Rhythm & Blues

The Sweetest Taboo

The Sweetest Taboo

Tuning Into The Sweetest Taboo by Sade Adu

Sade Adu continues to leave listeners in awe of her music. From the release of her debut single in 1985, a jazzy song about a player aptly titled, “Smooth Operator” to “The Moon and the Sky” 2011 remix featuring Jay-Z, who insinuates that he is the father, Sade’s interesting songs with poignant lyrics puts this artist at the top of many all-time favorite lists. In this article, we focus on fan favorite-“The Sweetest Taboo” and covers of this song in various genres.

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Flashback Friday: Wayne Wonder, “No Letting Go”

Flashback Friday:  Wayne Wonder, "No Letting Go"

In 2003, when “No Letting Go”  hit MTV,  Wayne Wonder’s music career went into a projectile motion that continues to reach new heights.  Twelve years later, fans are still expressing their love for this song on YouTube and other social media. I caught up with Wayne Wonder this week to find out his inspiration for this song, which was Number 11 on Billboard Hot 100. Video and Interview After The Jump… Read more »

Dada Playlist: 10 Songs Dedicated to Fathers

Dada Playlist: 10 Songs Dedicated to Fathers

Boomshots Magazine Presents Multi-genre Playlist for Father’s Day 2015

In honor of the wonderful fathers who present themselves as role models for their children, Boomshots Magazine brings you the finest selection of tunes dedicated to Dada. This 10 song playlist covers several genres including reggae, hip hop, gospel, dub,  rhythm & blues and jazz. Countdown After The Jump… Read more »