Just In Case You Never Know

I-Octane’s latest video “Gal A Gimme Bun” is something new for the artist who blazed onto the Jamaican scene seven years ago with a steady diet of conscious lyrics with just the right street edge. As we prepare to premiere the new video on Boomshots, we decided to take a look back at the songs that made the singjay one of the hottest artists in the dancehall. Click the image above to check out the list…

Lose A Friend

This moving meditiation on mortality was the right tune at the right time.


A long-distance livication to all the lovers.

We Love Di Vibes

What’s not to love?

My Story

The personal becomes universal.

Mama You Alone

Special request to all the mothers around the world.

Puff It

Little known fact: Octane himself does not partake of the wisdom weed, but he knows how to please his fans.