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Wyclef Jean “The Truth Is The Truth, And We Gonna Speak It”

Wyclef Jean "The Truth Is The Truth, And We Gonna Speak It"

“I was born in Haiti,” said Wyclef Jean shortly after rocking a tough Jamaican crowd at Sting. “I was born in a hut. I used to eat dirt off the floor if you read my book All we had was the music.” Although Clef was raised in New Jersey amidst a streetwise soundscape of hip-hop, soul, and reggae music, his affinity for Jamaican sounds the multi-multi-platinum 3-time-Grammy-winning rapper, singer, songwriter, producer and former member of The Fugees. After he stepped off stage in his dapper black tux, Clef took a moment to chat with Reshma B. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Mavado Speaks: “Our Thing Legendary… We Go On The Top Ourselves”

Mavado Speaks: "Our Thing Legendary... We Go On The Top Ourselves"

The Gully Gad Gives It All To The Fans At Sting 

How happy was Mavado to be back home at Sting 2013? Well, he didn’t mind throwing his $1700 gold-plated Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers into the audience as a way of letting his fans know he appreciated theirGully Gad Gives It All To The Fans At Sting warm welcome. (The Gully Gad did not, however, fling his iced-out Jacob the Jeweler cross into the crowd.) Finishing his set in sock feet, Mavado made it clear that he might have been all over the world repping reggae and dancehall music, but his heart is always in Jamaica. Soon after leaving the stage he sat down with Reshma B to put the whole thing in perspective: “You done know our thing legendary yunno. I mean, remember, we are not artists that people try to make up and try to promote and try to put up on top. We go on the top ourselves. We becomes generals. We becomes leaders of this school ourselves. Nobody. No additive. No nothing. Just natural… So the fans nah go do nuttin but just love we.” Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Bunji Garlin ft. Busta Rhymes “Differentology” Remix

HEAR THIS: Bunji Garlin ft. Busta Rhymes "Differentology" Remix

Vikings And Conglomerates Connect. Axes Up!

Not only was “Differentology” the top-ranking soca jam of 2013 and winner of MTV Iggy’s song of the year compeition, it’s an undeniable outernational smash that’s ready for the road around the world. Now just in time to wrap up the year, “Differentology” gets an outernational refix courtesy of the Dungeon Dragon himself. Vikings—Axes Up! Audio After The Jump… Read more »

Super Cat Speaks On His Return To Jamaica

Super Cat Speaks On His Return To Jamaica

Reasoning With The Wild Apache After Sting 2013

It’s been eleven years since William Maragh, aka Super Cat aka the Don Dada of reggae music inna dancehall style has performed in his native Jamaica, or as he prefers to call it, “I-Mek-yah.” A master of words, Cat is also very much a man of action, and in his final few hours in Jamrock he spent his time relating a few of his colorful exploits in the streets and dancehalls of Kingston and worldwide. While some that conversation will remain strictly off the record, he did sit down with Reshma B on the final day of his return to Jamaica to reflect on his majestic performance at Sting 2013, and explain why the Don Dada will never lose his people. Video After The Jump…

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Macka Diamond Defiant After Lady Saw Clash “You’re A Hater”

Macka Diamond Defiant After Lady Saw Clash "You're A Hater"

Defiant Miss Dye Dye Resfuses to Say Die

Beaten but unbowed, Macka Diamond was chilling in the parking lot outside Jamworld following her highly anticipated clash with Lady Saw. Although the audience chose Muma Saw as the decisive winner, Macka explained that she felt victorious because she proved she was not a coward by stepping onstage to face the Queen of the Dancehall after all the diss records and Twitter beef. Macka vows that their lyrical war is just beginning, but it looks like she may not be in such a rush to get that crowd after all, as she says… “If that crown make me so unhappy, me no want it.” Video After The Jump…

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Lady Saw Speaks on Sting Clash “Bye Bye Macka”

Lady Saw Speaks on Sting Clash "Bye Bye Macka"

The Queen Defends Her Crown

The 30th anniversary staging of Sting offered many highlights, from the return of Super Cat to Tommy Lee’s courageous comeback after a near-fatal car crash and international stars like Wyclef Jean and 2Chainz. In the clash department, Kiprich battled Blak Ryno for a US$30,000 prize, but nothing could match the raw energy and excitement of Lady Saw’s long-awaited head-to-head confrontation with Macka Diamond. After weeks of diss songs, Twitter beef, interviews and speculation, these two dancehall stars put on their solider gear and war paint and launched into lyrical combat. Shortly after her decisive triumph, the Queen of the Dancehall sat down with Boomshots to share her thoughts on the clash—and why she says it will be her last. Video After The Jump… Read more »

The Don Dada Rides Again

The Don Dada Rides Again

Super Cat’s Triumphant Return Continues

Reggae fans around the world are having a very good Christmas today because one of the true icons in the business has returned to the game as if out of nowhere. Super Cat aka The Wild Apache aka the Don Dada has been missing in action for a long while now. But with Cat back in Jamaica, and set to take the stage at Sting tomorrow night, you can feel the excitement is in the air. If you’re not fortunate enough to witness the action in person tomorrow, you can watch this historic show on Pay Per View or hit up to stream the show online. Some tan so back and some a dem a rally forward. Videos After The Jump…

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Samantha J Responds to Critics of “Tight Skirt”

Samantha J Responds to Critics of "Tight Skirt"

Teenage Island Pop Star Stands Up To Defend Her Sexy Hit Tune

Samantha J is a Jamaican high-school student turned pop starlet. The 17-year-old has got a major hit song on her hands. MTV calls it “Buzzworthy” and BET invites her to perform on 106 & Park. The track—co-written with Alaine and produced by Conroy Forte for Washroom Entertainment—has made this girl grow up fast, and luckily her friends are supporting her 100%. A few critics have come forward to charge that her song is too sexy and that it degrades young girls. But as a dancehall fan herself—Samantha’s favorite arists include Alaine, Tifa, and Konshens—she’s not scared of a little controversy. “There’s nothing wrong with saying that I look good,” she says. “The song is not meant to degrade women or girls. It’s actually meant to uplift.” Video After The Jump…

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WATCH THIS: Alpha Blondy “My American Dream (Official Music Video)”

WATCH THIS: Alpha Blondy "My American Dream (Official Music Video)"

America Isn’t All That It Seems

Everyday people all over the world, pack up their belongings, grab their families and hop on a plane, boat or what have you all in hopes of a better life. Most find their way to the good ol’ U.S of A with the promise of the elusive “American Dream.”  Alpha Blondy wasn’t so fortunate, his American dreams as he states was a nightmare, and for more than a few immigrants the pressures of a new life can be scary. The one comfort all immigrants share is that if anything goes wrong, we can always go home. Video After The Jump… Read more »

David Rodigan’s RamJam Xmas Bash

David Rodigan's RamJam Xmas Bash

Rodigan Invites A Few Friends Over to Get Things Poppin’ in LondonTown

Vauxhall’s Fire was burnin’ up last Friday night as David Rodigan played host to his annual RamJam Xmas bash. The lineup of DJs and artists included some of the names that have paved the way for the UK underground scene from yesterday until tomorrow and beyond. The crowd went crazy to a mixture of music that has been the soundtrack of the London streets over the past few years—including jungle, DnB, reggae,  dancehall & dubstep and everything in between. Jungle masters Congo Natty were on great form, set the night alight with their selections. They started their set with Bob Marley’s acoustic “Redemption Song,” and trust & believe that was the calm before the storm ahead as they launched into a mix of jungle & DnB classics. UK dancehall artist Stylo G stepped onto stage and got the room singing to “Call Me a Yardie” and  “Soundbwoy”—they even knew the lyrics to his new tune “Move Back.” David Rodigan dropped bombs throughout his set—the man’s collection of dubplates has been next level for years, but then he dropped a brand new exclusive dub for Cham and Damian Marley’s first ever combination, a thing called “Fighter.” By the time Shy FX hit the decks the room was in a frenzy. The “Original Nuttah” producer went in on his  classics and brought along some nice reggae mixes with Gyptian’s “Hold Yuh” and Chaka Demus and Pliers “Murder She Wrote.” Liam Bailey also touched the stage to perform his latest track produced by Shy FX, “Soon Come.” Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Sean Paul ft. Damian Marley “Riot” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Sean Paul ft. Damian Marley "Riot" Official Music Video

Dutty Paul and Gongzilla Stirring Up Nuff Trouble

“One good thing about music,” a wise man once sang, “when it hits you feel no pain.” You just can’t say the same for a Molotov cocktail. That’s why it’s a good idea to listen to the ghetto yutes when they bawl out their sufferer’s blues. Remember when N.W.A predicted the L.A. Riots and another wise man called hip-hop the “ghetto CNN”? That’s another good thing about music, it can give those with ears to hear an early warning on trouble on the way. “Riot” is that kind of song. The latest single off Sean Paul’s new album Full Frequency, which is due to drop in February, is not another party jam. it’s a hard-hitting reality tune featuring Jr. Gong. Ever since this tune came out, we’ve known it was something special. Now the video has arrived to make the whole thing crystal clear. “Deal with yute dem right or else….” Video After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Stylo G “Move Back”

HEAR THIS: Stylo G "Move Back"

Live Inna London But Original Yardman

Stylo knows a few things about original dons in the game having soaked up plenty of firsthand experience  from his dad Poison Chang. He knows what it takes to stand amongst the best in the biz and on his new tune ”Move Back” he pays respect to some to the pioneers in the  game. Stylo himself has become somewhat of a pioneer fusing the original dancehall sounds with the sounds of the London underground and now stands at the forefront of the UK dancehall scene, I guess they don’t call him the lyrical badman for nothing. As always Stylo’s put has stammed his signature style on the tune which is catchy as hell. “Come trouble yourself with the London don,” he chats—and for those who are gonna be in the vicinity, tonight Stylo will be unleashing his swag  at  at Rodigan’s Ram Jam Xmas party —which is sure to be, well, rammmm jammmed! Don’t be surprised if this Stylo selection finds its way to the top playlist of your holiday party too! Audio After The Jump…

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