Why Is Kartel Advising Jamaican Youths NOT to Bleach Their Skin?

Vybz Kartel’s latest release, “School Anthem 2,” advising Jamaican youngsters not to bleach their skin. So me say pull up yuh pants and put it pon yuh waist and tuck in your shirt and don’t bleach your face.” A man who stands charged with the crime of murder, Kartel was deemed a criminal long before his arrest due to his explicit lyrics and his controversial practice of lightening his own skin—and marketing his own “Cake Soap” to fans. Now he appears to have reversed course. Will his attempt at spreading positive messages to the youth work in his favor While Kartel’s messages in songs like “Child Abuse” and “School Anthem 2” are positive, authority figures from parents and The Ministries of Youth & Education now face a unique predicament: Do they cosign his advice to the youth, or recoil because of who the message is coming from? Audio & Analysis After the Jump…

Uzeet? It’s a cool track with a catchy beat and message that kids can really rock to. So what’s the problem?

According to Vybz Kartel’s business partner and co-author Michael Dawson, the DJ believes he can have the most positive effect on Jamaican people since Marcus Garvey. Today, he sits in a Jamaican prison hopeful for exoneration later this year, while some Jamaicans believe his incarceration was an attempt to silence the controversial artists.

Michael Dawson believes, “From the moment Vybz Kartel sang ‘Dolla Sign,’ Adidja Palmer became a threat to society. So no, they will fight Vybz Kartel and keep trying to silence him.”

—Story by Yveline Thomas

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