HEAR THIS: Protoje “Blood Money”

HEAR THIS: Protoje "Blood Money"

Real Talk Without Any Apology

From “Kingston Be Wise” to “Sudden Flight,” Protoje has made a habit of speaking unspoken truths without apology. His latest release “Blood Money” takes that fearless outspoken-ness to new heights. “Police cancel operation, cause no real badman go a station,” states (who changed his Twitter handle to BLXXDCLXT), dropping lyrical truth bombs over Winta James’ stark rub-a-dub riddim, which has been bubbling on Jamaican radio for the past several weeks. “Blood money run the nation,” he chants on the chorus. “This song is so socially relevant, people connect to it on first listen,” he told the FADER who premiered the video.” It’s speaking about things that are collectively on all of our minds, that we all want to talk about, and I’m using my voice to bring these topics to the forefront of conversation… With all that is happening in Jamaica, criticism is often one-sided and directed to the have-nots—the people who have less are made to seem like the problem in society. This is unfair, hypocritical, and widely inaccurate. This song seeks to bring about certain conversations, to talk about what is really happening in our society.” Check the red-hot visuals courtesy of Taj Francis. Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Slim Smith “Rougher Yet”

HEAR THIS: Slim Smith "Rougher Yet"

Special Request to the Trump Posse

Those who happened to be in London when the Brexit vote went down will recognize the sense of disbelief sweeping America on this morning after. It soon became clear that many people didn’t actually understand what they had voted for. (Google searches for “What is Brexit?” and “What is the EU?” spiked just AFTER the referendum was passed.) The same holds true in this disgraceful presidential race, and as with Brexit, the repercussions of Trump’s victory are just beginning. Audio & Argument After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Sizzla “Don’t Make Dem Fool You Again” Teaser

WATCH THIS: Sizzla "Don't Make Dem Fool You Again" Teaser

Kalonji’s Election Advice Applies All Year Round
Sizzla Kalonji delivers a cautionary message on Triple B Productions’ “Sing Some Song” Riddim. The tune was inspired by Jamaica’s recent election season, but one that holds true 24/7/365: wise up, rise up, and don’t make “dem” fool you AGAIN. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Perfect Giddimani ft. Stephen Dajure “Dollnald Trummp” Official Music Video PREMIERE

WATCH THIS: Perfect Giddimani ft. Stephen Dajure "Dollnald Trummp" Official Music Video PREMIERE

Because There’s Never A Bad Time To Diss The Donald

Not since Cocoa Tea sang Barack Obama’s praises has reggae music paid much attention to electoral politics in the U.S. Of course Bob Marley‘s song “Revolution” warned “Never make a politician grant you a favor.” Why? Because “they will always want to control you forever.” (Bob lived and learned this lesson well.) Back in the day Blue Riddim Band had that “Nancy Reagan” joint but her husband was already in office by then. (Nice tune but too little, too late to make a difference.) Years later Buju Banton sang the opt-out anthem “Politics Time Again (Are You Gonna Vote?)” and Anthony B followed suit with “Nah Vote Again.” Just this year Sizzla Kalonji dropped “Don’t Make Dem Fool You Again” which raised some important issues relating to the Jamaican elections. But reggae music has not had much to say about the insane political race going on up here in the U.S.A.—and that’s too bad. With billionaire real estate mogul, toupee model, beauty pageant pimp, and short-fingered vulgarian Donald Trump looking less like a joke and more like a serious threat to secure the Republican candidate for President—despite the fact that he has repeatedly encouraged his followers to commit acts of violence against the opposition, and the fact that he has called for Mexicans and Muslims (among others) to be denied entry to the U.S., and the fact that he recently received the endorsement of a Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan—it’s time for all clear-thinking defenders of life and liberty and human rights to speak out against everything he represents. In comes the man called Perfect Giddimani (and his bredren Stephen Dajure) with the perfect song at the perfect time. Loud. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Gunman World: Inside Jamaica’s Shotta Culture

Gunman World: Inside Jamaica's Shotta Culture

Exclusive Excerpt from Mass Appeal Mag Cover Story by Rob Kenner, Photography by Ruddy Roye

Jesquan Spence was not quite two years old when he saw the police kill his father. “The soldiers come in and take ’way the phones and say everybody fi sit down,” says the child’s grandmother, Michelle Davis, recalling that fateful Monday, May 24, 2010. “Then some police come in. Them say, ‘How many man in here?’ And them point ’pon me son.”

Jesquan’s dad, Errol Spence, was 22 years old, the only adult male in the Tivoli Gardens household where 17 family members and neighbors had been waiting out a government-imposed state of emergency for a week. Michelle Davis and Jesquan’s mother Jesean Williams will never forget the cops’ chilling words: “Them turn to us and say, ‘You know the good haffi suffer for the bad.’”

“But me no badman,” Errol Spence protested as three heavily armed police officers ordered him out of his seat and walked him into the kitchen. “Dat you say?” one of them replied. “You gwan dead today.” Continues After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Teflon & Capleton “Same Struggle (Official Video)”

WATCH THIS: Teflon & Capleton "Same Struggle (Official Video)"

The Struggle Is Always The Same

You ever had a bad day? You missed your train or misplaced your credit card and felt like screaming “FML!” for all to hear and just like that, in a few hours everything was back to normal. How do you feel after? Probably a little ridiculous that you allowed something so minuscule to take up so much of your precious time. Now, what if you had to get up every morning and scavenge for water, and we’re not talking about Poland Spring? Missing your train doesn’t seem so bad now doesn’t it. This is the message Teflon and Capleton are trying to get across, even though the days might change the struggle remains the same, the struggle to do what’s necessary to survive. Tune After The Jump… Read more »

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Junior Murvin “Police & Thieves”

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Junior Murvin "Police & Thieves"

Watch How Dem Fight Outta Street 

It is with a heavy heart we at Boomshots bring you today’s Flashback Friday tune. It seemed only right to honor the passing of one of Dub music’s foundation artistes, none other than Junior Murvin. Read more »

WATCH THIS: Twin Of Twins “Up Wid Di Money (Official Music Video)”

WATCH THIS: Twin Of Twins "Up Wid Di Money (Official Music Video)"

Up Wid Di Money Or Go Dung Inna Hole

Known for  their hilarious skits and impersonations of top dancehall artistes, comedy duo Twin Of Twins takes a different route with the visual for their latest  “Up Wid Di Money.” More a short film than a music video “Up Wid Di Money” depicts the harsh realities majority of the residents of the local garrisons go though daily and that even with a good education some still are forced to run the streets to make ends meet. Now, the twins aren’t promoting this lifestyle but neither are they denying it. The vid features a host of cameos from the likes of Summer Bounce, I-Octane, Demarco, Lexxus and yes Ninja Man as the Don. Check The Video After The Jump… Read more »

Warrant Issued for Mavado’s Arrest, Attorney Acts to Stop It

More Legal Woes for the Gully Gad


Mavado is one of many reggae stars whom the legal system can’t seem to leave alone. Since last July the Gully Gad has been fighting assault charges and now a warrant has been placed because of his non-appearance on a recent court date. Read After The Jump For More…

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Buju Banton Juror Turns Over Computer for Investigation

Could The Banton Be On His Way To A New Trial?


In the latest crazy plot twist surrounding The Banton’s federal trial, Terri Wright, a juror who was part of the original trial has turned over her personal computer for investigation. After the trials proceedings concluded in February of 2010, Wright admitted to Florida-based media outlets that she researched Buju Banton and his music while serving jury duty. This fault could grant Buju and his legal team the mistrial they’re looking for. Find Out Why After The Jump…

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Judge Orders Second Hearing Into Juror Misconduct In Buju Banton Case

How Is This Trial Not A Mistrial?

Calling Buju Banton’s fight for freedom tough would be an understatement. His journey has been quite the roller-coaster ride since December 2009 when he was initially remanded on drug trafficking charges. The first trial led to a hung jury. Later he was convicted but his gun possession charges were dismissed. A whole new legal team was then hired and gun charges have been reintroduced. These are just a few of the many ups and downs The Banton has faced. Now, attention is focusing on whether the jury foreman violated the judge’s instructions by doing her own research on the case during the trial. The court has ordered a hearing to look into juror misconduct, inspiring hope for a new trial. Find Out Why After The Jump…

Vybz Kartel’s Trial Postponed Again

But The Werlboss Vows He Won’t Let The System Break Him

The wait is still not over. After being ordered to wait until the new year to commence his trial, The Werlboss now faces another setback. We’re starting to get the feeling that the court is not in any hurry to see this trial go forward. On Monday, officials at Kingston’s Home Circuit Court placed another postponement on Vybz Kartel’s trial date—the second one put into effect since last November. The reasons for yet another delay? “Insufficient jurors.” But Kartel isn’t letting the politricks get to him. Read More After the Jump Read more »