The ‘Marley’ Movie Premiere

The 'Marley' Movie Premiere

Reshma B Reporting From Emancipation Park in Kingston—April 19, 2012

This Friday, Kevin MacDonald’s acclaimed 2012 documentary film Marley will be re-released via virtual cinemas and drive-ins across the country as part of the year-long celebration of Bob Marley’s 75th anniversary. According to film’s distributor Blue Fox Entertainment, information about digital screenings of Marley can be found on starting July 31. (Appropriately enough, Jamaica celebrates Emancipation Day on August 1.) The emotional and inspiring story follows Robert Nesta Marley from his upbringing in the rural Jamaican village of Nine Mile through his journey to Kingston’s tough Trenchtown neighborhood, where his musical career began. Featuring rare concert footage and exclusive interviews with Marley’s family and close friends, MacDonald’s goal was to get behind the legend and show us Marley the man. On April 19, 2012 the film had its Jamaican premiere at Kingston’s Emancipation Park, and I was one of the privileged few who attended the special screening. There were many VIP guests, including his wife Rita Marley and Island Records founder Chris Blackwell, who signed Marley to an international record deal, and of course Kevin MacDonald himself.  Video & Story After The Jump… 

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Spragga Benz’s Bongo Bash in Jamaica

Spragga Benz's Bongo Bash in Jamaica

The Dancehall Icon Celebrates A Career Without Compare

With 22 years in the music industry, Carlton Errington Grant aka Spragga Benz, tours the world, on long journeys from his home in Dunkirk, Kingston, Jamaica. However, despite his worldwide success, the dancehall icon remains deeply rooted to his humble beginnings with LA Benz sound. This weekend,  he will return home for his Bongo Bash at “LA Benz Corner” in Duhaney Park, Lessing Avenue, Kingston 20 on Saturday, May 31, 2014.  Ricky Villa, owner of LA Benz, who has now passed on, encouraged Spragga to first enter the studio and this followed with a big break, when he voiced some dubs for Buju Banton. More After The Jump…

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Snoop Rocks Lionfest at SXSW

Snoop Rocks Lionfest at SXSW

Snoop Lion Premieres Reincarnated Then Mashes Up SXSW w Major Lazer & Mavado

Yesterday was a big day for the man called Snoop Lion. First his film Reincarnated had its official U.S. premiere at the Paramount Theater in Austin Texas. (The film opens nationwide today; check for show times and locations.) Then later that night he headlined Lionfest at SXSW’s VICEland stage, sharing the bill with Major Lazer—the team that produced his Reincarnated album—and Mavado, who collabos with Snoop on the tune “Lighters Up,” as well as DJ Max Glazer of BKNY’s Federation Sound. After all the debates, the skeptics, and the naysayers had spoken their minds, it all came down to Snoop Lion showing what he could do on stage for the first time ever. And the capacity crowd was definitely showing love to the Lion, who transformed into Snoop Dogg and back again many times through the night. Aside from performing cuts from the Reincarnated album like “La La La,” “Here Comes The King,” “Lighters Up,” and “No Guns Allowed,” Snoop also kicked reggae remixes of classics like “Gin & Juice,” “Drop It Like it’s Hot” and “Young Wild & Free.” He also covered Bob Marley’s “Could You Be Loved” as well as “Funkin’ For Jamaica” as well as bringing out Daz and Kurupt of Tha Dogg Pound for some straight-up Death Row /DPG rap jams. But Lionfest wasn’t limited to reggae or rap— Snoop even did straight-up versions of “Jump Around” by House of Pain and Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock & Roll.” Check the photo gallery above. Video After The Jump… Read more »

A$AP Rocky, 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes & More Turn Out To See Snoop “Reincarnated”

A$AP Rocky, 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes & More Turn Out To See Snoop "Reincarnated"

Snoop Lion Hits 106 & Park Then Invites a Few Friends Over To Check Out His New Movie


This past Thursday Snoop traveled to NYC to appear on BET’s 106 & Park and then host a private screening of his movie Reincarnated. Snoop may be into a new sound but hip-hop heavyweights like 50, Busta, and Rocky still count him as one of their own. The stars came out to eat some popcorn, sip some ginger beer, and watch the story of Snoop’s journey to Jamaica and his transition to reggae music. Would have been nice to see some more natty dreads in the place, but they were definitely represented on the silver screen. Video And Photo Gallery After The Jump…

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Why Is Bunny Wailer Flipping on Snoop?

Why Is Bunny Wailer Flipping on Snoop?

We Thought It Was All Good Between Jah Bunny and Snoop Lion

If you’ve see the Snoop Lion documentary, Reincarnated, you know that Snoop and Bunny Wailer got together and burned a peace pipe at Bunny’s house in Kingston. So it came as some surprise to read today’s TMZ item stating that Snoop was “Rejected” by Jah Bunny, an original member of the Wailing Wailers. Wailer claims Snoop has engaged in “outright fraudulent use of Rastafari Community’s personalities and symbolism” — and has failed to meet “contractual, moral and verbal commitments.” On second thought, maybe it shouldn’t come as such a surprise. Later on in the film, Bunny showed up at a recording studio with a stern face, asking tough questions about Snoop Lion’s intentions and whether he was really true to the whole Rasta thing. Apparently Snoop’s response was good enough to convince Bunny to jump in the vocal booth and record some vocals with Diplo. But it would seem that Bunny has since rethought that decision. Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Snoop Lion “Reincarnated” Extended Trailer

Check The Brand New Trailer For The Film That Tells How The Dogg Became A Lion

Earlier this week, the Snoop Lion documentary Reincarnated was screened for a small group of media at the Sony headquarters in midtown Manhattan. After seeing the movie in full, an old Wailers lyric came to mind: “Half the story has never been told.” It may seem strange to see a gangsta rap icon from the LBC saying Jah Rastafari and singing over reggae beats. Some have even called it a gimmick. (And when Snoop released his “Hot Pockets” video with showers of pepperoni raining from the sky, it was hard to argue with them—unless there’s an ital version of Hot Pockets on the way.) But despite the apparent contradictions, don’t make up your mind until you see this film, which will hit theaters in 2013. Snoop’s visit to Alpha Boys School in Kingston, freestyling over a live version of “Rockfort Rock,” or his impromptu session with Cutty Corn in a hole-in-the-wall studio near Tivoli Gardens (not to mention his Mind Gardens project) puts this whole Snoop Lion thing in a new light. And as for his baptism as Berhane in a Niyabinghi temple (seen above), well you’ll have to judge for yourself. Who says you can’t teach an old Dogg new tricks? Video After The Jump…

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WATCH THIS: Tanya Stephens “Get A Life”

Brand New Soundtrack Selection From The Forthcoming Film Ghett’a Life

The highly anticipated new film Ghett’a Life premieres next week in Kingston. Meanwhile you can check out Tanya Stephen’s official video right here. Leggo!

Jimmy Cliff Up For The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

15 Years After Bob Marley, A Second Reggae Artist Is In The Running

“Very few single albums can be said to have changed music forever,” reads the official Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ballot entry for Jimmy Cliff, who’s in the running to be inducted in 2009, the 25th year of the Hall’s existence. “Jimmy Cliff’s The Harder They Come is one. The album—and the movie that spawned it—introduced reggae to a worldwide audience and changed the image of the genre from a cruise ship soundtrack to music of inspiration and rebellion.” Read more »

Shower Posse: The Big Picture

Producer Curtis Scoon Speaks On Bringing Shower Posse To The Screen

In Buju Banton’s classic “Untold Stories,” the DJ sings “I could go on and on the full has never been told.” The tale of Jamaica’s notorious Shower Posse is one such story. A recent BET American Gangster episode did scratch the surface, but the segment’s producer, Curtis Scoon, believes there is much more to be told. He’s not alone in that belief, but what sets him apart may be that he’s not scared to go in where others fear to tread. Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Vivian Blake Speaks

Back In Jamaica, The Former Shower Posse Boss Is Making Movies.

“No interviews please” Vivian Blake returning to Jamaica on January 29, 2009.

After spending eight years in U.S. prison on federal racketeering and drug charges, Vivian Blake was escorted back to the land of his birth by U.S. Marshalls along with 51 other deportees just over seven months ago. The former Shower Posse Boss spent his time behind bars developing his skills as a writer, and plans to tell his stories on the big screen. In his first interview since coming home, he tells about his plans for the future. Read more »

WATCH THIS: Shower Posse Movie Trailer

Irv Gotti brings the story of Jamaican O.G. Vivian Blake to Hollywood.
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Maaaaaad ting. Stay tuned for the exclusive Boomshots interview.

WATCH THIS: Jay-Z feat. Santigold “Brooklyn”

Santigold & Jigga Go Hard For BK With A “Boom Bye Bye like Buju.” Brap.

It should have come as no surprise when Jay-Z jumped on that Mavado track. First of all, Brooklyn is damn near Jamaica’s 15th parish, and its dancehall scene is a cosmos unto itself—impossible to overlook. Ever since Jay came out with that rapidfire diggity-Das-EFX flow, we knew he had to have heard those sound system cassettes that used to pass hand to hand from Jamdown to BKNY: Read more »