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WATCH THIS: Tippa Lee & Rappa Robert “Nuh Trouble We” Video

Time For a Certified Boomshot Throwback… Yuh Think We Easy?

The baddest dancehall duo since Michigan & Smiley is also one of the most slept on acts in reggae history. With the amount of jewelry these two wore, Tippa and Rappa created excitement without even touching the mic. So imagine what happened once they started spitting hilarious lyrics and on-point harmonies over a raw Redman digi riddim. Can you say Certified Boomshot? Read more »

HEAR THIS: Nicki Minaj f/ Beenie Man “Gunshot”

Barbz Sends For The Girls Dem Sugar To Nice Up Roman Reloaded

As a Trini gal growing up in Queens, Nicki Minaj always had nuff respect for dancehall giants like Beenie, Bounty, and Lady Saw. She even reps Gully and Gaza just like her Young Money bredren. But action speaks louder than words, so we gotta give Nicki props for reaching out to the Doctor as she was putting together her highly anticipated sophomore album, Roman Reloaded. Okay she’s reloaded, but is “Gunshot” a certified Boomshot?
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WATCH THIS: Cecile “Bad Gyal Medley” Video

The Original Bad Gyal Chucks The Deuces, Then Savors The Sensation of Making Her Ex Get Vex

Remember that tune where Beres sings “I used to take you for granted… you were the last thing in my life. Presently you’re the most wanted, at the top of my iine.”??? Well Cecile sure does. Her “Bad Gyal Medley” flips the scenario from a ladies’ point of view time and time again. Oh, and she’s not trying to hear that “Falling in love all over again” stuff. Read more »

Drake Says “Free Up Werl Boss”

Even Though He Says “Mavado Is Family,” Drizzy’s A Big Dancehall Fan Who Rates Vybz Kartel Said Speed

During a recent pass through London, Drizzy Drake sat down with Kiss FM to share his views on two of dancehall’s most wanted. We already know he checks for the Gully Gaad. But now it looks like Drake is reppin for Vybz Kartel too. Read more »

Snoop Dogg’s Top 5 Reggae Jams

Why Are People So Shocked That Snoop Would Dabble In Reggae? Doggy Dogg’s Been At It For Years

Yesterday Diplo had the blogs burning up with news that he’s working on a reggae album with Snoop Dogg. “Snoop Dogg is an icon, man,” the Major Lazer producer told MTV.  “He’s bigger than the music. What we’re doing is a reggae record. It’s like Snoop Dogg and Major Lazer together. It’s all reggae and he’s singing and he’s doing a fucking awesome job and I never knew it, but he had his heart in every song… We’re going to get back into the production of it next month, and I’m really proud of that record. It’s the first record I’ve ever executive-produced and his crew is amazing.” This may explain why we recently heard that Popcaan and Snoop made a song together. We can’t wait to hear what Snoop and Diplo come up with. But we’re a little confused that people seem surprised that Snoop would do a reggae song. Sure he’s better known for his pimpadelic G-funk rap hits, but the Doggamuffin has been dabbling in reggae for years. Let’s rewind back from the top…

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WATCH THIS: Potential Kidd “Yah Suh Nice” Video

Dancehall’s Maddest New DJ Has Whole Heap Of Potential—And He’s Got The Girls Going Crazy

Potential Kidd brings a refreshing rawness back to the dancehall, plus an off-the-wall sense of humor reminiscent of champion DJs like Professor Nuts and Screechy Dan. Judging by the video for his breakout hit “Yah Suh Nice,” he’s got a way with the ladies too. Looking forward to hearing more from this maaad new voice on the scene. Read more »

K’Naan Speaks On #StopKony Mania

The Somali Rapper, Singer, and Activist Raises Questions About Do-Gooders Like Invisible Children

The most viral video in history is a 30-minute documentary called “Stop Kony.” The horrific clip about an African warlord with an army of child soldiers and underage prostitutes was viewed over 100 million times in a week, generating millions of dollars in donations to the organization Invisible Children. Soon thereafter Invisible Children’s founder, Jason Russell, went a little crazy in Cali—stripping butt naked and galavanting through the streets of San Diego. And that  was before a video emerged of one of his colleagues swigging vodka and “joking” about pocketing 90% of the donations. Suffice it to say that there are serious questions to be raised about do-gooders trying to “save Africa.” To get some perspective, we caught up with K’Naan, whose song “Coming To America,” off his latest EP More Beautiful Than Silence, tells the story of his upbringing in Somalia. “I’ve gotten hundreds of messages about the ‘stop Kony’ thing,” he said. “[They’re like] ‘Would you say something about the ‘Stop Kony.’ Stop Kony!'” Though K’Naan takes the well-being of African people very seriously, he refused to get caught up in the #StopKony hype. Here’s why… Read more »

WATCH THIS: I-Octane “Zion Awaits” Live Acoustic Version

MTV Iggy Picks I-Octane To Represent “The Future of Music”

I-Octane’s sophomore album Crying To The Nation recently got a big co-sign from MTV Iggy, an online portal focused on highlighting “The Future of Music.” The Jamaican singjay was invited to do an exclusive acoustic performance in New York City, where he unleashed unplugged versions of the album’s title track as well as “L.O.V.E. You,” and “Zion Awaits.” Octane also talked about being raised by a single mother and pursuing his dream of making a career in music. “I don’t really put myself in a box,” he explains. “I am a reggae artist. I come from a reggae genre, a dancehall genre, but I’m just doing music. I try to do my flavor, my style.”
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Sizzla’s European Tour Continues Despite Protest By Gay Activists

Kalonji Muzik Issues Statement After A Gay Rights Group Pressured Stockholm Venue to Cancel Gig

After kicking off last Friday in Milan, Sizzla Kalonji’s tour of Europe is off to a bumpy start. Even before the first show, controversy flared up over Sizzla’s fiery lyrical content. Gay activists pressured the Hornstull concert venue in Stockholm to cancel Sizzla’s appearance because they say his music advocates violence against homosexuals. Sizzla’s concert was soon re-booked at another venue and it appears that the show will go on. A statement sent by the artist’s Jamaica-based record company Kalonji Muzik asserted that the whole controversy stems from a misunderstanding of patois and dancehall culture: “The messages in the songs are based on words that have been misconstrued and mistranslated,” read the statement, which estimates that “90%” of Sizzla’s catalog is “uplifting, positive.” (No mention is made of the other 10%.) “We don’t see you attack Eminem or other musicians who make clear stances against these same issues in the hip-hop, rock, and pop industry,” the statement went on to say. “It makes us wonder if there is a bigger picture being painted here? Or is it the fact that they just have better lawyers and bigger companies making money from them?” Check out the full text of Kalonji Muzik’s official statement after the jump and let us know what you think… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Konshens “Rasta Imposter” Remix ft. Tarrus Riley, Sizzla Kalonji, Darrio & Wrath Riley

Konshens And Friends Burn A Fire On All False Prophets

One of the best songs off Konshens’ outstanding debut album Mental Maintenance is this remix of a tune he first dropped back in 2008. The tune bad from day one, but this time around Konshens brought some friends along to dash another fire on all fake dreads. The Riley bros & Kalonji deal with it wicked. Can’t stop rewinding this one. Certified Boomshot.
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WATCH THIS Damian Marley “Set Up Shop” & “Affairs Of The Heart” Live

Damian, Stephen and Julian Marley Rock DJ Norie’s Anniversary Show In New York City

The Marley brothers mashed up NYC’s Best Buy Theater last night—with a little help from the Ghetto Youths Crew, including Wayne Marshall, Spragga Benz, and Christophger Eliis, among others… Let’s just say it was a night to remember. In this exclusive video clip Jr. Gong thrills the crowd with a couple of his latest & greatest at DJ Norie’s anniversary jam.  Read more »

HEAR THIS: Lady Leshurr “Lego”

The Best Spitter In the UK Rips Grime, Garage, and Drum & Bass Beats. It’s a Brummy Fing, Innit?

If you ain’t heard of her already then note the name. From up norf in BUR-MING-UM (Birmingham) UK, The pint-sized lady was the only female repping on the Bass culture discussion which panel explored the influence of reggae on the UK underground scene. “Sorry I weren’t around during that time” she told the panel moderator, former Steel Pulse member Mykaell Riley, when he asked her about something all them years back. Of course she don’t, but the young lady who got her earliest inspiration from Sister Nancy sure knows how to spit. Her take on Chris Brown and Busta’s “Look At Me Now”  has notched half a million views—and props from Nicki Minaj among others. Now she says she’s ready to battle Busta! Read more »