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WATCH THIS: Romain Virgo “I Am Rich In Love” Pon Radio Lily

Live & Direct From The Strictly Boomshots Show
selector romain BOOMIt’s hard to believe that Miss Lily’s Variety is only a year old. It already feels like an NYC institution. Just think of all the magic moments that have gone down on RadioLily. This week the Miss Lily’s Family Style Vol. 1 CD hits stores, including cuts from many of the great artists who have passed through to nice up the place. Let’s take a look back at one of those very special nights… Video After The Jump…

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Vybz Kartel Is Back on Twitter

Vybz Kartel Is Back on Twitter

The Werlboss May Be Incarcerated But He Cannot Be Silenced #FB

After 486 days of inactivity, Vybz Kartel’s official Twitter account, @IAmTheKartel, came roaring back to life this week—the same week that Kartel’s trial date was pushed back another five months for no apparent reason. No, the “dancehall hero and entrepreneur” does not have a computer in jail—not that we know of anyway—but he has given the green light to Michael Dawson, the co-author of his book, The Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto  to take control of his Twitter account and use it to relay messages from Adidja Palmer and to reveal to the public things that he had previously chosen to keep private.” Kartel spells out his reasons for this decision in a short manifesto called “I am not who Babylon says I am” that was tweeted from his account. “After being locked up without bail for nearly a year and a half, politicians still blame him for everything from scamming to teenage truancy to the increase in crime as he is constantly being portrayed as the root of all evil in Jamaica.” Kartel’s timeline is on and popping once again with remarks that are too hilarious NOT to have come directly from the Werlboss. He’s even promised to tweet his true feelings about Popcaan and Blak Ryno. Kartel’s immediate goal is to get 50,000 new followers as quickly as possible to prove that he may be incarcerated but he cannot be silenced. Read Kartel’s Latest Bold Statement After The Jump…
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HEAR THIS: Serani “Paper”

When It Comes To Handling His Business, The Singer Is Playing No Games
Remember last July when Serani broke away from the Daseca production team? At the time the situation seemed like an amicable split. “I’ve watched my partners Craig and David grow substantially through sheer hard work,” Serani said at the time. “I believe that I should give them room to spread their wings… They’re very very talented brothers. I just believe that maybe we’d be better off doing out own thing. I’m not saying Daseca is split for good. Who knows what can happen in years to come? Craig and David are like my brothers, so no split and no negative vibe.” Well, that was then. But today we received a new tune from Serani’s Rockstone Media that tells a different story. Although no names are mentioned, it seems like this one might be directed at his former partners. He even references the early Serani & Bugle hit “Doh” and updates the line, saying “Me never know some of me friend dem no like me.” Check the tune and decide for yourself. Audio After The Jump… 

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HEAR THIS: Michelle “Songbird” Gordon “No Way”

Sbe Won’t Be Led Astray
noway59BoomThis Kingston-born, Miami-raised Songbird counts Whitney and Mariah as inspirations, and her powerful vocals have just a touch of classic soul and gospel fire behind them. She’s toured the world as one of Michael Rose’s backup singers, sung harmonies on a Marcia Griffiths album, and recorded singles for the Jah Life and Heavy Beat labels. She also has three albums under her belt: Lioness, Michelle Michelle, and The Essence of Life, whose soaring title track became her biggest hit to date. The Songbird’s been working on a new album with producer Dennis Dreadstone, and it’s sounding pretty serious. Here’s your first taste. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

Why Is Bunny Wailer Flipping on Snoop?

Why Is Bunny Wailer Flipping on Snoop?

We Thought It Was All Good Between Jah Bunny and Snoop Lion

If you’ve see the Snoop Lion documentary, Reincarnated, you know that Snoop and Bunny Wailer got together and burned a peace pipe at Bunny’s house in Kingston. So it came as some surprise to read today’s TMZ item stating that Snoop was “Rejected” by Jah Bunny, an original member of the Wailing Wailers. Wailer claims Snoop has engaged in “outright fraudulent use of Rastafari Community’s personalities and symbolism” — and has failed to meet “contractual, moral and verbal commitments.” On second thought, maybe it shouldn’t come as such a surprise. Later on in the film, Bunny showed up at a recording studio with a stern face, asking tough questions about Snoop Lion’s intentions and whether he was really true to the whole Rasta thing. Apparently Snoop’s response was good enough to convince Bunny to jump in the vocal booth and record some vocals with Diplo. But it would seem that Bunny has since rethought that decision. Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: New Kingston “Life”

Brand New Bubbler From Reggae’s Freshest Young Rhythm Section

New Kingston is a young trio of brothers—Tahir a.k.a. Slim on keyboards, Courtney on drums, and the eldest, Stephen a.k.a. Suki on guitar—who grew up surrounded by reggae music. Their manager Courtney Panton (who also happens to be their father) is a highly respected producer and session musician whose Brooklyn-based studio has been the birthplace of numerous reggae gems. After working with a wide range of stars from Collie Buddz to Shabba Ranks, New Kingston evolved into an act in their own right. Their fresh, eclectic take on roots rock reggae has won them a growing fanbase. “Life” is the latest single from their third album, Kingston University, which is due out this spring. Video And Audio After The Jump… Read more »

Win Tickets to See Femi Kuti Live in NYC

The Afrobeat Legend Will Rock Webster Hall this Saturday—Don’t You Want To Catch Him Live?
Femi Kuti was born in London and grew up in Lagos, Nigeria. He is the eldest son of Afrobeat pioneer and revolutionary icon Fela Anikulalpo Kuti. Femi inherited a gift for music and became a member of his father’s band, and later formed his own band, called Positive Force with Dele Sosimi, who formerly played keyboards with Fela. Like his late father, Femi Kuti plays an infectious style of music known as Afrobeat which fuses elements of jazz, funk, and traditional African music. Femi has been signed to major labels and nominated for Grammys, but like his father, he believes that “music is the weapon of the future.” In other words, he uses his music fearlessly as a means of speaking out on issues of social and political justice. He will be performing in New York this Saturday at Webster Hall, one of the city’s greatest music venues. Because we know this is a show that Boomshots readers will not want to miss, we’ve reserved a pair of tickets—and you’ve got a chance to win.  Video & Contest Details After The Jump…

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WATCH THIS: Noisey Jamaica “Vybz Kartel”

The First Episode Of Snoop Lion’s Dancehall Documentary Series Goes To Gaza
Episode one of “Noisey Jamaica” focuses on the Werlboss. Although there’s no interview with Kartel—whose trial date was recently postponed again, this time until May—we do get a few words with Dre Skull, who produced the album Kingston Story, and some Gaza youths who want to see Kartel free. We also get a very interesting conversation about how Kartel encourages girls to “quint” their muscles during sex. All in all an entertaining start. Video After The Jump…
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Vybz Kartel’s Trial Postponed Again

But The Werlboss Vows He Won’t Let The System Break Him

The wait is still not over. After being ordered to wait until the new year to commence his trial, The Werlboss now faces another setback. We’re starting to get the feeling that the court is not in any hurry to see this trial go forward. On Monday, officials at Kingston’s Home Circuit Court placed another postponement on Vybz Kartel’s trial date—the second one put into effect since last November. The reasons for yet another delay? “Insufficient jurors.” But Kartel isn’t letting the politricks get to him. Read More After the Jump Read more »

BBC 1Xtra Tells The Sting Story

Reshma B Reports From The World’s Greatest One-Night Reggae Show – Sting 2012

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WATCH THIS: Popcaan “So We Do It” Official Video

Mixpak Rolls Out Another Banger
When the Hotskull and Dre Skull join forces good things happen. Behold the latest example of this principle: A maaad new video of Papi on the Kling Klang riddim, showing off all types of motorbike stunts courtesy of Jamaica’s own “Crazy Bikers” crew. Ah just so them do it.
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HYPE TV Top 20: Mavado Takes the Number 1 Spot

 I-Octane & Bounty Killer Slip to Number 2 as Mavado Seizes the Crown
Mavado has slowly been creeping up the countdown for quite some time now; 14 weeks to be exact and he didn’t stop until he made it to number one. Now that he has taken the top spot, we must wait and see how long his fans can keep him there. Especially since I-Octane and Macka Diamond are not too far behind! Check out the countdown after the jump! Read more »