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Diamonds Are Forever

40 Years Later The Mighty Diamonds Trinity Is Harder Than Ever

Fifteen years ago I had the distinct pleasure of reasoning with Tabby Diamonds, the man seated on the center stool in this classic clip from a session at the legendary Channel One Studio. Our conversation that day took place at another studio—the also legendary Don One dub studio in Brooklyn. The bright, upful spirit that you sense watching Tabby lay down his sensitive vocals is the same spirit that he brings in person. And despite being a 25-year veteran of the reggae industry, he was strikingly youthful. “Every interview we do, people remark on how youthful he looks,” said his bredren who carried Tabby to the studio that day. “They want to know what is his secret.” Read more »

Serani’s Top 5 Breakthrough Tunes

“No Games” Singer Picks Landmark Reggae Records For

With smash hits like “No Games” and “She Loves Me,” Jamaican producer/vocalist Serani has a gift for taking raw uncut dancehall to the pop charts. With his debut album No Games about to drop October 27 on Phase One Records, the new & improved asked him to pick 5 of his favorite hardcore reggae cuts that broke through outernationally, paving the way for him to climb the ladder of success. Read more »

WATCH THIS: Spice “What I’ve Been Through”

Mad Gal Spice Keeps It Mad Real: “We Know What It’s Like To Struggle”

Though she’s best known for racy tunes like “Rampin’ Shop” there’s another side to the dancehall diva known as Spice.

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The Real Revolutionary: Fela Kuti’s Born Day

Nigerian Afrobeat Pioneer Declared “Music Is The Weapon Of The Future”

All these so-called pop music rebels need to sit their ass down and soak up some Fela Anikulapo Kuti, who reached planet earth 71 years ago today.
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HEAR THIS: Wyclef & Mavado “Hold On” (Crossroads)

Refugee Warrior And Gully Gaad Link Up To Make Conscious Thug Music

Wyclef and Mavado have been building for a while now & this mournful yet uplifting tune is the best thing they’ve done together so far. Pree this… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Erup “Click Mi Finger” REFIX

Big Bad Tune Gets Minimalist Makeover Courtesy Of Ghislain Poirier

Erup’s “Click Mi Finger” is easily one of the catchiest dancehall cuts in recent memory. Apparently the international response to the tune was strong enough that the good folks at Truckback Records decided to roll out a remix EP, inviting a handful of Outernational DJs to have their way with the track—a risky move, to be sure. But I’m not mad at this one…

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Jimmy Cliff Up For The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

15 Years After Bob Marley, A Second Reggae Artist Is In The Running

“Very few single albums can be said to have changed music forever,” reads the official Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ballot entry for Jimmy Cliff, who’s in the running to be inducted in 2009, the 25th year of the Hall’s existence. “Jimmy Cliff’s The Harder They Come is one. The album—and the movie that spawned it—introduced reggae to a worldwide audience and changed the image of the genre from a cruise ship soundtrack to music of inspiration and rebellion.” Read more »

HYPE TV Top 20: G Whizz “My Life” Holding Firm

Sweet New Singer On The Scene Defends His Position

“My life soon sort out,” sings G Whizz on the slow-rolling Moodswing riddim from TJ Productions. And now that his tune has topped the Hype TV Top 20 chart for two weeks in a row, his words are coming true. But the competition isn’t sleeping… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Chase Cross in Cassava Piece

You Wonder Who’s Next From The Gully? Wonder No More…

Live and direct from Cassava Piece, Chase to the Cross runs through some big selections from his growing catalog, displaying the stylistic versatility that has people talking about this Gully representer who’s quick to flip from bluesy singing to a straight-up rap flow. Read more »

WATCH THIS: Burning Spear “Christopher Columbus”

Winston Rodney Dashes Another Fire Under The Genovese Explorer

It might not be his favorite holiday, but this Monday may be Burning Spear’s best Columbus Day ever. The roots reggae legend has been calling Christopher Columbus “a damn blasted liar” since 1980, when he dropped Hail H.I.M. Read more »

WATCH THIS: Heavy D “No Matter What”

The Overweight Lover Inna Rub a Dub Style—Big, Bad, and Broad

Yes big man—run things fe years without tears and fears. Read more »

Reasoning With Di Teacha: Part Few

Vybz Kartel Speaks On Mavado, Mad Max, And Those Masonic Rumors

In last week’s episode, Kartel broke down his roots of the Gaza/Gully conflict, and insisted that his lyrics were strictly entertainment, even as he called himself “the realest thing.” But what is the truth about his interest in Freemasonry? And is there any lyric that even he would consider too much? Read more »