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Tobago Jazz Experience Kicks Off This Week

Tobago Jazz Experience Kicks Off This Week

Soca, Reggae, and R&B in A Lush Tropical Setting

The island of Trinidad is synonymous with carnival and you may still be recovering from February’s ordeal, but in the month of April the focus shifts to the beautifully laid-back sister island of Tobago where it’s all about the Jazz Experience. Sun, sea, sand and soca – whats not to love!?!?! This year the Tobago Jazz Experience sees appearances from international acts India Arie and Melanie Fiona—both of whom have worked with major names in the reggae world such as the Morgan Heritage fam & the Marleys. Full Lineup and Photo Gallery After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Sizzla “Psalms 121”

Churchical Chants For Kalonji’s Upcoming Album The Messiah
Sizzla - The Messiah - BOOMSHOTS
Although he can rip up a dancehall track any time he feels like it, The Messiah represents Sizzla Kalonji’s welcome return to spiritual roots reggae. Released through his Kalonji Music label, the album returns to the Afrocentric themes of clasic albums like Black Woman & Child and Da Real Thing, presented with the seasoned voice and fresh perspective of a man on a musical mission. The album drops May 28th but here’s an early preview—behold how good and how pleasant it is. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

Collie Buddz “Lights It Up” in NYC

Collie Buddz "Lights It Up" in NYC

Collie Buddz Turnt it Up at SOBs!

It has been some time since Collie Buddz has graced NYC with his presence but his performance on April 18 was worth the wait. The Reggae/Dancehall artist hit the stage at SOBs as his second stop on the Light it Up Tour and brought in quite the diverse crowd. But it was all lighters up, love and respect for the music.

Brooklyn’s very own New Kingston Band, opened up the show and played some Reggae classics. With veteran session musician Courtney Panton on bass and his three sons, Suki, Slim, and Courtney Jr. holding down the rhythm section, this group has a sound that can’t be denied. Cris Cab followed with some of his hits off of his new mixtape, Red Road. New Kingston and Cris Cabhad the crowd jamming with their amazing performances. By the time it was Collie’s turn to come around, the crowd was fired up!

Taking the stage with a brand new rub-a-dub tune called “Nice Up Yourself,” Collie performed some of his classic hits, “Come Around,” “Just Let Me Know,” “Blind to You” “Mamacita” and a few of his recent singles, “Won’t Be Long,” and “Payback’s a Bitch.” He also performed a few exclusives off of his upcoming album: “Live Life” and “Light It Up,” which introduces a very new sound for Mr. Buddz.

Collie’s performance was lively, filled with energy and it had an everlasting vibe. His fans were filled with excitement when he hit the stage and they left with an experience that many don’t offer at their performances. Can’t wait for him to “Come Around” again. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Warrant Issued for Mavado’s Arrest, Attorney Acts to Stop It

More Legal Woes for the Gully Gad


Mavado is one of many reggae stars whom the legal system can’t seem to leave alone. Since last July the Gully Gad has been fighting assault charges and now a warrant has been placed because of his non-appearance on a recent court date. Read After The Jump For More…

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Eek-A-Mouse “Ganja Smuggling (live)”

Let’s Start Your 4/20 Weekend Off Right.eek


As the day winds down some of you are probably already thinking about your 420 shenanigans. Let us indulge you a bit with this 1982 classic “Ganga Smuggling” from the original “Sing-Jay” himself Eek-A-Mouse’s debut album “Wa Do Dem.” Eek-A-Mouse regales us with tales of living in the ghetto and how trafficking the herbs earned him some fresh new jewelry and a young lady on his arm. Roll Up One And Hit The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Kes “Can’t Wait”

Kes Sings For His Special Someonekes   We’ve all been there at one point in our life or another. That special someone who consumes all of our thoughts, so much so that an hour feels like a year and we yearn just to gaze upon them once more. Love is a beautiful thing and Kes is definitely in it, deep. The red rasta aches to see his love again as he reminisces over her touch and how she puts it on him. Think about that special someone while you Listen After The Jump…  Read more »

HEAR THIS: Main Street Crew (Mr. G, General Degree, Buccaneer, Hawkeye, Red Rat, Lady G) “Nuttin Fi Nuttin”

Dancehall Legends Come Together On One Trackmainstreet

It’s been a while since talent of this caliber came together on one track, legends of the dancehall Mr. G, General Degree, Buccaneer, Hawkeye, Red Rat and Lady G collectively known as the Main Street Crew run down tales of how you don’t get “nuttin fi nuttin.” As Lady G reminds us ” Shabba say if a man want it he affi pay down pon it,” nothing is free, not even the crotches. Audio After The Jump…

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WATCH THIS: Aidonia “Fi Di Jockey” Official Video

Aidonia Encourages The Gyals To Giddyupaidonia


Aidonia is judge at the Rodeo, his job? See which gyal is the best jockey and who can handle the ride. If you seen any previous Aidonia videos you know what to expect, pretty girls, scantily clad and of course flexible. It’s no where near 6:30, but in Aidonia’s videos it always is – Hit The Jump Now… Read more »

Collie Buddz Speaks on “Light It Up” Tour, New Album

Mr. Buddz Lets Us Know The Real Deal Behind His New Single “Payback’s A B**tch”

Collie Buddz has been chillaxin’ for a minute but he’s ready to rise again. His recent release “Payback’s A B**ch” is just the first warning shot of a full clip of new tunes he’s preparing to let off later this year. And tonight his “Light It Up” tour kicked off at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. (along with Cris Cab and the New Kingston Band). They’ll soon touch the stage at SOBs NYC April 18. We caught up with the Bermuda Bad Bwoy to see what he’s been up to since the last time he came around. Interview After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Cham “Clip”

Brand New Certified Boomshot From The Kid

Call the brigade—Cham deh pon the gangsta flex again. Yeah the ladies love Cham but don’t get it twisted. Sure he’s got the got girls striking stripper pose, but he’s still got 14 inna de clip. “Lawless mi seh, dat me mean a thug ting uzeeme?” Audio After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Yellowman “Don’t Bun It Dung” Live at Reggae Sunsplash ’88

The Original Dancehall King In Full Effect
Next week VP Records’ 17 North Parade imprint will be dropping an epic Yellowman double-disc compilation called Young Gifted & Yellow. (And it’s only right, since the albino OG was the first dancehall superstar, and he’s still doing his thing to this day. ) The box set also includes a DVD that’s full up with vintage video footage of the dancehall king doing his thing, and we’ve got your sneak preview right here. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Mighty Crown Pon Radio Lily

 The Far East Rulers Came Through To Rock SOBs—And the Tour Continues
Mighty Crown came together 22 years ago with a love for foundation reggae music. These friends from Yokohama, Japan started producing sound mixes in 1991 and then began participating in sound clashes before establishing a legacy as mighty as their name. In 1999 they became Japanese Sound Clash Champion and then went on to win several sound clashes in the United Kingdom, United States and in the Caribbean. They teamed up with Irish and Chin Entertainment in 2000 to expand their international relations. These creative business men have earned endorsement deals with Nike Sportswear, New Era and Clarks. Moreover, in 2006 Mighty Crown teamed up with Nike Sportswear to design some of the highest selling custom-made sneakers. This collaboration produced a line of footwear made for royalty with the luster of pattern leather and block design patterns. They also own “Lifestyle Records” record company and have collaborated with many reggae and hip-hop artists on shows such as “Back to the Hardcore” and Reggae Sai (“Sai” means festival in Japanese).

First stop in New York for the Far East Rulers aka Mighty Crown was Radio Lily’s “Strictly Boomshots” show for a live interview with Rob Kenner and Mighty Crown selectors Sami-T and Masta Simon, who spoke about the night when Drake passed through their dance in Toronto. Next stop was the legendary Sounds of Brazil (SOB’s) for a highly anticipated concert. Video After The Jump… Read more »