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WATCH THIS: Macka Diamond Interview: The War Has Just Started with Spice

WATCH THIS: Macka Diamond Interview: The War Has Just Started with Spice

The Dancehall Veteran, Author and Actress Reasons with Reshma B About Music, Money, Love & War

Hours after her no-show at Sting 2012—where she was expected to clash Spice—Macka Diamond went straight to the studio to record a dis track called “Donkey.” Her next stop was an early morning interview with Reshma B for Boomshots. Macka explained to the ReggaeGirlAboutTown that she did not run from the clash and that Spice would have been “an easy kill.” In this epic four-part interview, Macka Diamond speaks on her earlier dis track “Kill The Black One,” and tries to clear up any misunderstanding about the lyrics. While Macka’s differences with Lady Saw are in the past, she says her war with Spice has just begun—and that her offer still stands to pay Spice for a clash at her upcoming birthday bash. But Macka has lots of other projects going on besides clashing. She talks about latest book for Page Turner Publishing, Naughty or Nice, the sequel to her successful debut novel Bun Him, and about her latest movie role. Because at the end of the day, Macka is all about her “Money-O.” Video After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Vybz Kartel “Convertible”

The Werlboss Shifts To Overdrive on “Benz Punany Part 2”

Dancehall poets like Vybz Kartel never runs out of analogies to describe the gal dem sittin. Comparing his lady’s love to a German luxury sedan has proved a winning formula. Kartel’s first “Benz Punany” was a 2010 update on Grindsman’s 90s classic of the same name. The ride was so smooth Kartel had to come back with a brand new part two, produced by UIM Records. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Busy Signal “Mystery History”

Hear The Tune That Tore Down Sting

When Busy took the stage at Jamworld, he came fully equipped with new songs—and none more crucial than  “Mystery History,” the most detailed musical account yet of Busy’s arrest, case, and legal struggles. Opening with the sound of a jet plane, the tune breaks the whole story down before giving thanks and praise to the Almighty for securing Busy’s release from prison after just six months. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Busy Signal Rips Sting 2012

WATCH THIS: Busy Signal Rips Sting 2012

The Hotthead Makes A Triumphant Return To The Stage

When Busy Signal took the stage at Jamworld for Sting 2012, the crowd was expecting something special. After all it was Busy’s first major stage show since returning home from a six-month bid in a Federal prison in the United States. So it was a safe best that the Hotthead would have a lot to get off his chest. But nobody was fully prepared for the phenomenal energy that Busy unleashed at Sting 2012. As fireworks lit up the night sky above Jamworld, Busy delivered an emotionally charged set that was both the performance of a lifetime and a harbinger of more greatness to come. After delivering his final tune Busy collected his Downsound Records Game Changer Award from the show’s co-producer, Joseph Bogdonovich. Then Busy checked Reshma B backstage to explain why he’s “living the Jamaican dream.” Video After The Jump…

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“Rockers” Now Streaming Online

Classic of Reggae Cinema Hits The Interwebs

This past August the Brooklyn Academy of Music hosted a festival of great Jamaican films including Theodoros Bafaloukos 1978 classic Rockers. Perhaps no other movie packs more legendary cameos and classic performance sequences into a slice of ’70s Kingston street life. In case you couldn’t make it to Brooklyn to catch this classic of reggae cinema on the big screen, fret not. Our peoples at Noisey have got the film streaming online for free, so you can catch Leroy Horsemouth Wallace and a cast of thousands on the laptop or mobile device of your choice. Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Popcaan Pushes Blak Ryno Off Stage

When Push Came To Shove, Popcaan Wasn’t Trying To Share The Stage At Sting
Popcaan was in the process of rocking the Sting 2012 crowd at Jamworld in Port More, Jamaica—in front of a crowd that included many Gaza fans—when Blak Ryno, his old comrade from the Port More Empire, strolled onstage like it was all good. But instead of a Gaza family reunion, the show turned into a pushing and shoving (and boxing and kicking) match. Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Macka Diamond “Donkey”

Macka May Not Have Clashed Spice, But According To This Tune The War Has Just Begun

They call New York the city that never sleeps, but they lie. Kingston JA is the town that really gets it popping 24/7-48/14. Less than 24 hours after Spice brought a donkey (dressed in a wig and leg warmers with tags attached) on the stage at Sting, Macka Diamond has cut a tune that speaks on the whole donkey issue and turns the war up a notch.

At 6:30 this morning Macka dropped by Boomshots JA HQ to drop off the tune and have a little reasoning with The ReggaeGirlAboutTown about what really happened with her no-show at Sting and why she says the war is just beginning. Stay tuned for the interview going live in the next few hours. You don’t want to sleep on this one . Audio After The Jump…


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WATCH THIS: Spice Says Donkey at Sting was Macka’s “Twin”

WATCH THIS: Spice Says Donkey at Sting was Macka's "Twin"

Check This Exclusive Post-Sting Interview With The Mad Gyal

The biggest battle at this year’s Sting was supposed to be Spice vs. Macka Diamond. But when the time came, Macka did not show up. So Spice would not be all alone up there on the big stage at Jamworld, she brought along a donkey wearing a wig. After the show she told Reshma B who the donkey was supposed to represent. Looks like the battle is getting hotter. Video After The Jump… Read more »

DOWNLOAD: I-Octane “Thankful” Compilation

Octane Blesses His Fans With the Gift of Free Music This Christmas
Octane has found the perfect way to cap off another amazing year—blessing his fans with a 13-track compilation—and giving them a thank you note! He even spelled out the concept of gratitude for all those bad-minded folks who may be unfamiliar with the concept of giving thanks. And if that misses them, the music won’t. Tunes like “My Story” and “Fly Over Badmind” are emblematic of Octanes higher meds. And so on this Christmas day 2012, we’re not just proud but grateful to debut this outstanding new compilation exclusively on Download Link—And Thank You Note—After The Jump… Read more »

Letter From Kingston: Laing Reigns Supreme

Sevens Clash Pays A Visit To The Man Who Started Sting

Isaiah Laing is the originator of Sting, Jamaica’s premiere one-night live music event held on Boxing Day (December 26) annually since 1984. His preternatural ability to consistently populate the lineup with a perfect balance of talent has helped the show keep pace with constantly shifting tastes over the course of the past 28 years… Before Sting, Laing was a policeman. Active between 1976 and 1996 he was widely known as a rogue in the mold of men like Trinity, Tony Hewitt and Bigga Ford. A brush with mortality during a gun battle on Matches Lane early in his career led him to embrace a philosophy of duty based around a version of moral equivalency that would conveniently justify any activity outside the parameters of normal police protocol. Much like Texas Ranger John Coffee “Jack” Hays adopted the war tactics and fighting techniques of the feared Comanches along the North American frontier, in wild-West Kingston Laing became a bad man with a badge and a nine. Despite the potboilers overflowing with lurid tales of shootouts and battle scars (starring Laing as valiant crime fighter) that tend to litter the local news cycle around this time of year, his reputation on the street as a ruthless vigilante who has caught more bodies than bullets is deeply etched in popular memory. In 1991, when Tiger asked, “Whe di bad boy police name?” on his hit call and response record, When, everybody, including schoolchildren, knew the answer. Today, fully sixteen years since he turned in his badge, the proper reply remains the same, “Laing!”  Read more »

WATCH THIS: Sean Paul & Rico Love “Body” Official Video

Xmas Just Got A Likkle More Dutty
Sean Paul just stuffed your stocking! @DuttyPaul decided to drop the latest visuals from his Grammy-nominated album Tomahawk Technique on Christmas morning. The video features Sean and hitmaking producer Rico Love bubbling in a Miami after-hours spot. All the sexy-body ladies inside the place—including choreographer extraordinaire Tanisha Scott—get the Dutty one’s Temperature rising, and you can guess the rest.  Video After The Jump…

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I-Octane Gives Thanks & Praise

If Ungratefulness Cause Disaster, Octane Has Nothing To Worry About
When I-Octane sings, “You no see say we nice?” he’s not just chatting lyrics. The singjay’s been turning up the heat for years, but he made 2012 hot like ten fireside—dropping hits all year long in Jamaica, traveling and touring internationally, and launching his long-awaited debut album, album, Crying to the Nation. But just when it seems he can’t blaze any hotter, Octane turns up the temperature.  When Reshma B caught up with Octane at Sumfest, he broke down all the reasons he has to be thankful. Like the songs says, “Me ting global, ah so de ting set.”   Video and Audio After The Jump…

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