Ever Wondered What It Would Be Like to Dance With The Devil? It might not be a night in with Satan, but whining for Uncle Demon could give you a little flavour of what goes down in such a situation. Tommy Lee has the girls going down on his latest track, "Bun Nu Nu" on Gutty Bling's big bad "Sneak Preview" riddim. Tommy gives us a sneak peak on what he likes doing behind closed doors as he demands the "pun-nu-nu-nu-nu-nu-na-na..." And his gyal seems eager to please. You know what's next: "Let me rub pon di edge... Gyal me wan you to eat off me hood." Sounds like the Spartan likes to give as much as he receives. Maybe that's how he earned those wings he's been growin'! Audio After The Jump... "Feel the tension inna my body nuh" Let it go... [audio:http://www.boomshots.com/tunes/TOMMY LEE - BUN NU NU - RAW - SNEAK PREVIEW RIDDIM - GUTTY BLING CLAIMS-21ST.mp3] Reshma B Interviews Tommy Lee... Subscribe to Boomshots TV Follow @ReshmaB_RGAT