Troubling Questions Raised by the Riff Raff, Snoop & Collie Buddz Collab

Troubling Questions Raised by the Riff Raff, Snoop & Collie Buddz Collab

So… Another Rapper’s Dabbling in Dancehall?

This past Friday, you may have noticed all those hipster blogs breathlessly reporting that Riff Raff aka Jody Highroller had “gone reggae.” OK, fair enough—these “Yankee rappers dabbling in dancehall” posts are surefire crowd pleasers. Why should we even be surprised when a kid from Houston born Horst Christian Simco signs with Mad Decent and decides to switch up his bugged-out raw flow and try singing over a reggae beat? But can we honestly claim that the guy has “gone reggae.” I mean, what ever happened to Snoop Lion? When Big Homie first aappeared on the Strictly Boomshots show, he was all about that Rasta life. Now he turns up on a reggae track produced by The Cataracs (the duo who made “Like A G6”) rappin’ like Snoop Dogg? Riff Raff’s in Jody Highroller mode, Snoop’s in Dogg mode… Hold up—we’re getting confused. Wasn’t Snoop suposed to be Bob Marley reincarnated or something? Thank God Collie Buddz sounds like himself on this one.  Audio After the Jump… Read more »

Anthony Weiner Lickin’ Shots Pon The Parkway

Turns Out The Ja-Fakin’ Mayoral Candidate Is a Big Capleton Fan

It’s not unusual to see politicians pandering at “ethnic” events like yesterday’s West Indian Day parade in Brooklyn NYC. What is more unusual is to see mayoral candidates shouting Bo! Bo! Bo! pon the Parkway (even without the gun-finger in the air). Or to hear them singing along to dancehall tunes that say “all sodomite dem fi dead.” But then again, when the mayoral candidate in question happens to be Anthony “Dick Pic” Weiner, can anyone say they are truly surprised? Still he keeps finding ways to redefine “reckless.” Video after the jump…

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WATCH THIS: Snoop Lion Feat. Iza “The Good Good”

People Search Their Whole Life To Find Itsnooplion


Snoop is in a good place right now and it clearly shows in the visual for his latest of his critically acclaimed “Reincarnated” album appropriately titled “Good Good.” Snoop brings the whole family in on the action, proving that the message he was trying to convey as Snoop Lion and his new music of peace, love and happiness is clearly shown on the faces of the Broadus clan. “Good Good” has different meanings, but to Snoop it is happiness, healthiness and the love of his family. What’s your “Good Good?” Video After The Jump…  Read more »

HEAR THIS: Selena Gomez “Like A Champion”

Disney Diva Dabbles in Dancehall

Buju Banton may be languishing behind bars, but his music cannot be contained. Sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes, not so much. Case in point: Justin Bieber’s on-again-off-again lady love Selena Gomez has just covered his 1995 dancehall classic “Champion” inna island-pop stylee. Insert ear plugs and press play. Audio After The Jump… Read more »