WATCH THIS: QQ “Tweety Bird (Turn Me On)” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: QQ "Tweety Bird (Turn Me On)" Official Music Video

QQ and Russian Link Up To Prove That Two Birds In The Hand Are Worth A Whole Lot, Uzeet?

QQ has been on a major roll since the former child star popped up last year with the monster hit “One Drop.” Since then it’s been hits pon top of his with this Head Concussion production being the latest example of the youth’s dancehall dominance. With Spanish-flavored guitars and sultry whispers, the tasteful production brings a new dimension to QQ’s artistry. Anyone who’s waiting for the beloved cartoon character Tweety Bird to make a cameo in this video will be disappointed. But that would be weird anyway. Aside from some unwanted blurriness here and there, this video is just fine as is. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Busy Signal Revives “Gal Yuh Good”

Busy Signal Revives "Gal Yuh Good"

 In 2013, rapper A$AP Ferg made the song, “Shabba” which featured a cameo in the video, from the “Dancehall Emperor” himself  and rapper, A$AP Rocky; “8 Gold Rings Like I’m Shabba Shabba Ranks!” The admiration for the two-time Grammy Award winner in this song, was a clear indication that Shabba Ranks’ music, transcends across genres and into the ears of today’s generation of listeners.  The reggae legend has a trailer load of tunes, including roots and culture songs, but the sexy ones remain imprinted on music minds.  Mr. Loverman’s, “Wicked In A Bed” was featured on the top selling video game of all time, “Grand Theft Auto, San Andreas” for Playstation 2. To name a few more, who can forget classic Shabba smash hits:  “Telephone Love,” “Caa’n Done,” “Slow and Sexy,” “Love Punany Bad,” “Bedroom Bully”  and fan favorite, “Gal Yuh Good.” Busy Signal just revived the latter, from the 90’s, with his new video release, saluting Shabba Ranks for his original song and adding  signature vocals.  More After The Jump…

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Dancehall & Soca Stars For “Woman Is Boss” Stage Show

Dancehall & Soca Stars For "Woman Is Boss" Stage Show

In preparing for an event, most women go through a ritual grooming process. This usually involves first making sure hair, nails and eyebrows are groomed and then selecting the outfit, accessories, make-up and fragrance fit for the occasion. However, after all is said and done, confidence is the accessory that stands out the most. This is perhaps why confident women who slightly deviate from the world standard of how a woman should look and act, are appealing to most audiences. “Woman is Boss,” is a concert promoted by Hi-Tech Promotions showcasing four fearsome boss ladies in reggae and soca.  Featured Artists After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Lady Saw “Pretty Fingers”

HEAR THIS: Lady Saw "Pretty Fingers"

OMG!!! I am f@cking lost for words. Muma Saw always takes it to the next level and she damn sure did it AGAIN! When this track turned up in my inbox my laptop was playing up. No storage space —so I left it and was like, ‘OK I will deal with this tomorrow.’ Three days later, after some file data transfer, I get to open it at the Mac store. Holy crap! how could I have been sleeping on this? You really have to salute this woman. She basically does whatever the hell she wan’. The Queen of the Dancehall—who gave us a song about her “Pretty P@$$y”—is back with something even madder than that. “Can You Be with me and no one else? Tell me now cause I can love myself…. My pretty fingers they do know me well” Oh gosh! Saw has always been that independent woman and people look up to her for keeping real. In this track she combines the two. What’s more independent than taking care of your own needs? If her man can’t handle the job those fingers are ready to step up! And it don’t get any more real than making a song about your personal masturbataion process—with a detailed account of what takes place. Whatever was going through her head at the time she decided to put this out I guess there’s a load of people going don’t stop now Saw. Audio After The Jump…

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WATCH THIS: Mr. Vegas “Selfie/Squat” (Official Music Video)

WATCH THIS: Mr. Vegas "Selfie/Squat" (Official Music Video)

Wait, Lemme Take A Selfie And Squat

It was only a matter of time that the “selfie” craze would crossover into dancehall music, and who better than Mr. Vegas to capitalize on the worldwide obsession with narcissism. If the selfie craze wasn’t enough Vegas hits us with a double dose tunes, this one is for the girls who focused on their fitness and who can do their “squats” right. Vegas never disappoints, Video After The Jump…  Read more »

WATCH THIS: Timaya Feat. Sean Paul “Bum Bum Remix” (Explicit Video)

WATCH THIS: Timaya Feat. Sean Paul "Bum Bum Remix" (Explicit Video)

The Way You Wine Wine It Make Me Go Down Low

You know you have a hit when you can get an artiste like Sean Paul on your remix. Timaya’s Bum Bum was already burning up the chats, so imagine it now with the likes of Mr. Full Frequency on the track. Not only does Sean Paul make and appearance, Timaya made sure that video lived up to it’s title and recruited a bevy of well “bum bums” for each scene. Trust us you won’t be disappointed, Video After The Jump…  Read more »

WATCH THIS: Busy Signal “Professionally”

WATCH THIS: Busy Signal "Professionally"

 Busy Is Up To His Up To His Old Tricks Again

Dancehall rude-boy Busy Signal unleashes a scorcher with his latest tune “Professionally.” Busy’s menacing flow is trumped only by the bevy of beauties contorting and gyrating with no semblance of skeletal structure. This one is sure to be burning up dance halls soon, ladies you better start stretching, Video After The Jump…

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Tanya Stephens Shells Down NYC’s SOB’s

Tanya Stephens Shells Down NYC's SOB's

Di Original Gangstress Bruk Down NYC

Tanya Stephens touched down at New York’s world famous SOB’s Friday night. Patrons were greeted by the original gangstress in all her glory. Tanya stepped on the stage to a packed house and wasted no time in riffling through a series of her classics. Seasoned favorites like “You Nuh Ready Fi Dis Yet” and “Handle The Ride” were belted word for word by fans, especially from the outnumbering female contingent. Read more »

Jillionaire’s Top Ten Tunes Of Carnival 2014

Jillionaire's Top Ten Tunes Of Carnival 2014

Trini Chris Lists The Ten Best For This Carnival Season

Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival has been over for about two weeks now and even still those who attended are going through some withdrawals (that the Carnival Tabanca Bunji was speaking about). Since no one has invented a time machine as yet, or the government is being sneaky as usual, we figured the next best thing is compile the ten biggest tunes from this years Carnival season. Compiled by Major Lazer’s own Jillionaire, click through to see the Top Ten Tunes Of Carnival 2014  After The Jump…  Read more »

Miley Cyrus Inna Dancehall Style

Miley Cyrus Inna Dancehall Style

When Pop Culture Gets Down and Dirty, Dancehall Doubles Down

Who can forget the most provocative performance of 2013? Miley Cyrus at the MTV Video Music Awards, fully equipped with a foam finger, wagging tongue and twerking dancers in oversized teddy bears costumes. Robin Thicke wore black and white pin stripes which became “Blurred Lines” when Miley let him know the time was 6:30pm. 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar kept the twerking vibes flowing and the conglomerate made for a memorable performance. Check The Dancehall Remixes after the Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Chyn. Wonder Presents: Soca Warm Up Mix 2014

HEAR THIS: Chyn. Wonder Presents: Soca Warm Up Mix 2014

All Of Carnival 2014’s Soca Tunes In On Big Mix

London born, Brooklyn raised, Trinidad & Tobago adopted Chynee Wonder throws together a superb mix of Carnival 2014 hits. Everything from Machel Montano, Bunji Garlin and others you may have missed are all here and available for download. You may not be in Trinidad right now, but you can at least pretend. Mix After The Jump… Read more »

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: The Mighty Sparrow “Jean And Dinah (When The Yankees Gon)”

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: The Mighty Sparrow "Jean And Dinah (When The Yankees Gon)"

Yankee Gon’ So Sparrow Take Ova Town

It’s Carnival Friday! So what better way to celebrate (since we can’t be there) than to dedicate today’s Flashback Friday to one of the originators of the artform. “Jean and Dinah” (When The Yankees Gon) is a Calypso from Grenadian born Mighty Sparrow. The song became an international hit in 1956 and would be his first of eight Road March titles. This calypso, Sparrow’s first hit, commented on the large-scale prostitution that the bases once supported and the desperation of these ladies following the closure of many American military bases in Trinidad in the post-war period. Take A Little Wine After The Jump… Read more »