Monthly archive May, 2009

WATCH THIS: Kanye West “Paranoid” feat Rihanna

That sound you hear is Chris Brown kicking himself in the ass—hard.

No it’s not reggae. Not even my favorite song off 808s. But that Bajan bombshell sure is a sight for sore eyes. Thank you, Mr. West.

HEAR THIS: Mykal Roze & Shabba “Quick Fi Shoot”

“The youth dem nowadays take killing fi game”

John John’s Target riddim hits the bulls eye… two legends on one cut. Read more »

WATCH THIS: K’Naan “T.I.A.” (This Is Africa)

Remember the movie Black Hawk Down? How ill was that? The neighborhood where those choppers crashed was named the “worst place on earth” by the UN, but locals call it Wardhiigleey or “river of blood.” K’Naan Warsame grew up there, and he loved his neighborhood until war broke out in the early 1990s. After seeing friends shot dead and accidentally blowing up his school with a hand grenade, he had to leave his hometown of Mogadishu. His latest single from the album Troubadour is about “taking rappers on a field trip.” The beat is very bashment (peep the tweaked-out Wailers sample) but the lyrics are straight outta Somalia. Get accustomed.

HEAR THIS: Julian Marley featuring Jr. Gong “Violence In The Street”

“JuJu Royal” aka Julian Marley will soon release his third and best album to date, Awake. Besides referencing his father’s classic “Wake Up And Live” the album’s title also serves as a wake-up call those who may have slept on this laid-back Lion. But they won’t be sleeping for long. Read more »

Sean Paul & The Big Ship Family Blaze Up Federation Sound’s 10th Anniversary Bash at Santos NYC

While Rihanna chills backstage, SP hits out against domestic violence.

DJ Max Glazer of Federation Sound gets the big cosign from Sean Paul. Read more »

HEAR THIS: Major Lazer “Hold The Line” REMIX Santigold & Mr. Lexx featuring Cham… “Call Mi”

All circuits are busy now. Please wheel and come again.

You probably heard about Diplo and Switch, how they’ve been cooking up a batch of futuristic dancehall bangers. Read more »

WATCH THIS: “Dub Echoes”

Half the story has never been dubbed.

This DVD came out a couple years ago, but most of these newjacks still act like they don’t know. (See quote @1:30) Respect the architects.

WATCH THIS: Cherine Anderson “Talk If Yuh Talking”

Based On A True Story?!?! Wow.

The production values are tight. The performance is flawless. But for me it’s the little things that make this video so wicked. Like the keys on her earrings (“this house I’m not leaving”). And the opening line bout how the whole thing is based on a true story. Somehow I could tell by the way she sings it. Well you know what they say, revenge is a dish best served cold. I dig Jazmin Sullivan and everything, but all I’m saying is don’t sleep on Cherine.

HEAR THIS: Cham “Recession”

Guess who’s back? And not a moment too soon.

As the song says, “Times are hard and everybody ah feel it.” Read more »

WATCH THIS: Rodigan Rules

Here’s a throwback clash video demonstrating why selector extraordinaire David Rodigan is still the baddest gringo in the game: First (@ 21 secs) The man carries a murderous dubplate selection. Second (@ 3:19) He wears his Kangol with pride. Third (@ 4:14) He stays in peak physical condition thanks to a rigorous program of isometric exercises. And Fourth (@ 5:22) He refuses point-blank to put cocaine in his spliff, and encourages others to do likewise. Let it go…

Ziggy Marley Responds To The Buju Controversy… “We Don’t Put Down Our Heroes”

Bob’s firstborn son speaks out in defense of his father

Read more »

HEAR THIS: Cherine Anderson “Talk If Yuh Talking”

Some singers have a voice; Cherine Anderson has a cannon. And pity the fool who ends up in her crosshairs. Like the poor sap who inspired her new tune, “Talk If Yuh Talking.” My condolences, dude. Read more »