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HYPE TV Top 20: I-Octane Holds It Down 4 Weeks In A Row

I-Octane Isn’t Walking Away Anytime Soon


I-Octane has been at number one for the past four weeks but it seems as it has been longer. His hit single, “Gal A Gimmi Bun,” has been burning up the charts everywhere and fans just keep requesting it!

The Reggae/Dancehall artist performed at SOB’s last Wednesday and had the crowd going wild when he performed, “Gal A Gimmi Bun.” It is quite obvious that he isn’t stepping down from number one anytime soon.

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Collie Buddz “Lights It Up” in NYC

Collie Buddz "Lights It Up" in NYC

Collie Buddz Turnt it Up at SOBs!

It has been some time since Collie Buddz has graced NYC with his presence but his performance on April 18 was worth the wait. The Reggae/Dancehall artist hit the stage at SOBs as his second stop on the Light it Up Tour and brought in quite the diverse crowd. But it was all lighters up, love and respect for the music.

Brooklyn’s very own New Kingston Band, opened up the show and played some Reggae classics. With veteran session musician Courtney Panton on bass and his three sons, Suki, Slim, and Courtney Jr. holding down the rhythm section, this group has a sound that can’t be denied. Cris Cab followed with some of his hits off of his new mixtape, Red Road. New Kingston and Cris Cabhad the crowd jamming with their amazing performances. By the time it was Collie’s turn to come around, the crowd was fired up!

Taking the stage with a brand new rub-a-dub tune called “Nice Up Yourself,” Collie performed some of his classic hits, “Come Around,” “Just Let Me Know,” “Blind to You” “Mamacita” and a few of his recent singles, “Won’t Be Long,” and “Payback’s a Bitch.” He also performed a few exclusives off of his upcoming album: “Live Life” and “Light It Up,” which introduces a very new sound for Mr. Buddz.

Collie’s performance was lively, filled with energy and it had an everlasting vibe. His fans were filled with excitement when he hit the stage and they left with an experience that many don’t offer at their performances. Can’t wait for him to “Come Around” again. Video After The Jump… Read more »

HYPE TV Top 20: I-Octane Steals The Number One Spot

I-Octane Dethrones Mavado 
After being on the HYPE TV countdown for 9 weeks straight, I-Octane has finally taken the number one spot. The dancehall artist recently put out a mixtape featuring the single, “Gal A Gimmi Bun” and it instantly became a hit amongst his fans.
Though, Chronixx and Mavado are not too far behind, “Gal A Gimmi Bun” is heating up the charts and it seems like fans are going to keep it at number one!

HEAR THIS: Vado x Mavado x Ace Hood “Gangsta”

Vado Takes It Back To The Streets


Vado is making sure people know he isn’t one to be reckoned with on his new single, “Gangsta.” The newest signee to DJ Khaled’s We the Best collaborated with label mates, Ace Hood and Mavado to bring fans a hot new single. The single features Vado & Ace Hood rapping about the gangsta life as Mavado adds his signature voice on the chorus. Check out “Gangsta” after the jump.




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HYPE TV Top 20: Mavado at Number One Third Week in a Row

The Gully Gad Holds On To The Crown
Mavado seems to be going through a winning streak. The Dancehall artist has been at number one of the HYPE TV countdown for the past three weeks as his competition slides down the list. The Louis Vuitton King has been hard at work, releasing new music for his fans including the newest single, “Take It” and collaborating with his We The Best label mates. His dedication to keep his fans satisfied is the same reason he has been at number one the past few weeks. Check out the countdown after the jump. Read more »

Konshens Pays Respect To 47 Reggae Superstars Who Paved the Way

Konshens Pays Respect To 47 Reggae Superstars Who Paved the Way

Who And Who Rates As An Icon Inna The Business?

Remember when Shabba Ranks dropped that tune “Respect“? “Step by step you haffi climb the ladder / The elders you haffi show respect fah.” It’s plan to see that Konshens got the message. He may be on top of the game now, but he’s not one of those “likkle entertainers” who lose sight of the fact that their opportunities came from icons before him. The Dancehall artist recent single, “Icon,” on the Bad Bounce riddim, pays tribute to a long list of certified icons, all of whom helped “put the spotlight on we island” and established the worldwide success of Jamaican music.Audio & Photo Gallery After The Jump… Read more »

HYPE TV Top 20: Mavado Stands Strong at Number One

Mavado Holds The Number One Spot Down
Mavado has been hard at work creating music that his fans could enjoy listening to and  “Caribbean Girls,” falls right into that category. For a second week in a row the Dancehall single has taken the number one spot and it seems like it may stay there for a while. Vybz Kartel and Tommy Lee might be close behind but Mavado’s fans seem to be working very hard to keep him at number one. Read more »

HYPE TV Top 20: Mavado Is Back On Top

Mavado Dancehalls His Way To The Top
Mavado has been off and on the number one spot for the past couple of weeks but it is quite obvious that he doesn’t stay down for long. The Dancehall artist dethroned Tommy Lee with his hit single, “Caribbean Girls” after being on the countdown for 12 weeks. The single has made quite the impression on his fans but with Vybz Kartel right on his tale can Mavado’s fans keep him at number one? Check out countdown after the jump. Read more »

HYPE TV Top 20: Tommy Lee Holds His Ground At Number One

The Spartan Takes Over With a New Wave of Music


Tommy Lee’s fans have no problem holding him down. The dancehall artist has been at number one for two weeks and it seems like he won’t be budging anytime soon. Especially since his competition keeps moving further down the list very quickly. If “Psycho” doesn’t stay at number one long enough, Lee has a new single that could take the number one spot as well!

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HYPE TV Top 20: Tommy Lee Dethrones I-Octane

Tommy Lee Gets “Psycho” On The Countdown


Tommy Lee has recently been known for his fascination with dark, Goth music and his single, “Psycho” displays  just that. The track has been on the countdown for 13 weeks but Lee’s fans have been enjoying his new found sound that they brought “Psycho” all the way to number one! Lee’s jump to the top pushed I-Octane down to number three and Popcaan to number six. But as always, Lee comes full force so we didn’t expect it to go any other way. Check out the countdown after the jump. Read more »

HYPE TV Top 20: I-Octane Stands Strong at Number One

I-Octane Takes Over The Countdown


I-Octane has made it yet another week at number 1 and he is holding on strong. “More Money,” has been hitting the airwaves and listeners are enjoying what they hear. It won’t be long till his newest single is on the countdown as well. Hopefully he won’t have to fight Tommy Lee or Mavado for the number 1 spot the next time around. But since he has already 4 singles on the countdown, I doubt he will have much of an issue.  Read more »

Nikki Z’s Hot 20 Pick: Beres Hammond Sings His Way to the Top

Beres Hammond Snags the Number 1 Spot


It is obvious that Beres Hammond’s latest album, One Love, One Life, has made quite the impact on his fans. Released almost 4 months ago, the single is still giving listeners the feel good vibe that it was giving when it first came out. Though Rihanna and Chronixx don’t fall too far behind, Beres Hammond is going strong! Countdown After The Jump… Read more »