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HEAR THIS: Mavado “Mr. Tek Weh Yu Gal”

Gully Gad Turns Gal Criminal From Wha Day

David Constantine Brooks may have as many aliases as he’s got girls. We already knew about Singing Blacks, Gully Gad, Star Bwoy, Stulla, and Real McKoy and but on Mavado’s new tune he lets us know about a few new names: “Mr. Lover Lover,” “Hot Bwoy,” “Mr. Louis Vuitton King,” “Mr. Gal Criminal,” and of course there’s the title of this crazy new tune on Gutty Bling’s “Sneak Preview Riddim.” Fellas, you have been warned. Audio After The Jump…
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HEAR THIS: Konshens “Just A Dweet”

Don’t Ask How He Does It, Just Be Glad He Does

Konshens is putting in way too much work to pay much attention to what the haters have to say. But he does have a little fun with them on his latest release, a wicked tune ob the big bad “Red Brick” riddim. “Dem siddung and count how much money me collect,” he rhymes. “Carry my name to obeah worker but it spell incorrect.” The ever-confident Sojah goes on to suggest that “if me even cough on a track it connect.” Luckily he hasn’t tested that theory yet. Audio After The Jump…

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Judge Orders Second Hearing Into Juror Misconduct In Buju Banton Case

How Is This Trial Not A Mistrial?

Calling Buju Banton’s fight for freedom tough would be an understatement. His journey has been quite the roller-coaster ride since December 2009 when he was initially remanded on drug trafficking charges. The first trial led to a hung jury. Later he was convicted but his gun possession charges were dismissed. A whole new legal team was then hired and gun charges have been reintroduced. These are just a few of the many ups and downs The Banton has faced. Now, attention is focusing on whether the jury foreman violated the judge’s instructions by doing her own research on the case during the trial. The court has ordered a hearing to look into juror misconduct, inspiring hope for a new trial. Find Out Why After The Jump…

Lady Saw “Heels On” Live in Miami

Muma Saw Gets The Fans Involved
When Lady Saw took the stage at the Reggae World Unity Fest in Miami the other day, all that talk about turning into a gospel artist went right out the window. Make no mistake, Saw will come to the Lord one day. But right now, she’s keeping it raw. When it was time to do her latest boomshot “Heels On,” Saw invited a couple from the crowd to show them how to get their groove on. Step one, lay the man on the stage. Step two, get into position. Step three, fling it dung. And don’t let Saw catch you slackin’, or she might have to show you how it’s done. Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Noisey Jamaica “Popcaan”

Snoop Lion’s Dancehall Series Turns Its Attention To The Hotskull
Today Noisey premiered the second episode in its dancehall series, Noisey Jamaica, executive produced by Snoop Lion. This time we meet Vybz Kartel protege Popcaan as he performs his hits, chills with Shabba Ranks, and walks us through Jamaican club culture and fashion. The rising star was most recently featured on “Lighters Up,” one of Snoop Lion’s new tracks off his reggae album, Reincarnated, and will make an appearance in the upcoming music video for the track! Video After The Jump…
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HEAR THIS: Freddie McGregor “Equal Rights”

A Fresh Take On A Studio Classic Off The New Album, Di Captain—In Stores Today
“These songs were very specially chosen,” says reggae stalwart Freddie McGregor of the selections on his latest album, Di Captain. The album’s title refers to Freddie’s signature hit “Big Ship,” also the name of his renowned Kingston recording studio, whose name has been kept hot by his music-making sons Stephen “Di Genius” and Chino. “We took the greatest pains in making sure these would be classic songs that will last for a long time. I chose songs like ‘Equal Rights’ because I love the message and because the youth need to hear it. Featuring live bass and harmonies by former Heptones frontman Leroy Sibbles himself, this remake of a song that was first released in the midst of the Civil Rights struggle is more than a cover version; it’s a celebration. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

Tony Matterhorn Kills Them With Classics At P Diddy’s Bad Boy Sound Clash

Diddy Jetted Down To Kingston JA To Bless The Winner With $20,000 Prize Money
It’s not every day that Puff Daddy jets down to Jamaica to throw a soundclash. But earlier this month he did just that, with a little help from Downsound, the same folks who teamed up with Supreme Promotions to make this year’s Sting extra-hot. Word is the whole plan came together within 24 hours, but you know what they say… real Bad Boys move in silence. Diddy kicked things off by rocking a few of his classic cuts, then he was joined by Beenie, Flippa, Kippo & Ninja. (Diddy’s pretty much done it all, but he looked genuinely geeked to be rocking a stage in Kingston.) After that it was time for the big clash, and Matterhorn dealt with them wicked. Video After The Jump… Read more »

HYPE TV Top 20: Mavado Holds His Spot At The Top

Mavado Doesn’t Budge as His Competition Moves Down the List


Mavado is holding his spot at number one for a second week in a row and it seems like he isn’t going anywhere! Di Genius has been heating up the charts, the radio stations and clubs with his single, “Money Box (Box of Money),” and he hasn’t even released a video for it yet! As others like Macka Diamond and I-Octane and Bounty Killer move down the list, Mavado stands strong! Check out the countdown after the jump! 

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HEAR THIS: Busy Signal “Bad Up Who”

No Bwoy Can Beat Busy

By the sound of this new Jukeboxx Production, it would appear that somebody’s been running their mouth of late, acting up and chatting fuckery bout the Hotthead. But Busy’s got some pointed questions for all those spreading loose arguments. (“Them say box inna face—when? How?? Which guy?”) And if logic doesn’t sway them, there’s always the heavy metal. Sound it!  Audio After The Jump… Read more »

Femi Kuti Says There’s Still a Place For His Dream

Femi Kuti Says There's Still a Place For His Dream

Fela’s Number One Son Talks About His New Album And Picks Six Essential Afrobeat Tunes

We caught up with FEMI KUTI before last night’s show at Webster Hall in NYC. When he said that he thought his new album, No Place For My Dream, is his “best work so far,” we politely mentioned that every artist think their new album is their best work so far. He laughed before replying: “Well I’m not every artist, one,” he said for starters, “and two I think it because I know. I think Shoki Shoki was one of my most powerful albums. So I would say with that album I was on the highway. I defined another level of Afrobeat, the possibilities of Afrobeat with that album.” Full interview After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Barry Brown “Make It With You” and “Sister Magling”

Rock & Groove To Two Channel One Classics From The Crucial Right Now Album
The Jamaican roots reggae vocalist Barry Brown is best know for his clasic “Far East” but before his untimely death he left a rich legacy of music to keep his name alive itinually. Case in point: the little-known Right Now album, an overlooked treasure that was recently reissued by Greensleeves. This Jah Screw production was record, voiced, and mixed at Channel One studios with killer riddims laid down by Roots Radics and the We The People band. These sounds are so nice we had to give it to you twice. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

A$AP Rocky, 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes & More Turn Out To See Snoop “Reincarnated”

A$AP Rocky, 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes & More Turn Out To See Snoop "Reincarnated"

Snoop Lion Hits 106 & Park Then Invites a Few Friends Over To Check Out His New Movie


This past Thursday Snoop traveled to NYC to appear on BET’s 106 & Park and then host a private screening of his movie Reincarnated. Snoop may be into a new sound but hip-hop heavyweights like 50, Busta, and Rocky still count him as one of their own. The stars came out to eat some popcorn, sip some ginger beer, and watch the story of Snoop’s journey to Jamaica and his transition to reggae music. Would have been nice to see some more natty dreads in the place, but they were definitely represented on the silver screen. Video And Photo Gallery After The Jump…

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