps Morgan and Grandfather, Denroy Morgan. Proving to be a chip off the old block, Jemere’s love affair with music began when he went on the Vans Warped tour with his Father and his family in 2000 for 7 weeks. Seeing his Father and his band mates, Morgan Heritage, perform inspired Jemere so much that he knew that music was the only thing that he wanted to do with his life. In 2011 he got the opportunity of a lifetime when he opened for Morgan Heritage on their European Tour. The experience proved to be a very pivotal moment in his career as he was able to showcase his talents on an international stage.  As a result he’s seen a lot of lovely ladies around the world, and apparently they were the inspiration for this tune, set to the rhythm of Gregory Isaacs’ “Stranger In Town.” The track, produced by Rellee Hayden for A-Team Music, is taken from Jemere’s new mixtape, Jemere’s Jukebox, which you can enjoy in full, after the jump. Audio & Video After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Bunny Rugs “Alone Again”

HEAR THIS: Bunny Rugs "Alone Again"

A Lost Session With Sly & Robbie Comes To Light

This morning’s email contained a rare gift for all reggae lovers to cherish: a message from Guillaume Bougard, sharing this never-before-heard recording of the melancholy ballad “Alone Again” voiced the late great Bunny Rugs backed by Sly & Robbie. “Bunny Rugs recorded ‘Alone Again’ in 2010 during a day off of a Third World tour in Europe,” Bougard explained. “Here is a rough mix that I just stumbled upon.” On his Facebook page, Bougard elaborates that “We had recorded the instrumental originally for Horace Andy but Horace didn’t like the song, so I kept it and submitted it to Rugs who liked it, despite the overall sadness of the lyrics. He managed to retain the emotion and yet instill his usual joy. Lovely. Rugs knew he did very well on that take. Listen carefully to the last 2 seconds: he says ‘Bwoy Guillaume, you have a whole a money for me now.’ When Jamaican artists think they’ve done a great take, they believe the song is going to sell well and generate big royalties for them.” No amount of money can equal the joy of a new song by Bunny Rugs, who died of leukemia this past February 6 (which is also Bob Marley’s birthday) leaving an irreparable breach in the reggae matrix. Audio After The Jump… Read more »


The Queen of Reggae Gets Her Groove On at Groovin’ In The Park

The Queen of Reggae Gets Her Groove On at Groovin' In The Park

“This is My Moment,” said Marcia Griffiths, “And I’m Gonna Live It.”

Marcia Griffiths, the undisputed Queen of reggae, hit Jamaica Queens NYC to celebate 50 years in the music biz at Groovin in the Park this June 29. Now in its 4th year, Groovin in the Park is an upscale affair that attracted 25,000 punters to ‘Roy Wilkins Park’ with a line-up that boasts some of the greatest names in Reggae history—many of whom have worked with Marcia at one time or another. With at least half a dozen outfit changes Ms. Griffiths was prepared for anything. She first hit the stage around 3pm—warming things up with her international pop hit ‘Electric Boogie’, which spawned a dance craze that continues till this day—and kept going strong with internmittent breaks until 9pm. Full Review and Videos after the Jump… Read more »


Reasoning with Alborosie: “Everybody Receive The Music Nice”

Reasoning with Alborosie: "Everybody Receive The Music Nice"

Albo’s Got a New Album Featuring All-Star Duets

When the Italian-born reggae singer Alborosie is not touring the world, he makes his home in Jamaica, where he spends most of his time in his studio. The latest product of his labors is the album Specialist Presents: Alborosie & Friends, a collection of his duets with a wide range of reggae and dancehall talent, which dropped on V.P. Records June 17th. The 24 tracks include duets with Michael Rose, Horace Andy, Etana, Busy Signal, Sizzla, and fellow European reggae star Gentleman. During a recent tour stop in Miami, Reshma B caught up with Albo to talk about how he’s not just a producer and performer but also a proud, hands-on papa. ”I change him pampers,” says Albo of his new routine in the studio. But that doesn’t mean he takes his music any less seriously. In fact, the reggae global ambassador reveals, “The day i don’t feel the vibe anymore i will retire quietly.” Video After The Jump… Read more »


Japanese Melodica Master Anna i Talks Augustus Pablo and His “Far East Style”

Japanese Melodica Master Anna i Talks Augustus Pablo and His "Far East Style"

Classical Piano Lessons At Age Eight Didn’t Thrill Her, Then She Discovered Augustus Pablo

July 1st marks the 20th anniversary of International Reggae Day a celebration of the global impact of Jamaica’s musical culture. And there’s no greater representative than Tokyo-born Anna i. She always loved music, so at the age of eight her parents gave her classical piano lessons. But her passion for playing wasn’t sparked until a vinyl-collecting friend introduced her to soul, jazz, and especially reggae. She was particularly drawn to the “Far East” dub style of Jamaican melodica master Augustus Pablo. Absorbing his sound, she taught herself to play the instrument and within a few years she was playing with the German punk band The Slits on tracks like the 2009 banger “Babylon.”  Earlier this summer she joined Jamaican keyboard master Monty Alexander during his birthday celebration at B.B. King’s, improvising “Happy Birthday to You” during a dub-jazz jam session. She’s now under the wing of Patricia “Miss Pat” Chin—the P in VP Records—who has big plans for the young melodica master. The ReggaeGirlAboutTown recently caught up with Anna i at VP headquarters for an in-depth conversation. Anna even treated Boomshots to an off-the-cuff performance. Video After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Mr. Vegas ft. Latty J “Who Rule”

HEAR THIS: Mr. Vegas ft. Latty J "Who Rule"

Vegas Latty Wage A Classic Battle of the Sexes—Inna Dancehall Style

Dancehall superstar Mr. Vegas links with his protege Latty J for a classic battle of the sexes inna dancehall style. Flipping Shabba’s “Twice My Age” riddim, Vegas and Latty go line for line as they try to prove who really rules the world—or at least the household—Man or Woman? Listen for yourself and let us know who got the upper hand! During a recent Mr. Vegas performance in Florida, Reshma B caught up with Latty J and got to know the rising female DJ who first broke through with a wicked tune called “Put Up Uno Hand” on the “Nuh Frighten Vampire” diddim. Latty’s now doing music full time under Mr. Vegas’ management and it sounds like #TeamHustle is going hard. Audio & Video After The Jump… Read more »


WATCH THIS: I-Octane “Your Eyes” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: I-Octane "Your Eyes" Official Music Video

Octane’s Latest Video Is Something Special For The Ladies

In comes the official music video for I-Octane’s single from the ‘Sex mate riddim’ produced by Markus Records. Directed by BlingBlang, edited by Jamar and Paul Davis, the visuals unfold in the lush mountains above Jamaica as Octane takes his lady to higher heights. Feast your eyes. Video After The Jump… Read more »


Spice Speaks on “So Mi Like It,” Rappin’ with Busta Rhymes and Ragga Ragga Ragga 2014

Spice Speaks on "So Mi Like It," Rappin' with Busta Rhymes and Ragga Ragga Ragga 2014

Reshma B Kicks It With Spice And Gets To How Grace Hamilton Likes It

Mad Gyal Spice is on top of her game right now. With the official video for her sexy smash hit “So Mi Like It” racking up millions of Vevo views, rap legend Busta Rhymes jumping on the official remix, and not one but three cuts on VP’s latest Ragga Ragga Ragga compilation, the DJ born Grace Hamilton is breaking records and making history that any dancehall artist—male or female—would be proud of. The last time she was in NYC Spice linked up with The ReggaeGirlAboutTown to chat ’bout “So Mi Like It” and explained why she decided to rap on the remix with Busta. She also revealed that the real Grace Hamilton is very different from her onstage image as Spice. Grace is a family woman who’s really “a nice calm girl at home reading who doesn’t drink or smoke.” Spice, on the other hand, was born as a fearless competitor. “Spice is the person to tek on everybody,” she explains. “I was born to do that.” And when it comes to hardcore dancehall shows like Sting, she says “Me govern it.” Videos After The Jump… Read more »


Reasoning with Machel Montano “You’ve Got To Be Yourself”

Reasoning with Machel Montano "You've Got To Be Yourself"

After (Almost) 33 Years in The Game, The King of Soca Tells Reshma B How He Stays Fly

If you don’t know Machel Montano, you don’t know soca. He was nine years old the first time he represented Trinidad & Tobago at Madison Square Garden, and since that time he’s dominated the soca scene from year to year. (In 2014 Machel will celebrate both his 40th birthday and his 33rd year in showbiz—more on that magic numnber later.) When the King of Soca passed through NYC the other day, of course he took time out to link with the Boomshots posse. And just as soon as Machel Motano sat down with Reshma B, they came up with a brand new tune with a dance craze to match called “Mop Di Floor”—it was a rainy night, and RGAT had towels on her feet; long story. That’s what you call inspiration meets creative genius pon di spot. As the conversation continued, they spoke in depth about the development of the soca industry, Machel’s deep roots in NYC, and his forthcoming collaboration with Trinidad James. Machel spoke candidly about his his efforts to gain wider popularity by blending soca and reggae, but also cautioned that it’s important not to get caught up copying other people’s style. He recalled the days when Kes the Band was considered a rock act and Bunji Garlin was calling himself a dancehall artist. In the final analysis, Machel said the secret to soca’s growth was simply to keep making quality music for the whole world, but never forgetting that “you’ve got to be yourself.” Videos After The Jump… Read more »


Air Supply’s Lord Graham Russell On The Group’s Jamaican Fanbase: “It Really Took Us By Surprise.”

Air Supply's Lord Graham Russell On The Group's Jamaican Fanbase: "It Really Took Us By Surprise."

Why Are These Two ’80s Pop Stars Headlining One of New York’s Biggest Reggae Festivals This Sunday?

This Sunday June 29th, Roy Wilkins Park will feel more like Jamaica West Indies than Jamaica Queens. On that day thousands of reggae fans will converge for Groovin’ In The Park, New York’s most upscale summer music festival, which boasts a lineup that includes Beres Hammond, Marcia Griffiths, Chronixx, John Holt, Bob Andy, Judy Mowatt, and L.U.S.T.—all performing their own special brand of classical roots reggae with perhaps a sprinkling of soul (Beres Hammond) or a dash of dancehall (Chronixx). All except one, the Australian-born soft-rock duo Air Supply. Yes, you read that right. The over-the-top pop act who sprinkled the 1980s with gems like “Lost In Love” and “Every Woman in the World” will be performing alongside a full slate of reggae royalty. Shocked? Surprised? To tell the truth, so are they. Interview After The Jump… Read more »