WATCH THIS: Mr. Vegas “Round The Clock/Down Down” Medley

WATCH THIS: Mr. Vegas "Round The Clock/Down Down" Medley

Dancing A Gwan An Di Party Shot 

Dancing time come back again, Vegas drops not one but two tunes for de dancers dem. Vegas, Keiva and crew introduce us to two new dances, “Round The Clock” and “Down Down” both exactly what their names imply. Better start practicing these moves, they’ll be taking over the dance floors in no time – Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Mr.Vegas “Bruk It Down To Reality” Show

WATCH THIS: Mr.Vegas "Bruk It Down To Reality" Show

Dancehall Star Invites 20 Girls from Around the World to Compete for a Spot on His World Tour

Welcome to the Bruk It Down Reality TV Series, a showcase of 20 international dancers, hosted by Mr. Vegas. The dancehall hitmaker, known for songs like “Bruk It Down,” “Tek Weh Yourself,” and a crossover collab with Beyoncé, “Standing In The Sun,”  has invited female dancers to show off their skills in dancing and overall fitness to see who will be ready to join him on a global tour to promote Dancehall culture.  The ladies will be tested on their abilities to choreograph, perform, cook, and build character during the time spent on the sunshine island of Jamaica. Each dancer must demonstrate their passion for Caribbean culture as well as the advancement of Dancehall worldwide.
Throughout his career, Vegas has traveled the world and seen the excitement of audiences performing Jamaican dance moves to high-energy rhythms. Many YouTube users outside Jamaica upload their own rendition of the latest Dancehall dances. For example, since posting a choreographed video to Major Lazor’s “Watch Out For This (Bumaye)”  last December, DHQ Fraules from Russia has over 13 Million views on her video alone! Websites like DanceJA in Jamaica are also providing opportunities for celebrity choreographers to teach in the United Kingdom, Europe, and Japan. Seeing  the demand for Jamaican dancers, Mr. Vegas provided a platform for young ladies to live out their dreams as Dancehall Queens. The top prizes for winner include US $10,000.00 / being an official member of Mr. Vegas touring party / 6 months supply of MV (Mr. Vegas) Clothing and much more. Check out the reel for the tv show below. Video After The Jump..  Read more »

WATCH THIS: Major Lazer’s “Bumaye (Watch Out For This)” Ft. Busy Signal on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars”

WATCH THIS: Major Lazer's "Bumaye (Watch Out For This)" Ft. Busy Signal on ABC's "Dancing With The Stars"

Dancehall With The Stars

Last night’s episode of ABC’s highly popular series Dancing With The Stars featured a welcomed addition in terms of song choices. Even though it was “Latin Night,” dancers Danica McKeller (who played Winnie Cooper on the TV show The Wonder Years) and professional dancer Val Chmerkovskiy decided to spice up their salsa routine with Major Lazer’s Busy Signal–assisted banger “Bumaye (Watch Out For This).” Props to Major Lazer and Busy for breaking new ground for dancehall… Forward ever, backward never. Video After The Jump…   Read more »

WATCH THIS: Mr. Vegas “Selfie/Squat” (Official Music Video)

WATCH THIS: Mr. Vegas "Selfie/Squat" (Official Music Video)

Wait, Lemme Take A Selfie And Squat

It was only a matter of time that the “selfie” craze would crossover into dancehall music, and who better than Mr. Vegas to capitalize on the worldwide obsession with narcissism. If the selfie craze wasn’t enough Vegas hits us with a double dose tunes, this one is for the girls who focused on their fitness and who can do their “squats” right. Vegas never disappoints, Video After The Jump…  Read more »

WATCH THIS: Timaya Feat. Sean Paul “Bum Bum Remix” (Explicit Video)

WATCH THIS: Timaya Feat. Sean Paul "Bum Bum Remix" (Explicit Video)

The Way You Wine Wine It Make Me Go Down Low

You know you have a hit when you can get an artiste like Sean Paul on your remix. Timaya’s Bum Bum was already burning up the chats, so imagine it now with the likes of Mr. Full Frequency on the track. Not only does Sean Paul make and appearance, Timaya made sure that video lived up to it’s title and recruited a bevy of well “bum bums” for each scene. Trust us you won’t be disappointed, Video After The Jump…  Read more »

WATCH THIS: Major Lazer Feat. Pharrell “Aerosol Can” (Official Music Video)

WATCH THIS: Major Lazer Feat. Pharrell "Aerosol Can" (Official Music Video)

We Behaving Bad

For their latest visual Major Lazer opted to take a simpler route (sorry no ass shaking this time), but what they did do is link up with artist Mike Giant to put his own spin on the “lyric” video. Giant illustrates each lyric word for word as fast as Pharrell spits it. Definitely one of the more original video we’ve seen in a while, Check It Out After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Busy Signal “Professionally”

WATCH THIS: Busy Signal "Professionally"

 Busy Is Up To His Up To His Old Tricks Again

Dancehall rude-boy Busy Signal unleashes a scorcher with his latest tune “Professionally.” Busy’s menacing flow is trumped only by the bevy of beauties contorting and gyrating with no semblance of skeletal structure. This one is sure to be burning up dance halls soon, ladies you better start stretching, Video After The Jump…

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Rita Marley “One Draw” Original 12” Mix

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Rita Marley "One Draw" Original 12'' Mix

Build One Spliff An Take A Whiff

The legalization of marijuana is a topic on many a person’s lips. States like Colorado and Washington are spearheading the legal marijuana trade and basically showing the U.S and the rest of the world how profitable and how positively it affects the economy. So why dem nah fi legalize di herb?! We’ve been asking that question for years. With the legalization and medical usage of marijuana seemingly reaching a tipping point, Rita Marley felt it was the right time to re-issue the original extended 12″ hit version of “One Draw.” In 1981 she released an upbeat ode to herb-smoking with a memorable tongue-in-cheek dialogue between a “teacher” and some of her “students” with names such as “Herbie,” “Smokie” and “Mila” (short for “sensimilla”). Even though at its core “One Draw” was reggae song, it was leaps and bounds over the majority of what was being recorded and released in Jamaica at that time. On why she felt it was the right time to re-issue the classic, Rita said: Read more »

Jillionaire’s Top Ten Tunes Of Carnival 2014

Jillionaire's Top Ten Tunes Of Carnival 2014

Trini Chris Lists The Ten Best For This Carnival Season

Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival has been over for about two weeks now and even still those who attended are going through some withdrawals (that the Carnival Tabanca Bunji was speaking about). Since no one has invented a time machine as yet, or the government is being sneaky as usual, we figured the next best thing is compile the ten biggest tunes from this years Carnival season. Compiled by Major Lazer’s own Jillionaire, click through to see the Top Ten Tunes Of Carnival 2014  After The Jump…  Read more »

HEAR THIS: Feel Up Radio Vol. 2 – Chicken & Beer

HEAR THIS: Feel Up Radio Vol. 2 - Chicken & Beer

Jillionaire And Feel Up Records Get Us Ready For Miami 

South Beach is set to host the 2014 Miami Music Week, Winter Music Conference, and ULTRA Music Festival later this month, loads of artist and industry professionals will be setting foot on Magic City. Not to be left out Jillionaire and his newly minted Feel Up Records in conjunction with Dream Live and  Alienware are set to host a crazy party entitled Chicken & Beer with some surprise guests you really shouldn’t miss. Rather than put out a regular ol’ flyer, Jillionaire hooked us up with this dope mix filled with all your Caribbean favorites. Listen After The Jump… Read more »

Bunji Garlin’s “Differentology” Major Lazer Remix Free On iTunes

Bunji Garlin's "Differentology" Major Lazer Remix Free On iTunes

One Of The Biggest Remixes Of Last Year Can Be Yours For Free

Yes, you read that correctly, Bunji Garlin’s “Differentology” (Major Lazer Remix) is free right now on iTunes, but there is a catch. The remix will only be available for one week, so you better get moving. Link After The Jump… Read more »

Miley Cyrus Inna Dancehall Style

Miley Cyrus Inna Dancehall Style

When Pop Culture Gets Down and Dirty, Dancehall Doubles Down

Who can forget the most provocative performance of 2013? Miley Cyrus at the MTV Video Music Awards, fully equipped with a foam finger, wagging tongue and twerking dancers in oversized teddy bears costumes. Robin Thicke wore black and white pin stripes which became “Blurred Lines” when Miley let him know the time was 6:30pm. 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar kept the twerking vibes flowing and the conglomerate made for a memorable performance. Check The Dancehall Remixes after the Jump…

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