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FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Scare Dem Crew “Many Many”

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Scare Dem Crew "Many Many"

How Many Girls Scare Dem Get When They Ready?

Monday the “Energy Gad” Elephant Man dropped a video honoring America’s favorite past time entitled “Miley Cyrus (Twerk).” Before Ele gained his moniker and had the gyal dem gyrating he was apart of the Scare Dem Crew. Consisting of Boom Dandimite, Elephant Man, Nitty Kutchie and Harry Toddler, Scare Dem took Dancehall by storm in the mid 90’s releasing a myriad of hits most memorably “Many Many,” Scare Dem’s ode to the number of girls they get when they feel like it. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Sean Paul Says No To Smoking Weed… But He Loves His Ganja Tea

Sean Paul Says No To Smoking Weed... But He Loves His Ganja Tea

Just Gimme The Trees And Mek We Drink It Up

Dutty Paul dropped by the Juan Epstein podcast last week and chopped it up with Rosenberg and Cipher Sounds. Among the topics he touched on was the healing of the nation, aka marijuana.  This may come as a surprise to Sean Paul fans, but the artist who sang “Just gimme the light and pass the dro” no longer blazes weed. Yep, you heard it right. Not that he’s given up the wisdom weed. These days Sean boils up and sips a cup of ganja tea. The Breakfast of Champions! Video After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Wayne Marshall ft. Ace Hood, Baby Cham, Waka Flocka “Go Harder”

HEAR THIS: Wayne Marshall ft. Ace Hood, Baby Cham, Waka Flocka "Go Harder"

Certified Boomshot Off The Tru Colors EP, Dropping Today

Looks like the Ghetto Youths crew have been going extra hard this month, releasing the fruits of their labour. Hot on the heels of Christopher Ellis’s Better Than Love EP  comes Wayne Marshall’s Tru Colors EP, which officially hits the streets today. The movement is large and the hard work sure is paying off as Tru Colors is another outstanding piece of work that’s sure to stay in heavy rotation on your playlist until the full album drops in early 2014. Produced by Damian Marley, the EP includes Marshall’s latest certified boomshot, a remix of the dancehall posse cut “Go Hard,” this time aptly renamed “Go Harder” and featuring Ace Hood, Baby Cham & Waka Flocka. It’s a whole next episode in the saga. Audio & Video After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: A$AP Ferg ft. Shabba Ranks, Migos & Busta Rhymes “Shabba Remix”

HEAR THIS: A$AP Ferg ft. Shabba Ranks, Migos & Busta Rhymes "Shabba Remix"

We Requested It, And Now Ferg Delivers The Big Dutty Stinkin’ Reeeeeeemix

From the moment we heard the Trap Lord goin’ in about the Dancehall Emperor, we knew there was just one way to make this tune better. And when we saw the Ranks up in the video, we started thinking maybe it was about to happen. But when RGAT chopped it up with Ferg and mentioned the idea of doing a remix with the Rankin, Ferg seemed lukewarm on the idea. But we kept patiently waiting until we almost gave up hope and then, this weekend—pow! And not Shabba but BussaBuss and Migos too! Thank you Trap Lord. Audio After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Lady Saw “Lef Dancehall”

HEAR THIS: Lady Saw "Lef Dancehall"

Forget What You Heard—The Queen Is Still Standing Tall

You already know when a Lady Saw track turns up in your inbox you need to listen to that ASAP. But when the title of the song is “Lef Dancehall,” you’d better make sure you’re working with a high-speed connection because that tune is top priority. The Queen of the Dancehall always keeps it extra extra real, and she’s never afraid to let off whatever’s on her mind. On the new track muma saw is addressing anyone who’s unsure about where she stands in the biz. And her message is clear. If she leaves dancehall it will flop right now. And she’s not about to let that happen. Over the past year Saw has been talking about leaving the dancehall scene and pursuing her talent in Gospel music. For some time now she’s been warning her fans about this possible change in direction. When she last spoke with Boomshots she revealed that her decision was inspired by a calling she received from the Almighty, but she also said hasn’t made the final decision on when she might make the move. Since that time she released her hit single “Heels On,” and went on to make a remix of the tune with Flo Rida. During a killer performance at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center over Labor Day weekend, she announced that she would eventually be leaving dancehall—but not for a good few years. In her new release, “Lef Dancehall,” she elaborates on that point. It seems that she’s grown tired of backbiting and in-fighting amongst certain unnamed artists in the business. “Dem gal deh not worth my time,” she says to open the song. “It seem like you wanna have a brawl, but I’m too much a lady to enter that ball.” Although Saw’s happy to wear her crown she’s sure to big up veteran artists, including foundation artists like Lady G, Muma Nancy, Lady Anne, Junie Ranks, Junie Star, Lady Patra, Sister Chamaine, Shelly Thunder, Sister Carol. As for the others… “Dem gyal deh ah no my concern. Respect is earned.”  Audio After The Jump…

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WATCH THIS: Elephant Man “Miley Cyrus Twerk” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Elephant Man "Miley Cyrus Twerk" Official Music Video

Di Energy God Won’t Be Doing This Dance Himself—Strictly Hannah Galtanna

Fromm “Willy Bounce” to “Signal Di Plane” to “Pon Di River Pon Di Bank,” Elephant Man has had a trunkload of hit songs about new dance crazes. No wonder they call him Di Energy God, because his music gets the crowd energized. And don’t even mention his life shows—mad, mad, mad. His latest music video is all about twerking, so you won’t see Elly doing it himself. But this tune gets the bashment girls going wild like Miley. (Or is Miley going wild like a bashment girl?) Better just pree the video and judge for yourself. Video After The Jump…

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY: DMX Feat Sean Paul & Mr. Vegas “Top Shotter”

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: DMX Feat Sean Paul & Mr. Vegas "Top Shotter"

Here Comes The Boom

While we eagerly await Mr. Vegas Feat. Sean Paul and Fatman Scoop’s official video for their tune “Party Tun Up (Remix) we take a look back at one of Vegas and Paul’s previous Hip Hop collaborations from the classic Hype Williams directed “Belly.” The dog himself DMX roped in Vegas and Paul for the 1998 hit “Top Shotter” (commonly known as “Here Comes The Boom”) to create one of the best hip hop/dancehall crossover records ever. X’s gritty wordplay paired with Vegas and Sean’s attacking lyrics act as a perfect backdrop to Hype’s visuals. Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Christopher Ellis “Left Unsaid”

HEAR THIS: Christopher Ellis "Left Unsaid"

Rock Steady Sounds  from EllisMuzikChild’s Brand-New EP

They say that every dark cloud has a silver lining, and today Christopher Ellis finds his silver lining with the release of his debut EP, Better Than Love, produced by Damian Marley. Back in 2008, Chris was in Jamaica soon after the passing of his father, the “godfather” of Rock Steady, Alton Ellis. It was during this time that he linked up Stephen Marley.  Today Christopher Ellis is a fully endorsed member of the Marley Brothers’ Ghetto Youths International label. ”It’s all about fulfilling the mission of extending my father’s legacy,” says Chris. “Anything I can add to that legacy is a blessing.” And judging by what we’ve heard from the EP already, he sure has been doing that. Sing it, Chris! Audio After The Jump…

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WATCH THIS: Reasoning with RDX in London

WATCH THIS: Reasoning with RDX in London

Delomar and Renigade Shell Down London Town and Big Up Di Teacha

Last night at Coronet night club in Elephant & Castle section of London, the dancehall duo RDX made their first ever live appearance in London and as usual they had the ladies going wild. “Dancehall cannot exist without dancers,” the dynamic duo explained to a crowd that included hardcore dancehall followers as well as UK radio heavyweights Robbo Ranx and Tim Westwood. In their post-show interview with Reshma B, RDX  went on to break down the basic skills that all aspiring RDX video girls need to bring to the table. Although they’re known as the Party Gods, RDX also made a song called “Free Worlboss” so with Kartel’s trial about to begin, it seemed appropriate to ask them about the inspiration behind that one. The answer may surprise you. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Eminem at the EMAs

Eminem at the EMAs

Slim Shady Shells Down Amsterdam

Last weekend at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, the stars came out for the 20th annual MTV EMAs. The European version of MTV’s Video Music Awards has never been bigger, with artists like Miley Cyrus, Iggy Azalea, and Bruno Mars as well as global acts like Icona Pop, Dizzee Rascal and the latest UK sensation, Rudimental. But the biggest star of all was a last-minute addition to the lineup. One day before the awards, Eminem was added to the show, hot on the heels of his MMLP2 release. Reshma B hit  the red carpet to find out what the other nominees and performers think about Slim Shady. She even caught up with legendary anchorman Ron Burgundy, whose favorite Eminem song is somewhat debatable. Video After The Jump…

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WATCH THIS: Mr. Vegas Feat. Sean Paul & Fatman Scoop “Party Tun Up (Remix)” Video Shoot Behind The Scenes

WATCH THIS: Mr. Vegas Feat. Sean Paul & Fatman Scoop "Party Tun Up (Remix)" Video Shoot Behind The Scenes

Yesterday  we gave you a sneak peak into the mad video shoot for Mr. Vegas “Party Tun Up (Remix) featuring Sean Paul and Fatman Scoop  that went down at NYC’s very own WIP and Greenhouse. Today we give you more Boomshots exclusives with some nice behind the scenes footage as well as interviews with the artists and enough eye candy to hold you over until the official video drops. Waste no time, Hit The Jump Now… Read more »

Mr. Vegas, Sean Paul And Fatman Scoop Bring Out The Beauties For Their “Party Tun Up (Remix)” Video Shoot

Mr. Vegas, Sean Paul And Fatman Scoop Bring Out The Beauties For Their "Party Tun Up (Remix)" Video Shoot

Mr. Vegas was in NYC this past week to shoot the video of his remix to mega hit “Party Tun Up” featuring Sean Paul and energy DJ Fat Man Scoop. The location of the video was none other than NYC infamous clubs, WIP and Greenhouse, known for their exclusive, celebrity filled, shut the city down type of parties. It afforded a natural party backdrop for the video.  Read more »