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Reasoning with Chronixx, Part 2: “Making Meaningful Music”

Chronixx Says He’ll Never Resort To Gimmicks In Order To Get A “Buss” 
In his tune “Odd Ras” Rising reggae star Chronixx, pokes fun at artists who would seemingly do anything to “Buss.” In this second of five candid conversations with Boomshots, Chronixx lists the things he would never do to hype up his career. He also speaks his mind on the state of reggae music. “It’s a shame that Bob Marley and Peter Tosh and Dennis Brown are still the greatest names in reggae,” he says. “After so many years we should have more youths to stand up beside them.”  Video After The Jump… Read more »

Reasoning With Chronixx, Part 1: What Is “Real Reggae?”

Reggae’s Rising Star Says Rihanna Can’t Sing Reggae

Everybody in the reggae world is talking about Chronixx, but while his songs is well known, how much do you know about his views on music and life in general? In the first of five candid conversations with Chronixx, he speaks with Boomshots about the difference between heartical and artificial reggae. “The most horrific thing in the world right now for me,” says Chronixx, “is to hear foreign people make better quality reggae than in Jamaica.” Video After The Jump…
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WATCH THIS: Bunji Garlin “Differentology” Official Video

The Maddest Soca Tune of 2013 Finally Has a Video
Even if you’re not the world’s biggest soca fan, you know Bunji Garlin’s tune “Differentology” or at least the hook “We ready for de rooooooad.” He dropped his Viking-themed video over the weekend complete with bloody axes, J’ouvert–esque mud crawling, and a big horny helmet. You’ve got to see this one to believe it. Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Busy Signal “Set It Good”

Hott Head Gives The Girls Supm To Wine To

“Busy gimme sumfn to wine to nuh” a girl’s voice asks, and Mr. Hott Head is only too happy to deliver the goods. Busy teams up with Temple Boss and I-Strong Records for a wining song to set things straight, and when the wuk starts, him nah ease out. You already know Busy’s got a knack for sexy tunes and this one’s catchy AND hot. You can probably leave this on loop in the bedroom. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Dre Island “Rastafari Way”

What Better Way?dreisland


Rising reggae artist Dre Island blesses us with a visual for the self produced tune “Rastafari Way.” Dre breaks down the keys to living on the path to righteousness. Keep an eye on this youth and be sure to Take A Listen After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Eric Clapton “Every Little Thing” (One Drop Mix)

Stephen & Damian Marley Remix Slowhand
Thirty nine years after Eric Clapton covered Bob Marley’s “I Shot The Sheriff,” he’s enlisted two of Bob’s sons to remix a single from his latest album, Old Sock. “Every Little Thing” is a song about loving someone so much they can do no wrong in your eyes. It sounds like Clapton got his own kids to sing on this one too. Nice tune for a sunny Friday afternoon.  Audio After The Jump… Read more »

Reasoning with Stylo G, Part 2: “I Take Care of the Girls”

Ladies Love Stylo, Innit?
ReshmaStyloBoomshotsReshma B continues her epic 3-part interview with Stylo G, seeking to answer one simple question: Is Stylo all about the girls, or are the girls all about Stylo? The UK dancehall phenom talks about the difference between good girls and bad girls, how he likes his special lady to support him, and discusses his South London hair salon where, as he puts it, “I take care of the ladies… and their hair.” Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: “Stepper Takes The Taxi” Sampler

French Sax Master Rides With Sly & Robbie For A Dubwise Xtravaganza

Guillaume Briard, aka Stepper, is a bonafide member of the Taxi Gang, the ace reggae band that has accompanied drum and bass demigods Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare. So when the Paris native links with the riddim twins for his own debut album, Stepper has free rein to dig through Sly & Robbie’s bottomless musical vaults and pick his favorites, from classic riddims to brand new instrumentals. Stepper has chosen the tracks with exquisite care—all are bubbling, bouncy and exquisitely mixed by Francophone dubmaster Fabwise. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: QQ ft. Venemous “One Drop” Official Video

New Dance For De Gyal Dem
Back in 2005 a 10-year-old child star named QQ came out with a smash hit called “Better Must Come” on the Calibud label. The fresh-faced youth singing conscious tunes was a winning combination. Well QQ’s all grown up now, and he’s coming with the skin-out selections like “Ghetto Gal.” Can’t be mad at a young man just because the ladies deh pon him mind. It’s only natural. Now QQ and his bredren Venemous have linked with Stashment productions to bring us one of those “new dance fe de gyal dem” type of tunes, and you know the visuals are outrageous. But don’t take our word for it—see for yourself. Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Keida “Never Lose”

Something Sweet Off The Douster Dancehall LP Inna Style And Fashion
Photograph by Edward Massias

Brooklyn Mixpak’s label has been bubbling hot of late, and the ting just tun up again. French producer Douster has just served up a four-track EP called Inna Style and Fashion that reveals the global remix king’s predilection for dancehall. Young Jamaica talents like Kantana, Kari Jess, and Cee Gee all represent to the fullest, but we’re really feeling this Keida track “Never Lose.” Audio And Download Link After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Katrina “Why Worry” Official Video

WATCH THIS: Katrina "Why Worry" Official Video

DJ Sunshine Sings Her Own Song—Call Her Katrina
Loyal listeners on Jamaica’s Irie FM radio know her as DJ Sunshine. When the lady who plays the music sings her own songs, she goes by the name of Katrina. Check out her refreshing new video, shot in Portland at the picturesque Reich falls—which is fitting because the lyrics from her mouth is like a stream flowing down. Video After The Jump… Read more »

HYPE TV Top 20: Chronixx Knocks I-Octane From Number One

Chronixx Finally Gets The Number One Spot


Chronixx’s hit single, “Behind Curtain,” has been on the countdown for 11 weeks so it was only right it made it to the number one spot. The Dancehall artist has been on tour all over the world and his fan base has grown tremendously. We such an extensive fan base, Chronixx shouldn’t have any issue staying at number one. Check out the countdown after the jump.



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