Bob Marley Class Will Be In Session at NYU

Sign Up This Week If You’re Ready For Some Higher Education
Remember “Babylon System,” that cut off Bob Marley’s Survival album, in which the Tuff Gong sings about how the downpressor man is forever “Building church and university / Deceiving the people continually /Graduatin’ thieves and murderers / Suckin’ the blood of the sufferers.” Well chances are he wasn’t singing about the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts—and he definitely wasn’t singing about Vivien Goldman, aka the @PunkProfessor. She is one of the few Marley experts who actually spent significant time with Bob, both in her native London and in Jamaica. She’s also the author of The Book of Exodus, a definitive study of one of Marley’s most seminal works. She’s even gotten props from Bunny Wailer. Yes, the Honorable Neville Livingstone called her an “esteemed journalist of this time.” So if any university prof is gonna “tell the children the truth,” she’s a good bet. Goldman will be teaching a course on Bob Marley starting next month, and it’s open to all students—not just NYU enrolees. But the deadline to sign up is at the end of this week, so don’t sleep! This Monday she passed through the StrictlyBoomshots show on Radio Lily.com to drop some knowledge on Marley and post-colonialism. Those who have ears, let them hear. [Photograph by Kate SimonAudio and Registration Links After The Jump…

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Vybz Kartel Is Granted J$500,000 Bail

Despite The Judge’s Decision, The Werlboss Is Still Not Free

After hitting major setbacks and having his trial postponed for next year, things are finally looking up for Vybz Kartel.

Well, on at least one of his two murder charges, that is.

Today, Justice Bertram Morrison approved a bail application that was previously filed by the Werlboss’s father-and-son attorney duo, Tom and Christian Tavares-Finson. The J$500,000 bail (approximately $5,500 U.S.) was granted on the case Kartel is fighting for the murder of Barrington Burton, a businessman from St. Catherine, Jamaica. That case will be heard December 3, but Kartel is still not a free man. Find Out Why After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Free Buju Press Conference Video

Earlier this month, Buju Banton’s defense team gathered supporters of the imprisoned reggae star for a press conference in Washington D.C. to discuss the latest details of his case. The speakers included Buju’s defense attorney Chokwe Lumumba, Dr. Carolyn Cooper, and Banton’s friend and musical collaborator Gramps Morgan. We’ve just obtained the exclusive footage. Video after the jump… Read more »

Buju’s Defense Team Hold Press Conference on Capitol Hill

 The Banton’s New Attorney, Chokwe Lumumba, Describes Buju as  a “Political Prisoner” 

The road for reggae star Buju Banton has not been easy since he began serving a 10-year bid on federal drug trafficking and conspiracy charges. Incarcerated in a Florida prison, Banton maintains his innocence and is resiliently working on getting a new trial as he now gears up to fight a gun possession charge that was previously dismissed in his 2011 sentencing. After severing ties with lawyer David Oscar Markus in late August, Banton hired veteran attorney Chokwe Lumumba to represent him in his legal battles. Lumumba, who previously worked on the cases of activist Assata Shakur as well as Tupac Shakur, hosted a press conference in Washington D.C. to engage with Buju’s fans and supporters and bring them up to date about where the case stands. Photos and More After the Jump… 

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A Politics Time Playlist

Election Or Not, We Don’t Have To Fire Shot

Today Jamaica will go to the polls for the first general election since the siege of Tivoli Gardens and the Dudus extradition raised troubling questions about who really runs things. But if you listen to reggae music, you already know… Read more »

Tivoli Gardens Massacre Was Caught On Tape

Official Documents Reveal U.S. Spy Plane Was “Filming Continuously”

An article in The New Yorker magazine titled “A Massacre In Jamaica,” states that an American spy plane monitored the incursion into Tivoli Gardens on May 24, 2010—a failed attempt to capture Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke, the Tivoli don facing drug and weapons charges in the U.S. At least 74 people were killed during the joint police/military operation. Read more »

Kartel’s Attorney Speaks On Jailbreak Hoax

Werlboss’s Lawyer Calls The Stories “An Attempt To Prejudice The Case”

Christian Tavares-Finson is a busy man. He’s the attorney who’s defending dancehall star Adidja Palmer aka Vybz Kartel aka The Werlboss, who has been charged with two murders, weapons violations, and ganja possession. But in this exclusive Boomshots interview, he took time out to dispel some misinformation that’s been flying around the internet today. As the old saying goes, a lie can run halfway round the world before the truth gets its Clarks on… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Tanya Stephens “Get A Life”

Brand New Soundtrack Selection From The Forthcoming Film Ghett’a Life

The highly anticipated new film Ghett’a Life premieres next week in Kingston. Meanwhile you can check out Tanya Stephen’s official video right here. Leggo!

WATCH THIS: Bob Marley’s One Love Peace Concert

We Free The People With Music. Can You Free The People With Music?

The One Love Peace Concert was a large concert held on April 22, 1978 at The National Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica. This concert was held on the anniversary of Haile Selassie’s visit to Jamaica during a period of political civil war in Jamaica between the right wing Jamaican Labour Party and the socialist People’s National Party. Since Marley, his wife and manager had been wounded in a previous assassination attempt, the concert was nothing less than a heroic act. Read more »

WATCH THIS: The General “Mr. President”

22-Year-Old Tunisian Rapper Was Arrested After Making This Record

According to published reports, a 22-year-old rapper named Hamada Ben-Amor who goes by the name The General was arrested by Tunisian authorities after releasing a record critical of his embattled government. Through his video clip entitled “Rais Lebled” (O country’s president) The General has inspired protests and mobilised tens of thousands of young people. Read more »

HEAR THIS: Damian Marley “Just Ain’t The Same”

Jr. Gong Switches Up His Flow, Kicks The Half That’s Never Been Told

From birth, Damian Marley has been exposed to real situations that most of us could never even imagine. But every once in a while he lifts the curtain and lets his fans glimpse the innermost thoughts of a champion in action. His remarkable new tune “Just Ain’t The Same,” is as real as it gets, treading on all sorts of touchy topics with righteous abandon. Read more »

Edward Seaga Speaks On Jamaica’s Crisis

Half the story has never been told…

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