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WATCH THIS: Beres Hammond Responds to Drake’s Wedding Request

Drake’s Upcoming Wedding Will Include Lavish Food, YMCMB and Beres Hammond?

When most people get married they make special requests for things like a 3-layered cake or for their Uncle Joe not to grind up on any of the bridesmaids when, “Pop That,” plays. But Drake has requested something much more meaningful to him. The rapper took to his Twitter account and stated that when he gets married it would have to be to a Beres Hammond song. Silver Star Sound got wind of Drake’s tweet and when they interviewed Beres Hammond, they informed him of Drake’s request. Check out Beres’ response below. Read more »

Buju Banton Sends Out a Special Message from Jail

Buju Reaches Out to His Fans In His Hour Of Need

It has been a long, hard struggle for Buju Banton the last couple of years. Since December of 2009 he has been fighting a battle at trial that some say he was bound to lose even when the jury had his back. But Buju is trying to stay positive and push forward through the long stretch he has ahead of him until 2019, when he is set to be released. Just as the news broke that his sentencing on gun charges had been postponed, Buju decided to reach out to his friends and fans via the “Free Buju Now” Twitter Page and give them a little strength. Read Buju’s message below.
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REVIEW: Major Lazer Live At Terminal 5 NYC

You Have Never Seen A Lazer Show Like This

The veteran of the secret Zombie War of 1984 hopped on his rocket powered skateboard and descended upon the unsuspecting inhabitants of New York City and made the spacious Terminal 5 his headquarters before the Frankenstorm’s arrival. Read more »

HEAR THIS: Gappy Ranks & Busy Signal “Money Finger”

Time Fi Make Di Paper With Gappy Ranks & Busy Signal

UK Dancehall artiste Gappy Ranks calls upon Busy Signal to aid him with his latest release “Money Finger.” The catchy tune, produced by Wundah features the duo trading various anecdotes about money – “Big figga can’t count wit no finga,” listen after the jump. Read more »

WATCH THIS: Konshens on Hot 97’s “Who’s Next Live” Showcase

The Sojah Conquers New Territory in NYC

Last week Konshens stormed the stage at SOB’s in NYC as part of Hot 97’s “Who’s Next Live” showcase. Although the vibes weren’t quite as nice as when he stopped by Radio Lily a few months back for the Strictly Boomshots Show, it was a very good look for the young dancehall artist, whose single “Gal A Bubble” is enjoying some nice rotation on New York radio waves. Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: I Octane “Do Road Rough”

When Octane’s In The Mood To Floss, Clear The Road

Markus Records’ latest release finds I-Octane in a flossing mood—and you know what that means: “whole heap ah catty and those stuff.” It’s a rough old life, poppin’ bottles of Ciroc with pretty gal from Canada etc. etc. No wonder dem never happy like Octane. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Protoje “Kingston Be Wise”

Diggy Digs Deep To Free Up The Mind

Advising his fellow Kingstonians to “free up your mind,” Protoje touches on some serious topics with the latest single from his forthcoming album, The 8 Year Affair. “So tell me how far do you want to go?” the singer asks in a song where he seems willing to go all the way. “The media is owned so know where you get your news from,” he cautions over a heavy Don Corleon-produced groove. Written shortly after the miltary raid on Tivoli Gardens, “Kingston Be Wise” speaks to unanswered questions surrounding the controversial extradition. “Nothing is owed, nothing is promised,” Diggy observes. “Never thought the government would run up inna them garrison.” Audio After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Mr. Lexx & Nikisha “TNGHT” Heatwave Refix

Is It Getting Hot In Here? Yup, It’s Another Heatwave Affair

Our peoples at The Heatwave have remixed “TNGHT” and as usual they’ve turnt it up a notch. Those Mr. Lexx lyrics may sound familiar from his Major Lazer joint, but somehow they pack more punch this time around. The Hot Wuk girls are gonna love this one—and you will too. Audio After The Jump…
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WATCH THIS: Atiba “Love Is Blind” Video

A Refreshing Acoustic Love Song From K-Licious Music Group

This dude Atiba sings so sweetly and softly with his aching voice atop gentle acoustic guitar chords, but don’t be deceived. Dude is going hard for the lady who’s caught his eye—even though she has a man in her life. This is a full-contact love song and there will be casualties on the battelfield when all is said and done. “Earlier on in his musical career, Atba was signed to Legendary Producer Rodney Jerkins,” says producer Tony Kelly. “He caught the ears & eyes of Jay-Z, who wanted to sign him when he was the head of Def Jam Music Group. Unfortunely the negociation broke down without success of a deal.” Well now Atiba’s signed to Kelly’s K-Licious Music Group and the sky would seem to be the limit. Anyway, back to the song: “Leave your man for me, time to set you free, help you see the light, cause I know love is blind.” You’ve got to feel bad for this girl’s man. He doesn’t stand a chance.
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WATCH THIS: Cham “Stripper Pose” Video

This Might Just Be The Sexiest Video Of The Year

We’ve seen a lot of sexiness in dancehall videos this year. We’ve seen girls tun up, bruk it down, and just a bubble. But this new Cham joint just took it to another level. It’s so simple, so raw, so real. Cham just strung up a sound, threw a likkle beach party, and invited a few friends over, and everyTING tun up. The only part we don’t understand is why the hook says “you own the clothes” and these girls are wearing next to nothing. Oh well, bikinis ain’t cheap. Just make sure to rinse the sand outta your shorts. Video after the jump
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WATCH THIS: Beres Hammond & Friends Live In London

Beres Welcomes Romain Virgo and Tarrus Riley Onstage At Wembley Arena, And They All Chat With RGAT

On the final night of the Beres & Friends tour at London’s Wembley Arena, Beres invites Romain Virgo onstage to perform “Can’t Sleep” and bigs up the young singer to the fullest. But that’s not all. Beres also called Tarrus Riley onstage to perform “Groovy Little Thing” and then Dean Fraser sealed the deal with a tasty sax solo. And you already know the ReggaeGirlAboutTown was there to capture the moment. Another exclusive. Photos and Video by Ravi Sidhu (@REDNivars) After The Jump…
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HEAR THIS: Ishawna Calls Out All “Murderers”

Dancehall Princess Hits Back Against Domestic Violence


With the disturbing footage of Chicago rapper Lil Reese’s assault on a young girl polluting the internets today, Ishawna’s latest cut on the In Memories riddim couldn’t have come at a better time. Besides the fact that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, there’s no  type of behavior just isn’t right—point blank. And dancehall princess Ishawna clearly agrees! With the combination of her smooth, soulful voice and strong words, the single is bound to catch the attention of many. (Not to mention the fact that she’s been making legendary tunes for quite some time now.) “You just killed our love” she sings, “And now it’s RIP.”  Audio after the jump.

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