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WATCH THIS: BRNGTN “Anytime” Video

She’s Gotta Have It… By All Means Necessary

Last time we checked in with BK-rapper BRNGTN he was pouring out his heart asking God for help with life’s big issues. This time around he’s banging on the door asking a pretty young thing for sex. Musically BRNGTN sticks with the same approach: blending hip-hop flows and rugged reggae instrumentals—in this case the mighty Stalag riddim. At the end of the day this video turns into another case of “be careful what you wish for.” Video After The Jump…
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Busy Signal & His Mother Discuss His Troubled Past And Future Plans

Busy Signal and Velma Gordon, sit down with Winford Williams of OnstageTV

Going to jail is hard enough but having to leave your family behind is even worse. Unfortunately for Dancehall artist, Busy Signal, he had to undure all of that for more than a decade. Accused of running from a 2002 drug charge, Busy was sentenced to prison time in Minnesota on May 21 while he awaited his judgement day. But six months later instead receiving a hefty bid of seven years, Busy was released due to his good works over the past ten years. As soon as he set foot out of jail, Busy returned to Jamaica to give his first press conference and of course get back to his music. This weekend Busy and his mother, Velma Gordon, sat down with Winford Williams of OnStageTV to discuss his time in prison and on the run, how she felt while he was gone, the affect on his music and what is to come for Busy in the future. Videos After The Jump…. Read more »

HYPE TV Top 20: Christopher Martin Takes The Lead

Mr. Martin Keeps It Chill As He Steps Up To That No. 1 Spot

“Release your stress and relax,” Christopher Martin sings his way to the top of charts this week with his video for “Chill Spot.” 15 weeks on the charts and Martin has slowly made his way up but lets hope he can hold a stance because RDX’s “Jump,” may have fallen a few spots down but he held the number 1 spot for two weeks in a row. And not to mention, Vybz Kartel and I-Octane are not too far behind either! Full Countdown After The Jump…

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Diplo Does Dancehall In Vanity Fair

Wes Takes The VF Massive To Jamaica and Introduces Them to Popcaan, Busy, and Passa Passa

Diplo and his road dog / top shotta Shane McCauley have published a photo essay in the latest issue of Vanity Fair as the producer behind Major Lazer continues to expose dancehall to a wider audience. “I was in Jamaica during this time recording with a crew for a secret project,” Diplo write in the story. “Popcaan has been brought in to give us some current vibes, and also some weed and other stuff. His favorite drink is a weird fruit flavor of vodka that he mentions in mad songs. In fact, he mentions me and the producer Dre Skull in this tune we are recording, and his friends and the studio. In Jamaica nearly every song is a document of the moment. Dre Skull will release Popcaan’s next single and has been a producer within the Vybz camp for a few years. In fact, he produced the entire Vybz album, Kingston Story, in 2011—one of the most coherent and best long-player dancehall albums in the past decades. Dre Skull produces videos for the songs he produces, too, and through his YouTube channel, these videos and the ad revenue they generate support his label on a day-to-day basis. It’s a funny economy that just sorted itself out, since the fall of the old days of record deals and CD sales—but dancehall still found a way to keep the doors open.” More Photos After The Jump…

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WATCH THIS: Mr. Vegas “Bare Tingz” Video PREMIERE

Based On a True Story?

As a great man once said, “One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain.” We all know the pain that Mr. Vegas has gone through. But instead of lashing out in anger, he’s taken the lemons of life and used them to whip up some musical lemonade. You heard the song first right here, now check out the video tape. Yes, that video tape. Video After The Jump…
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Nick Minaj Loves To Bruk It Down

Mr. Vegas “Bruk It Down” Is The Official Barbz’ Bashment Anthem
Last week Nicki Minaj made the rounds on New York radio promoting her latest release, Roman Reloaded: The Re-Up. While chatting with DJ Prostyle on Power 105, the Trini-born first lady of YMCMB talked about her favorite dancehall jam right now: “Bruk It Down” by Mr. Vegas. “Oh I get so crazy,” Nicki said of the tune. “Every time that song comes on you gotta turn around and look at your ass getting real crazy.” Audio After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Gyptian “Overtime” Video

Gyppy Lays Down On The Couch And Releases All His Stress

Gyptian is a hard working man who’s currently accepting applications for girls who fit the position. He’s more than willing to offer on-the-job training to the right candidate. But all those long hours must be getting to him. Why else would he pay a visit to his hot psychotherapist? Let’s hope he finds a way to release the tension. Video After The Jump…
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HEAR THIS: Karian Sang ft. Shaggy “Pon De Wall”

Jamaican-Born Beauty Looking For Mr. Lover To Bruk It DownThe artist formerly known as Lil Precious is now going by her born name Karian Sang. Nice to see this Jamaican-born Canadian cutie embracing her culture to the fullest. She just dropped a new song with Shaggy that’s full of dutty dancehall slang. You gotta love it when she starts talkin bout “wine pon the edge” and “bruk down the bed.” This girl sounds almost as good as she looks. Not mad. At all. Audio After The Jump…
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HEAR THIS: Tommy Lee & Vybz Kartel “Blood Bath”

Di Teacha And His Student Join Forces

Kartel and the Gaza Demon connect for a lyrical bloodletting with Baby G on the track. If you like your tunes eerie and foreboding, then this one’s for you. Audio After The Jump…
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READ THIS: Vybz Kartel “Thank You Jah”

Buy Kartel’s Remarkable Book, The Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto, At A 60% Discount For Black Friday

“I pray this book helps to change Jamaica forever,” writes Vybz Kartel on the cover of The Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto. Like most everything else with Kartel, the publication of this book has been clouded with controversy. How could a dancehall artist who’s known for outrageous lyrics and who sits behind bars accused of murder publish a book criticizing society? How dare he include the subtitle “Incarcerated But Not Silenced” on said book? And is the man who advocated bleaching his skin really posing as Malcolm X on his book cover? While these questions may be understandable, they seem to have distracted many people from the old saying that “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” If folks would actually take the time to read Adidja Palmer and Michael Dawson’s work, they might realize that the authors have anticipated the questions, providing answers to these and many more. If you haven’t had a chance to read Kartel’s book until now, Black Friday is your lucky day. Visit the official book website today to order your copy at a 60% discount. During this time of Thanksgiving, we thought it appropriate to allow readers a chance to actually read Kartel’s words and judge for themselves. So we present to you the first three paragraphs of Chapter 1, “Thank You Jah.” Book Excerpt After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Busy Signal “Think Man A Idiot”

Busy’s Back—Time To Get Busy… Hottted!

That first tweet when he touched back down on Jamaican turf was nice. Last night’s press conference was sweet. But nothing beats the feeling of hearing Busy Signal’s first new release since his own release. No surprise he sounds like he’s got a lot to get off his chest. “Me just jumped out and me ready, go tell the whole world say me ready.” His fans are ready for sure. Hope the whole world is ready too. Audio After The Jump…
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WATCH THIS: Busy Signal Press Conference

“6 Months Felt Like 6 Million Years” Says Busy In His First Public Appearance Since Returning From Prison

Last night Busy Signal made his first public since returning home to Jamaica after serving a six-month prison sentence in the United States. The reggae star was joined by his close friend and manager Shane Brown as well as other industry heavyweights. It’s good to have Busy back in the game. And he certainly seems happy to be home. Video After The Jump…
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