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DUNGLOAD: Michael Jackson Reggae Megamix

The King of Pop Inna Rub A Dub Stylee

The King may be gone but his legend lives on… and we don’t know what we’ve got till it’s gone. While many in his own homeland took Michael Jackson’s staggering brilliance for granted, MJ gets maximum respect in the dancehall, where a big bumbaclaat tune is a big bumbaclaat tune, no matter how dem chat. So here comes a set of classical MJ selections in a different style and pattern. Strictly Boomshots.

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VIDEO CLASH: Sean Kingston meets Marcia Griffiths

Sean Kingston’s new “Fire Burning” video vs. Marcia & Cutty’s ’92 lick.

RedOne on the track. Gil Green on the video. Models galore. Plus a posse of scooter-riders. “What a gwan?!” Read more »

WATCH THIS: Gong & Nas In The Studio

Anticipation builds for release of their historic album Distant Relatives.

NAS & DAMIAN “JR GONG” MARLEY DISTANT RELATIVES preview from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

My God! Twin of Twins Locked Up

Dancehall provocateurs now being held in Half Way Tree jail cell.

Twin of Twins live at Reggae Sumfest. Photograph by Stella Magloire.

At 2pm this past Tuesday afternoon, the mercilessly hilarious, always controversial dancehall artist/satirist/ghettologist duo known as Twin of Twins were arrested on Half Way Tree Road in Kingston JA. Read more »

HEAR THIS: Junior Gong & Nas “Afrobeat” (snippet)

Sneak peek at the latest collabo between Bob’s Son and God’s Son.

GONG: As we enter, come mek we take it pon the biggest adventure.

NAS: Must be dementia that you ever thought you could touch our credentials… what’s the initials?

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WATCH THIS: Courtney John “Lucky Man”

Tough throwback tune from the baddest falsetto since Junior Murvin.

Courtney John’s giving us that vintage Sam Cooke flavor in this black and white video directed by Ras Tingle. Mr. John’s forthcoming Made In Jamaica album sounds like pure heat.

WATCH THIS: Toots & The Maytals “Daddy”

Special Request And Big Respect To All The Real Dads Out There.

“Rimi Niya Simi Niya Rima Niya Sima Sima Sima Niya Keith…. That’s my new name! (I just don’t know why you’re calling me this name.)”

Bunny Wailer Show Them How Fi Rule Dancehall

Original Wailer says Beenie, Bounty, and Sean Paul are “Lollipop Stuff.”

When it comes to living legends, nobody can test Neville Livingston a.k.a. Bunny Wailer. At age 62, Bunny’s the last man standing from the original Wailing Wailers trio that put reggae music on the map internationally. Jah B recently announced plans to offer his entire back catalog for online download in association with Zojak World Wide, and as part of the promotional push, he took time out to reason with Needless to say, it was a lively conversation (check VIBE’s August issue for more highlights). Meanwhile, here’s a little taste of his thoughts about the state of reggae music. Who the cap fit, let them wear it. Read more »

WATCH THIS: Chino “From Morning” Live

From Big Ship Studio Kingston, JA to Santos Party House NYC

Brother 2 brother, here’s Chino live in session with Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor, plus the Big Ship Family live on stage in NYC doing the big tuneĀ “From Morning” plus a thing called “Bad Mind.” Strictly

WATCH THIS: 3 Canal “Boom” & More Trinibadness

Trinidad’s Baddest Rapso Crew Sets It Off

For all those who thought Trini music was nothing but soca and steel pan, think again. 3 Canal have been on some Public Enemy ish for 12 years now and they’re still out here making history every day. “Rapso man want to right the wrongs; Rapso man bring Babylon down.” Let off…

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HEAR THIS: Trini Carnival Top 10

Too much bacchanal ah go tek your life away.

Just got back from Trinidad Fashion Week (stay tuned for the photos) but they weren’t playing any soca at all. Started reminiscing a few months back to carnival season and I had to rock this Top 10 for old-times sake. Read more »

Best of The Best 2009

Bounty, Beenie, Ross & Jeezy rip Miami’s biggest reggae/rap stage show.

The Doctor meets The Bawse: All photos by the man called Wayne Lawrence. Read more »