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HEAR THIS: General Degree Album Sampler

The Snapple Dapple Is Back, And Not A Moment Too Soon

It’s always nice to see a certified dancehall legend return to the game. We haven’t heard nearly enough from General Degree lately, but the veteran DJ who gave us classics like “Traffic Blocking,” “When I Hold You Tonight,” and “Pianist” is back and not a moment too soon. His all-new album, Snapple Dapple Vol. 1 drops in September and he’s now booking dates for a European Tour  from November 22nd to December 16th. So how does the music sound? Just cool—with productions by Bobby Digital, Calibud Music, Notnice, Germaica Digital, and Tony “CD” Kelly, Degree is turning up the heat. But don’t take our word for it. Check the album preview after the jump and judge for yourself.

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DOWNLOAD: Heatwave Carnival Bashment Megamix 2012

Which Tunes Will Control Notting Hill Carnival This Weekend?

This just in from the Heatwave UK massive: “We literally spend ALL YEAR going mad splashing rum and dancing to incredibly loud bashment and soca… FINALLY the time has come for the rest of London to jump on our wave. Wherever you live and whoever you live next door to, you need to download this mix and learn it off by heart, and make sure you and all your neighbours know the biggest tunes for carnival.”
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HEAR THIS: Inner Circle ft. Touter “Drum Song”

Keyboard Master Touter Harvey Drops A Dubstep Update of The Jackie Mittoo Classic “Drum Song”

“Reggae influence a lot of music,” says Bernard “Touter” Harvey, and he should know. He’s played on classic cuts by Bob Marley and Inner Circle, among others. “Look at it this way, reggae have many babies. A man say in Jamaica you have the roots. Every tree have to have roots and it have to have branches. And from branches, sometimes you get seeds. Sometimes even the root push out another plant or a baby plant.” One of the  new musical babies would be dubstep. “Where we used to have dub, now we have drum and bass and dubstep.” The good people at Dubshot Records have teamed with Inner Circle to produce Dub Planet X, a tribute to Jackie Mittoo, reworking some of his classic compositions inna “Steppin Dub” stylee. Audio after the jump.
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DOWNLOAD: Konshens “This Is Your Konshens” Mixtape

A Brand New Mixtape From The Subkonshus Sojah

If you caught Konshens Sojah’s recent appearance on the Strictly Boomshots Show, you know how much lyrical havoc the DJ is capable of wreaking. During that interview segment he spoke of a mixtape in the works, and now VP Records, Boomshots and Complex Media are proud to premiere it to the world. “This Is Your Konshens” includes a selection of crucial cuts from his debut album Mental Maintenance as well as some more recent Boomshots. Bottom line: you need this in your life. Thank us later.

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Interview: Mavado Talks We The Best Projects, “Suicidal” Video, Shuts Down Haters & Shouts Out Vybz Kartel

The Gully Gad Reasons With Reshma B In This Boomshots Exclusive

Last week we got our first look at Mavado’s latest video, “So Suicidal” off DJ Khaled’s new album, Kiss The Ring. Tonight at 6pm, the Gully Gad will appear with Khaled and a bunch of other hip-hop stars on BET’s 106 & Park, then he’ll jet back to Miami, where he’s been working on some collabos with Birdman—not to mention Fabolous, Busta Rhymes, French Montana, and the list goes on. Why is he grinding so hard since signing with We The Best Music Group? As one of the few dancehall artists in the game with a major label deal, Mavado feels as though he’s carrying an entire genre on his back right now. And even though he’s been away from home while he handles his biz, trust and believe that Jamaica is never far from his thoughts. The Reggae Girl About Town caught up with Mavado last night for an exclusive half-hour interview, and he had a lot on his mind. And you’ll never guess which fellow dancehall artist he keeps in his prayers.
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WATCH THIS: Lutah Fyah ft. Lady G “This Love”

This Is What It Looks Like: Lutan and Lady G Link For A Lovers Duet

Lutan Fyah and Lady G join forces for a sweet lovers duet on Breadback Productions’ slow-burning Longlife Riddim. Just like the love they’re singing about, this tune is total niceness.
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WATCH THIS: DJ Khaled ft. Mavado “Suicidal Thoughts (So Suicidal)” Behind-The-Scenes Video

First Look At The Brand New Gully Gaad Visuals For His Tune From DJ Khaled’s Kiss The Ring Album
In this new behind-the-scenes glimpse of the latest We The Best music video, Mavado wraps himself in the Jamaica flag and DJ Khaled sparks a cigar as a noose hangs ominously in the background. Ace Hood and Birdman make brief cameos, and don’t miss the hot new tune that pops up in the second half of the clip (“Chat dem ah chat / Yap dem ah yap / Gullyside we ah action pack”). If anything, that one sounds even sicker than “Suicide.”
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HEAR THIS: Max Glazer and Dre Skull Pon Radio Lily For The “Kingston Story Deluxe” Release Party

A Vybz Kartel Dubplate Barrage Followed By A Strictly Boomshots Interview & A Dre Skull Megamix

This past Tuesday at Miss Lily’s Variety NYC, VICE Records and Mixpak celebrated the launch of Kingston Story Deluxe, the record Kartel once described thusly: “I’m so excited about the album, I feel like it’s my first album.” Max Glazer set the tone with a Federation station dubplate barrage, followed by Rob Kenner’s interview with Dreskull and Max about working with Kartel. Audio after the jump. Read more »

Dre Skull Speaks On The Making Of Vybz Kartel’s “Kingston Story”

The Mixpak Records Boss Talks About Recording An Album With The Werlboss

Earlier this week VICE Records released Kingston Story Deluxe, Vybz Kartel’s first full album with a single producer. That producer is Dre Skull, the founder of Brooklyn-based Mixpak Records, which released the album digitally last year. Boomshots caught up with Dre Skull to get the lowdown on how broke into the game and his reflections on working with dancehall’s most wanted. Read more »

WATCH THIS: Vybz Kartel “My Crew” Video

The Latest Visuals From Kingston Story Deluxe, In Stores Today

Here’s the brand new video for “My Crew” from the deluxe edition of Vybz Kartel’s Kingston Story, which just dropped today. Judging by this footage, The Gaza youths still have mad love for the Werlboss. And they can tun it up anytime they feel like it. But you already knew that. Video after the jump.
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WATCH THIS: Usain Bolt Celebrates Victory In Jamaica

The Last Time The World’s Fastest Man Brought Home That Olympic Gold The Party Tun Up
The first time Usain Bolt brought Olympic Gold back to Jamaica, after the 2008 Olympics, Mavado and Kartel wrote songs about him and his home parish of Trelawney threw a massive party for the World’s Fastest Man. His mom and dad were there to cheer him on by day, along with some lucky school children. But when the sun set that’s when the party really got poppin’. Tony Matterhorn, Ravers Clavers, and Mystic were all there to celebrate the moment—and Boomshots was there too. After today’s 1-2-3 medal sweep, we can only imagine what the next party is gonna look like. In the meantime, check out this video after the jump.
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HEAR THIS: Charly Black “Herbalist Holiday”

The Country Bwoy Celebrates Life By Blazing Free & Proud

OK so Bolt, Blake, and Weir just took the gold, silver, and bronze. And yes, we’re in a celebratory mood. Even though Olympic athletes don’t win medals by blazing high grade, that leaves more for the rest of us. And Charly Black’s cut on UIM’s Beach Bunx Riddim is for all the ganja lovers in the place. You deaf or wha?
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