Tarrus Riley featuring Konshens “Good Girl Gone Bad”

The lyrics have nothing to do with Rihanna or the whole daggering debate—or do they? Tarrus always seems to drop the right tune at the right time. And he sings this parents’ nightmare with palpable passion.

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Who can’t hear dem ah go feel, me say
When finger mash no bother cry, me say
All right then…

Them big inna body
And them tell me them ready
Me no need no glass fi see
Them force ripe
And through bad company
Some likkle pickney
Nah take no talk
Ah straight road, a street life

Mama likkle princess gone bad
Daddy’s likkle angel bruk out
Mama likkle pearl
Tell me say she ready fi the world
Walkin’ out
Just another good girl gone bad
And she don’t know what she have
Driving the family mad

Big up Johnny Wonder for years without tears and fears