Monthly archive June, 2009

HEAR THIS: Raine Seville “Slippery When Wet”

This Raine is coming harder. The whole place soon wet up.

What time is it? Time to make it Raine.

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HEAR THIS: Ragga Hustle-Nomics 101

Busy, Kartel, and Mavado put forward a dancehall stimulus package.

Even when the Alliance and the Empire can’t seem to get along, there’s at least one thing they can all agree on: Cash Rules. As we struggle with a global recession, it only makes sense to pree their proposals. Run the tracks… Read more »

Just Kickin’ It At Irie Jam’s Celebrity Soccer Match

Artiste All-Stars defeated in a shoot out… Ajamu shoots all the action.

Don’t watch the pretty smile—when it comes to football, Spice is not rampin’.

It just wouldn’t be summer without the Irie Jam Celebrity Soccer Match, one of the coolest places to meet and greet your favorite reggae stars in a relaxed setting. One week ago today the 10th Anniversary showdown went down in Roy Wilikins Park in Queens, co-sponsored by the late great Asylum Nightclub. As you’ll see after the jump, an irie time was had by all (and the ladies in the crowd were stylin’ extra hard). We woulda posted these shots for you sooner but these biting blogs out here got us watermarking each and every one of Ajamu’s priceless images. Read more »

WATCH THIS: Major Lazer feat Andy Milonakis “Zumbie”

Parental discretion advised. It nah go pretty.

Major Lazer “Zumbie” ft. Andy Milonakis

Andy Milonakis is the sickest dancehall artist in the world… Don’t believe me? Watch this video. What started as a harmless YouTube hobby… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Wayne Marshall “Good Love”

Wayne Marshall and Tami Chynn… the saga continues.

The real-life reggae power couple of Wayne Marshall & Tami Chynn have joined forces once more to shoot an extra-sexy video for Wayne’s smooth crossover jam “Good Love.” The clip, reminiscent of Royal Palm Estate, was shot at Kingston’s Terra Nova hotel. Jamaica love the soap opera ting… Tru tru tru. But who’s hotter, Tami or her dark-haired evil twin? Read more »