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IShawna Still Fighting For “Equal Rights”

IShawna Still Fighting For "Equal Rights"

The Battle of the Bow Cats Rages On

Dancehall has long had  love/hate relationship with oral sex, but ever since Ishawna dropped her Ed Sheeran remix “Equal Rights and Justice,” a topic that’s been kept under cover for many years is not front and center. In an in-depth piece for Pigeons & Planes, the Reggae Girl About Town explores changes in social attitudes by-way-of song lyrics and insightful anaylsis.  “Most people think of dancehall as a very free and sexually charged genre, but Jamaica’s strong conservative Christian tradition extends to the music, particularly in “Bowcat” lyrics,” Reshma B writes. The story traces the origins of the Bowcat concept back to Shabba Ranks and traces it forward to Vybz Kartel and Wayne Marshall who sang: “Why you chewin’ it when you should be screwin’ it? I know you never see a curry or a stew in it!” With such a long-standing tradition Ishawna’s song was nothing less than a lyrical revolution with bars like ”Boy, me nah go compromise / Me wan’ feel how your head feels between mi thighs.” Coming 21 years after Lil’ Kim’s “Not Tonight” —the song where Queen B declared “You ain’t lickin’ this, you ain’t stickin’ this!”— “Equal Rights” has stirred up more backlash than Kim did in the ’90s.  Audio After The Jump… Read more »

IShawna Onstage Offstage & Backstage at Reggae Sumfest

IShawna Onstage Offstage & Backstage at Reggae Sumfest

Ooh La La! Ms Legendary Makes Her Dancehall Night Debut & RGAT Is There

Ever since her highly publicized split with selector/producer Foota Hype, IShawna has been on a roll, stepping up her lyrical game and riding the wave of publicity to raise her career to new heights. Last month she made her Reggae Sumfest debut at Ladies Dancehall Night 2015 and the Reggae Girl About Town was there, rolling with Ms. Legendary onstage, offstage, and backstage to shoot an exclusive video special. This year the ladies were the talk of Sumfest, raising the possibility that Downsound’s dancehall diva might just be the future of dancehall. If you don’t believe it, watch IShawna take things to another level as she rips off her bridal gown and shows off some strategically placed Sirovsky crystals, and find out what she’ll do next in RGAT’s all-access report. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Post-Thanksgiving Tune: Ishawna “Domesticated”

Post-Thanksgiving Tune: Ishawna "Domesticated"

And Don’t Forget to Do The Dishes!

After having some dirty laundry aired over the past few weeks, it looks like Ishawna’s ready for some housecleaning. The latest track by the Princess of the Dancehall and first lady of Downsound Records shows that she’s a domestic goddess at heart.  Coming off the big holiday weekend Ishawna’s here to remind all them boys they better be thankful for having a girl who doesn’t just rave all day long but keeps her dishes done just right. And don’t get it twisted—just cause she keeps the crib clean don’t mean she can’t get dirty between the sheets. “Me can wash, cook and clean AN’ quint, yeah” Audio After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Ishawna Calls Out All “Murderers”

Dancehall Princess Hits Back Against Domestic Violence


With the disturbing footage of Chicago rapper Lil Reese’s assault on a young girl polluting the internets today, Ishawna’s latest cut on the In Memories riddim couldn’t have come at a better time. Besides the fact that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, there’s no  type of behavior just isn’t right—point blank. And dancehall princess Ishawna clearly agrees! With the combination of her smooth, soulful voice and strong words, the single is bound to catch the attention of many. (Not to mention the fact that she’s been making legendary tunes for quite some time now.) “You just killed our love” she sings, “And now it’s RIP.”  Audio after the jump.

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WATCH THIS: Ishawna “Legendary”

This Girl’s About To Drop Something Heavy

Foota Hype’s been telling us about this artist for a minute. And now here she comes with a new video (directed by Icey Jace) for her tune on the “Badda Dan” riddim. She says she’s “Legendary,” and who are we to argue? Read more »

Three Female Reggae Artists To Watch In The U.S.

Three Female Reggae Artists To Watch In The U.S.

More Lionesses On The Rise

Recently there has been a rise in the number of female dancehall and reggae artists in Jamaica. On the roots and culture side you have Jah9, Kelissa, Hempress Sativa and Xana Romeo garnering international attention, and on the dancehall side there is Spice, Shensea, and Ishawna setting dances and stages shows on fire. But that rise in female artists is not limited to Jamaica, here in America there are three talented young women from the Tri-State area of NJ, NY, and CT ready to make their mark in the music industry. Half The Story Has Never Been Told… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Cham ft. O “Get Drunk”

HEAR THIS: Cham ft. O "Get Drunk"

Reasoning with Cham: ”No! We never pay! We lawless.”

Whenever the artist who gave us classic cuts like “Ghetto Story” connects with his year-to-year sparring partner Dave Kelly of Madhouse Records, you can expect something wicked. The second official track (after the boasy “Money Wine“) off Cham’s  Lawless album just premiered  on MASS APPEAL. “Get Drunk” is a sexy, fun, flirtatious tune that Cham describes as “a fusion of dancehall and world music.” It’s also the long-awaited return of Miss O, whose previous collabs with Cham—”Back Way,” “Tun Up” and “Wine“—were straight bangers. “She had been kinda staying away from the recording booth for a minute,” says Cham “but I got her to grace her presence on this track which is a good thing.” Cham says he made her an offer she couldn’t refuse, which judging by the song may have involved some strong liquor and a few acrobatic positions.    Audio & Interview After The Jump… Read more »

Easter Bun Playlist

Easter Bun Playlist

A Multi-Genre Playlist With Songs About Infidelity

Easter represents a religious holiday with many associated traditions such as Easter eggs, baskets and bonnets. In the Caribbean, “Bun and Cheese” usually consist of one slice of a sharp, cheddar cheese encased between two slices of sweet, fruit bread. Besides a delicious holiday pastry, “Bun and Cheese” is an analogy for a love triangle and the term “Bun” itself  connotes cheating. There are a plethora of songs that describe various aspects of “Bun,” such as the physical attraction, excitement, lust, spontaneity, the heartache, the mental anguish, the retaliation and the irreversibility. This is a dancehall, reggae and rhythm and blues playlist of 11 songs that address the aforementioned phenomena. Playlist After The Jump

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WATCH THIS: Busy Signal “What If?” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Busy Signal "What If?" Official Music Video

The Turf Prez Stirs The Pot With Some Pointed Questions

In Busy Signal’s latest song,  “What If?” the Turf President puts on his philosophical hat and generates thought-provoking lyrics about the unpredictability of life. His lyrics emphasize that good and bad things happen to everyone, and we never know when adversity will swing our way, in the pendulum of life.  More After The Jump…

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I-Shawna Sting Interview: “Which Can You Do Better, Cook Or Quint?”

I-Shawna Sting Interview: "Which Can You Do Better, Cook Or Quint?"

Right After Shelling Down Sting, The Princess of the Dancehall Chats With Reshma B

The Princess of the Dancehall has had one hell of year—ever since she dropped that counteraction to Chris Brown’s “Loyal” we’ve had a feeling there might be some trouble on the homefront. Now of course it’s well known that her 9-year relationship with selector and rpoducer Foota Hype is over, and the ensuing media frenzy—complete with sordid allegations on both sides—had the Internets ablaze last year. Meanwhile The Princess of the Dancehall’s music career has thrived on the controversy, getting hotter than ever. Shortly after shelling down Sting 2014, I-Shawn told Reshma B that 2014 was “the worst year and the best year of my life.” The Princess of the Dancehall also answers the burning question: Can she quint better than she cooks? (And judging by her Sting performance, she may be able to DJ better than anything else!) And keep your eyes open for a special Bonus Cameo from Downsound Records boss Joe Bogdonovich. Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: I-Shawna “Murderer” Official Video

Hell Hath No Fury Like The Princess of the Dancehall Scorned

Ever since Downsound Records’ “In Memories” riddim dropped last October, I-Shawna’s “Murderer” has emerged as a standout selection. The song is something different for the Princess of the Dancehall, who’s better known for songs like “Legendary” and “Do For Love,” her duet with Specialist. “Murderer” hits back at domestic violence and the callous disregard some men show for their girls feelings. Just check the new video (and exclusive Boomshots interview)  you’ll see that I-Shawna is not standing for any nonsense. Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Shaggy feat Alaine “Yur Eyes Only”

Peep The Brand New Video From Mr. Boombastic Alongside Alaine

Last night at New Kingston’s SportsMax club, Shaggy and Alaine premiered the video for “Yur Eyes Only,” their Tony Kelly-produced smash. The song grabbed my ear first time I heard a few months ago, and now it’s #1 pon the New York charts. And Jay Will’s new clip is set to take the tune to another level… Read more »