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Kartel’s Attorney Speaks On Jailbreak Hoax

Werlboss’s Lawyer Calls The Stories “An Attempt To Prejudice The Case”

Christian Tavares-Finson is a busy man. He’s the attorney who’s defending dancehall star Adidja Palmer aka Vybz Kartel aka The Werlboss, who has been charged with two murders, weapons violations, and ganja possession. But in this exclusive Boomshots interview, he took time out to dispel some misinformation that’s been flying around the internet today. As the old saying goes, a lie can run halfway round the world before the truth gets its Clarks on… Read more »

WATCH THIS: The Weeknd “The Knowing”

Abel Tesfaye Takes Emperor Haile Selassie Back To The Future

The Weeknd is an enigmatic Ethiopian youth based in Canada who’s mesmerized the R&B world with his trippy mixtapes and a glorious guest spot on Drake’s album Take Care. Today he dropped a visionary video for “The Knowing” from his House of Balloons mixtape that opens with the overthrow of Emperor Haile Selassie and fast-forwards to the year 16311 A.D. on the planet Ethio X. Deep as we thought this dude was, he’s clearly on some next-level ancient futuristic shit. Read more »

HEAR THIS: Jimmy Cliff “The Guns of Brixton”

With Your Hands On Your Head—Or On The Trigger Of Your Gun?

If there were a proper Reggae Hall of Fame, Jimmy Cliff would be amongst the first inductees. As it is, he’s a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer who’s inspired everybody from Bob Dylan to the Neville Brothers. Now in his 60s, the man who auditioned Bob Marley for Leslie Kong and went on to portray Ivan, the original StarBwoy, in Perry Henzel’s film The Harder They Come still has a few tricks left up his sleeve. On Cliff’s new EP, Sacred Fire, he linked up with Rancid’s Tim Armstrong to remake a classic by The Clash in a stripped-down acoustic stylee. In an eerily appropriate twist of fate, the late Joe Strummer sings lyrics that are replete with references to Jimmy Cliff’s cinematic debut. Read more »

HEAR THIS: Mavado ft. Akon “Survivor”

“All Who Want To Kill Me, Tell Them To Play Zero…”

Gully Gaad x Konvict Muzik x We The Best = Certified Boomshot. Ever since Mavado linked with DJ Khaled, we’ve been anticipating that next big banger. The waiting is over. “I’m so high up on the mountain,” Mr. Brooks sings, “can’t find my way back down.” Read more »

WATCH THIS: Rizzle Kicks “When I Was A Youngster”

Two Brit Youths Take It All The Way Back To School Days

These kids weren’t even born when  London Calling came out,  but you can’t blame them for sampling The Clash inna rub-a-dub style. I mean, it sure worked for M.I.A. So the UK rap duo Rizzle Kicks went ahead and flipped that “Revolution Rock.” And guess what? Sounds like a next #1.

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HEAR THIS: Busy Signal “Real Spender$”

Card A Card, Cash A Cash—Some People A Pree When U Dip Inna U Stash

No wonder Busy Signal feels like he wants to buy out the bar. He’s just back from Truck Back Records with the baddest piece of tune. “Send the girl some case of apple vodka. Some bwoy a floss and them nah even buy a water.”
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WATCH THIS: Amy Winehouse “Our Day Will Come”

The Lioness Roars So Sweetly On This Romantic Cover Version

“Amy always said, ‘Hey we need a reggae song for this album,’” the singer’s longtime friend and producer Salaam Remi said earlier this week at a listening session for the forthcoming album, Lioness: Hidden Treasures, which kicks off with a bright & bouncy reggae version of the dreamy Ruby & The Romantics chart-topper from 1962. “This is a vocal that she did early in her career, but in true Amy form. And when I was playing different songs for her family, everybody was like ‘That’s it, the reggae one.'” The same song was covered in 1971 by The Heptones in a dreamy Rock Steady stylee, but Remi’s 2011 remix is steppin’ it hotter this year. Read more »

Reasoning With Heavy D

The Late Great Heavy D Tells Fab 5 He Makes “Music From The Heart”

Can’t believe the news today. Heavy D has passed away age 44. Had to rewind back to this classic 92 clip from Yo MTV Raps where Heavy is surrounded by Super Cat, Eddie F, and Puff Daddy. Read more »