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Flashback Friday: Wayne Wonder, “No Letting Go”

Flashback Friday:  Wayne Wonder, "No Letting Go"

In 2003, when “No Letting Go”  hit MTV,  Wayne Wonder’s music career went into a projectile motion that continues to reach new heights.  Twelve years later, fans are still expressing their love for this song on YouTube and other social media. I caught up with Wayne Wonder this week to find out his inspiration for this song, which was Number 11 on Billboard Hot 100. Video and Interview After The Jump… Read more »


HEAR THIS: Chronixx “Ghetto People”

HEAR THIS: Chronixx "Ghetto People"

All A We Ghetto People

It has been a while since we last heard from Chronixx. It’s nice to hear from the yute every now and again as he tells us what he’s up to and what’s on his mind. Namely, teaming up with Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, the mastermind behind the “On The Corner” riddim juggling, with “Ghetto People” as the end result. Dare I say, a proper result. Good to hear from you dread, indeed. Tidy and to the point, “Ghetto People” thrives in its simplicity as it deals with some rather complex issues. Call it a “reggae revival” or call it whatever you will, but now that Jr. Gong is rolling with this movement there’s no way Rasta can lose. Until we hear from you again dread, riddim up! Audio After The Jump… Read more »


WATCH THIS: Alborosie “Rocky Road” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Alborosie "Rocky Road" Official Music Video

Puppa Albo On Some Real-Life Shit


Alborosie reflects on the cycle of life and his own mortality in this thought-provoking video, portaying himself in a few years’ time, with grey dreads watching videotapes of the memories of his life. Come to think of it, the last time Boomshots caught up with Puppa Albo he was talking about being a father and contemplating retirement one day. Our bredren Frenchie at Maximum Sound just forwarded us this tune, which was produced, played, arranged, and mixed by Puppa Albo at Shengen Studios, so thankfully the artist shows no signs of slowing down at this moment. Still let’s make sure to apprecilove our artists while they’re here making sweet music. Bless up. Video After the Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Fuse ODG “Top of my Charts” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Fuse ODG "Top of my Charts" Official Music Video

The UK Afro-Beat Star Drops Some Straight Lovers Rock

Born in Ghana and based in London, Fuse ODG champions a musical wave known as AfroBeat in the UK, but to island ears it sometimes sounds a lot like reggae music. On this particular track—which hits stoees next week—he’s taking it straight to Jamrock by way of West London. After all it was the UK that pioneered the whole Lovers’ Rock movement. The video has a nice block party vibes—special request to all the lovers who know they’re in it to win it. Video After The Jump… Read more »


Take A Sudden Flight Back to The Future

Take A Sudden Flight Back to The Future

Protoje & Jesse Royal Bridge the Gap Between 1980s and 2015

Every now and then, a special tune hits the tympanic membrane, laden with both pearls of wisdom and music history. “Sudden Flight” by Protoje featuring Jesse Royal (from Protoje’s third studio album, Ancient future), lyrically advises the youth to use their God given talents and mind to overcome stress and oppression; instead of  guns. From it’s opening line, La Di Da Di , we don’t join nah party, “Sudden Flight” puts us in a time capsule and shoots us back to 1985 when  Bally’s, Adidas, Gucci suits, Kangol hats, Gold teeth and Rope Chains were in fashion and the Get Fresh Crew were the Kings of  1980’s Hip Hop. The song entitled “La Di Da Di” on Slick Rick’s Album, “The Art of Storytelling,”  had people break dancing and spinning on their head tops. The combination of the narrative poetry and humor of Slick Rick and classic beat boxing of Doug E. Fresh in this song, solidifies its spot as one of the top 10 Classic Hip Hop songs of all time. More After The Jump… Read more »


Shaggy Has A Plan to Defeat ISIS

Shaggy Has A Plan to Defeat ISIS

The Operation Desert Storm Veteran Is Still Fighting the Good Fight

“ISIS can go fuck themself,” Shaggy declared in a recent interview with the Miami New Times (and the question was about music, not politics).  “That’s some crazy shit what they’re doing. It’s horrible, man. I can’t see… I don’t get that much hate. I just don’t get that level of evil. I can’t understand it.” And so, after a few more questions about music, Shaggy—aka former field artillery cannon crewman Orville Richard Burrell, USMC—shared what was really on his mind, a strategy for toppling the Islamic State in Syria. Thank him later. Interview After The Jump… Read more »


HEAR THIS: Krept & Konan ft. Jeremih, Beenie Man & Popcaan “Freak of the Week” Remix

HEAR THIS: Krept & Konan ft. Jeremih, Beenie Man & Popcaan "Freak of the Week" Remix

Di Playground Riddim Ah No Play Play Ting

South London grimesters K&K serve up hip hop and grime on their new mixtape The Long Way Home. The breakout single, featuring DJ Mustard on the beats and Chi-town singer Jeremih on the hook, has a definite dancehall flavor—inspired by the mighty Playground Riddim—which inspired Beenie and Papi to give it a refix. Check the levels. Audio After The Jump… Read more »


Dancehall Nice Again: Aidonia, Busy Signal and Konshens Turn Up The Vibes In Trinidad

Dancehall Nice Again: Aidonia, Busy Signal and Konshens Turn Up The Vibes In Trinidad

Jamaican artists shine bright  on 96.1 WEFM and at Together As One Concert in Trinidad

Last night’s, July 4th, Together As One Concert (T.A.O) in Trinidad,  featured the top headliners in dancehall and soca. The line up included chart toppers from Barbados, Leadpipe & Saddis; Trinidadian popular artists Roy Cape All Stars, Squeeky Ranking, Blaxx, Darnella Simmons, Orlando Octave and Ricardo Drue; and Jamaican dancehall artists Charly Black, Aidonia, Busy Signal and Konshens. Just like the Olympics, the flag for Jamaica waved high.  Aidonia, Busy Signal and Konshens, delivered  high caliber performances before and during this music festival. More After The Jump… Read more »


HEAR THIS: Lil Wayne ft. Jr. Reid, Cory Gunz & Capo “Murda”

HEAR THIS: Lil Wayne ft. Jr. Reid, Cory Gunz & Capo "Murda"

Free Weezy Album Cut Says The Youth in New Orleans Have Two Choices

Who cares about a multimillion-dollar-lawsuit? Lil Wayne dropped his Free Weezy album on July 4th just as he promised his fans. Tunechi’s spitting straight fire on this album, especially Track #8. “First degree murda,” Jr. “One Blood” Reid sings on the hook. “Beg them don’t push it further / This ah no beef fe mek burger / The youth them strapped with them burner.” You get the picture. In his verse Weezy suggests that “we’re living in a time when the 10 Commandments are now suggestions.” Audio After The Jump… Read more »


Drake Brings Out Skepta to Shutdown London’s Wireless Festival

Drake Brings Out Skepta to Shutdown London's Wireless Festival

Drizzy Is The Latest Superstar to Link With Boy Better Know

According to NME, Drake brought out London grime MC Skepta to perform “Shutdown” during his set at London’s Wireless Festival in Finsbury Park July 3rd. OVO affiliate Partynextdoor joined Drake on one song as did iLoveMakonnen, who performed ‘Tuesday’ with his new label boss. However, the biggest reaction was by far when Skepta came out. Drake wore a Boy Better Know T-Shirt and chatted in some UK slang: “Man’s never been in Finsbury when it’s shutdown,” said Drake as the song began. Video After The Jump… Read more »


HEAR THIS: Mr. Easy “Bashment Gal”

HEAR THIS: Mr. Easy "Bashment Gal"

Nuh Fraid Fi Bruck Out And Whine

Early July is such a great time for reggae music. There isn’t really one dominant song of the summer yet, but there’s lots of candidates for the title. The result is an explosion of creativity and excitement that goes on and on. Ricky Blaze just forward a link fresh outta his basement studio inna Flatbush BK. Seems the big bad producer linked up with the year-to-year singer Mr. Easy like bloodcleet Sunday Morning. The fruits of their label is  a musical thing called “Bashment Gal.”  Classical dancehall vibes, Boomshots certified. Audio After The Jump… Read more »


WATCH THIS: Lady Saw “Summer Love” Official Music Video PREMIERE

WATCH THIS: Lady Saw "Summer Love" Official Music Video PREMIERE

Muma Saw Gets Her Groove Back

You already know whenever Muma Saw drops a track it’s going to be hot. But this Summer Saw is on fire. When the first line of a tyne is “I wanna fall deeply in love”…soon followed by “I wanna get so damn drunk!”—well, you get the picture. “This summer me ah touch ‘pon the beach” Saw spits on her latest track. “A new boyfriend me ah cop fe the summer.” After all the catfights, clashes, heartbreaks, and high-heel shoes, she’s just trying to exhale and show she’s still the baddest B in business. It seems like Saw is on some YOLO vibes at the moment. Listeners rarely have to do much reading in-between the lines with Saw’s lyrics and this song is no exception. Let’s just say the Queen of the Dancehall is out and about and she don’t care who knows it. Oh, and the summer heat has got her needing a new man in between the sheets. Saw proudly shows off her her beach bod in the video, surrounded by some very fit semi-naked males or effortlessly chilling in the sunset with the likes of the new legendary duo Bounty and Beenie. #NotMad Video After The Jump… Read more »